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How My Aromatherapy Routine Is Supporting My Mental Health In Our New Normal

I don't known about you, but the days have begun to blur a bit for me in the last month. Since going into quarantine I've found myself craving something that I don't normally have a ton of in my day-to-day schedule: structure. I've always enjoyed having an open calendar. Every day being a bit different than the next. But in the current scenario of a daily commute from the bedroom to the kitchen to the sofa... that's not really the case.

So, I've found myself finding ways to plan my days a bit more. There have been the obvious ways in which to do this: what time I get up, when we make dinner, or taking the dog for her daily walks. And then there are elements that are more personal to my needs. That's where the aromatherapy has come in.

how to use an aromatherapy routine to support you throughout your day

Before we all became homebound for weeks on end, I had planned on sharing this post with you as a highlight of my favorite aromatherapy scents with Aera, and how I use them in different parts of my daily routines. Now I've found myself using them to help bring that structure back to my life by breaking up the days that seem to be running together. Here's a peek at how that looks!

how to use an aromatherapy routine to support you throughout your day

Morning: I'm a morning person, so I like to plow through little items on my to-do list with a cup of coffee (or two) first thing in the morning until my pup whines at me for a walk. I love Aera's 'Revive' aromatherapy for this part of my day. The citrus notes really wake me up as does the juniper!

Now that I'm working from home, the diffuser lives in the breakfast nook in the mornings and I have it scheduled (through the app) to turn on at 7am and run for an hour, so when I get up it's already smelling fresh and happy in there!

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how my aromatherapy routine has helped me stay calm during quarantine

If you're not familiar with this diffuser, well here she is. I love the simplicity of the design as it blends into nearly any space. The capsules are the little container you see popping out of the top. They come in a variety of scents and aromatherapy options. The diffuser itself has 'volume' buttons so you can adjust the output of the scent according to the size of the room, or your personal preferences. I like to really crank it up in the morning!

how my aromatherapy routine keeps me going

Midday: Do you get an afternoon slump like me? Every day around 3pm or so I get distracted, antsy, or just plain tired of sitting. These days, more than ever, I feel the need to head outside for a bit or move around (dance party!). So, I've been playing the new scent 'Forest Therapy' in the afternoons to change things up! On rainy days, it provides the feeling of a walk through nature that I wouldn't otherwise get with its grounding mix of Cypress and Ho wood, and kick of pink pepper to perk me up.

This scent and this time of day are when I enjoy getting creative. I swap screen time for hands-on time and work on anything from editorial planning to interior projects or photo shoots.

how i use aromatherapy to get my creative juices flowing

attic meditation space and altar details | coco kelley

Early Evening: When you're working from home, the lines can get pretty blurred as to when the work day ends and personal time begins. I've started getting back to a practice that I had in my prior routine: I stop work by 5-ish every day to set aside a half an hour to meditate before heading downstairs to pour some wine and make dinner!

attic meditation space and altar details | coco kelley

attic meditation space | coco kelley

how i've been using an aromatherapy routine to bring structure and relaxation to my days

This practice helps bring me down from any stress from the day, and creates a hard separation between work time and family time. I love using my favorite 'Support Breathe' aromatherapy for this sacred time. For me it's truly calming as it supports my respiratory health while being invigorating enough to clear my mind.

how i've been using an aromatherapy routine to relieve stress

Evening: Nights have become a bit more sacred to me recently. Gone are the days when I'd work late into the night on my laptop. And while I've definitely been indulging in some binge-TV-watching, I've been trying to balance that by crawling into bed early with a book to give my brain a healthy distraction while winding down. If it's a struggle for you to hit the hay early, you may always utilize CBD products, like those CBD flower strains.

I pop in the 'Deep Relax' scent to help calm my mind and ease me into bedtime. Routines like this can not only help bring a little more ease to the days, but can also really improve your mental health. Scent is a strong trigger for memories and habits, so having the Aera by our bedside set to turn on at 10pm has been a way to remind my body that it's time to relax and settle into my nighttime routine.

I'd love to know ways in which you're adjusting to our 'new normal' - have you been finding new routines and practices that have been working for you? In what ways have you found yourself making changes to support your mental health around your home?

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