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Roundup :: Our Favorite Puzzles To Stock Up On For Fall!

It's the first day of September which means I can officially start talking about all things fall! Normally, this would be my favorite season to start moving into. But normal is hardly a word we can use to describe our current way of life. So, when I started to downward spiral last week, thinking of being trapped inside this winter, with zero prospect of a sunny vacation, I decided to make a list of items I needed to make it through. Surprisingly, the first one on my list was not wine. Or toilet paper. Or cans of soup. It was puzzles.

champagne problems puzzle roundup

You may recall that in spring, when all of us were waiting for warmer temperatures and our stay-home orders to lift, that there was indeed a puzzle shortage. As someone who loves puzzles as a form of focus and distraction that doesn't involve a screen, I was thrilled to get my hands on one. ONE. Everything was sold out. So, guess what I did last night? I ordered not one, not two, but FIVE puzzles. I figure one a month starting sometime in October feels like a decent plan. Maybe I'll add a couple more?

Of course, I can't just be the person who finds five puzzles on Amazon and calls it a day. Nope. I searched the internet for some gorgeous, challenging puzzles and rounded them all up for you here. You're welcome. And yes, there will be more of these "things you need before the dark of winter is upon us" lists to come.

best jigsaw puzzles for adults roundup

1. swim club 450 piece puzzle | 2. main squeeze 500 piece puzzle | 3. the garden 750 piece puzzle | 4. black and white gradient puzzle | 5. champagne problems 500 piece puzzle | 6. water's edge 1000 piece puzzle | 7. gravity 500 piece round puzzle | 8. heroic women museum 1000 piece puzzle | 9. hilma af klint puzzle (multiple sizes) | 10. night 500 piece puzzle | 11. ernst haeckel 1000 piece puzzle | 12. jungle tea party on ordinary habit | 13. taupe gradient puzzle (multiple sizes)

Of course, this list is far from exhaustive, but it is dynamic in that it will point you to a variety of resources to find many more puzzles beyond these ones! My requirements were 500+ pieces (except the first puzzle which was just too good not to share), fun or beautiful graphics, and at least somewhat challenging. The gradient puzzles will be the hardest (that seems obvious!) so trust me when I say you don't want one larger than 500 pieces in this category. I own the black & white one and I thought my husband was going to lose his mind doing it. In fact, he did completely give up on it and leave me to finish it alone.

The two sources I found that had the most variety were Lantern Press (on Etsy) and Puzzle Warehouse. They both have a nice variety of really classic puzzles, mixed with some fun finds. Zazzle also has a huge variety (as you can imagine) of puzzles, but I can't speak to the quality. Also, just a reminder that while you're stocking up for you, maybe send a few to a friend or family member too. All my ladies are getting some 'champagne problems' coming their way soon.

Now, I think that round puzzle is calling my name next, so I'm off to order just one... (or three?)  more...