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Moon Oracle Readings :: Full Supermoon In Virgo

As Mercury comes out of retrograde on the eve of Monday’s full moon in Virgo, a lot of information is shifting, rearranging and dropping back in where it’s meant to land. This is not a time to force puzzle pieces to fit in where you think they should be. Take as much time as you can to allow events and timelines to unfold organically.

Although there might be some serious clunkiness as the energies shift over the next few weeks, and pleasant (and some unpleasant) surprises can occur, plans will eventually fall into place and pertinent information will be more fully revealed. Rest up as needed. Allow yourself to tend to any heart healing or emotional instabilities that have arisen so you feel supported and ready to take next steps. If you’re overwhelmed, take a step back and reassess plans. Give extra space and patience for relationship and project renegotiations. 

The Virgo energy of the full moon has us driven to dot our i’s and cross our t’s. We are getting prepared for the expansive shifts to come. We might feel compelled to clean up our professional, psychic or personal spaces, or spend time getting clear on details, values and motivations.

We may feel a build up of emotional charge as timelines merge and objectives and obstacles come crashing to a head. It may take us more time than usual to discern what needs our attention and what may be unnecessary noise. We may be better able to sort through projections, illusions and fears post full moon and after Mercury moves direct, thus making tangible efforts towards goals from a more accurate version of reality. 

For the first few days of this week, it may be easier to focus on getting organized in preparation for a reset, rather than trying to finalize all details. We may feel an innate drive to get the ball rolling. Create momentum based on your own intuitive knowing and don’t get caught up in what you can’t control. Trust your gut instincts on what to take action on and what to hold back from.

There is also room to feel into how what you desire may not line up with where your energy has been directed. This misalignment may be highlighted, in order to make productive changes to your intentions and actions. Not taking things personally, but rather trusting in whatever information is revealed without indulging in unnecessary reactive emotion, will help propel intentions forward faster. 

*Each of us has multiple energies and signs in our charts. You may read for your sun, moon, rising and/or Venus sign. If your natal chart is predominantly made up of a certain element, that message may resonate more but feel free to read all four elements or choose your reading intuitively. You can create a free natal chart at, if you’re unsure of your placements.

The listed crystals are simply suggestions. Please call on the medicine you feel best supports your soul’s journey. Keep in mind that this information is for entertainment purposes only. No one knows your future but you! Trust your intuition.

To choose your reading intuitively, ask yourself, are you called to Earth, Air, Fire or Water? Take what resonates and leave the rest. Two cards have been pulled for each elemental signature. Positions read are for the present energies that are being revealed (CARD ON THE LEFT) and what to focus on moving forward (CARD ON THE RIGHT). Returning to this reading over the next few weeks may bring additional insights.

What is being revealed: Scintillation | LONGING in the active position & Earth Sanctuary | GROUNDING in the active position

Although you may be kicking butt at getting stuff done, there may be an air of underlying anxiety or intuitive knowing that not everything is quite settled yet. There may be a few surprises to come, in terms of your offers, schedules, relationships and projects. Trust in your inner clock. You’ll know when to act - and what to act on - at just the right time. Treat any hesitancy with respect but don’t offer it more fear than it deserves. 

If you’ve recently gone through changes, know the heavy lifting is complete but more rearranging may be yet to come. Any nervous energy may be stemming from your own inner urgency to get farther faster. Impatience and obsessive strategizing will only deplete you. Allow things to unfold. 

What to focus on moving forward: Magic Forest | HOPE in the subconscious position & Blood Moon | MATERIALIZATION in the active position

Hold the vision and don’t get ahead of yourself. If plans shift, go with the flow but stay grounded in your knowing. You, more than other signs, have the ability to see the bigger picture and work toward it with accuracy, gusto and practical intelligence. Don’t give up if everything isn’t perfect or doesn’t go your way. 

Remember to work with the team you have and ask for help. There is power in numbers and letting others carry their weight. May you be gently reminded that just because you think you can do it better, doesn’t mean that that is what is called for or is best for all. Giving up control is also part of the recipe for success. Honor how you would do it differently and also honor the creative spin or take another might bring to the table. Competitiveness may arise from anxiety rather than an actual need to compare things. 

Crystal Suggestion: Green and purple fluorite for patience, trust and emotional flow 

What is being revealed: Blood Moon | MATERIALIZATION in the active position &  Twin Ponds
| RELATIONSHIP in the conscious position

Personal and professional relationships may take center stage. Although you may feel a strange sense of satisfaction, having conquered fears throughout this retrograde, some mysteries may remain unsolved. Don’t let smugness or emotional reactivity get the best of you or you may accidentally get caught up in unnecessary drama. 

If you feel you have proven your strength and wisdom to yourself, celebrate in integrity and with gratitude. Welcome abundance with reverence and an activated fulfillment in your heart. Don’t get sidetracked by external stressors, perceived competition or other mental drains. Stay focused on what is possible if you leverage what you’ve learned rather than giving away your power through unhealthy rumination or acts of self-importance.

What to focus on moving forward:  Sit Spot | SURRENDER in the active position & Country Sky | INSPIRATION in the passive position

Plans and schedules may be particularly wonky and confusing. Know that everything is being handled behind the scenes for your highest good. This isn’t to suggest being passive when it comes to negotiating your destiny, but rather staying in a mode of observation and neutrality while doing so. 

Maintaining control at this time, may take an ability to navigate what comes up with ease. You catch more flies with honey, as they say, so make a point to stay in sweetness and compassion as much as possible, both for yourself and for those you are in relationship with. Your inner stability, detachment, intuition and guidance will serve you and those you know well, in the coming weeks. 

Crystal Suggestion: Agate for neutrality and balance while navigating new worlds 

What is being revealed: Snow Lamp | INTIMACY in the subconscious position & Early Riser | ENERGY in the active position

It may feel easier to stay flexible if you know you will ultimately get what you want. You, more than most signs, may have the ability to avoid getting sidetracked by shifting schedules and influences. There is a laser precision available to you, if you stay focused on what is working in each moment. 

Act as if you are a scientist, gathering information. There isn’t a need to get emotionally caught up in what you can’t control and you seem to be cool with this, as long as your long term vision is realized and kept in the forefront of your intention. If you find yourself reactive or feeling chaotic, default to trusting this and stay locked in to what you can achieve with what you have. 

What to focus on moving forward: Subconscious Pool | EXPRESSION in the subconscious position & Long Highway | PATIENCE in the conscious position

Persistence is your friend. You may be feeling any version of annoyed, frustrated, uninspired, delayed or impatient, depending on your circumstances. If this is true, take some time to reset your intentions and trust that all is working out for you. If all plans manifested according to expectations, we wouldn’t learn anything and well, that is the point of being here to begin with. 

Take time to readdress any missed opportunities, connections and holes in your original plan. Ask yourself questions again and again about what you are building and if it aligns with your truth. Find gratitude for the universe giving you time to get clear as day on your how, when, what and why. Refuel your well with the nourishment you need on a personal level and refine your professional or social message as many times as you need and get to. THIS IS ABUNDANCE.

Crystal Suggestion: Aqua aura quartz for ongoing inspiration and mental clarity 

What is being revealed: Ice Queen | COURAGE in the subconscious position & Seahorse Dream | EASE in the passive position

You may feel like giving up. Overwhelm is real and can take us down when we have too many irons in the fire. You aren’t supposed to have it all figured out right now. No one will. Roll with the waves and take a break if it’s all too much. Make light of heavy weights and see what else in your life may need your attention. Take your foot off the gas and wait for all the pieces to fall into place that are outside of your control.

If you find yourself worrying about what people may or may not be thinking, know this is an energy leak and one that can increase if we aren’t taking care of ourselves and our routines. The course you’re on now may be uniquely your own and come with a sense of purpose but a lack of clarity. This is temporary and for no one else to judge. Try not to compare yourself with others, stuff your emotions or go into overdrive, to compensate for imbalances. You are learning to follow your internal compass and have everything right to DO YOU.

What to focus on moving forward:  Electric Field | POWER in the active position & Earth Sanctuary | GROUNDING in the passive position

A sense of humor is a powerful ally. There is a ton to look forward to and feel cheerful about so remind yourself kindly to rest in optimism and chill all else until you can do more, well. Don't just fill space. If you do, you might miss the mark. This doesn’t mean you stop trying to move forward but make sure you’re not blowing down the house of cards you’re still trying to build by rushing. Stay centered, keep renegotiating and don’t give up. 

DO take time off and out so you can get back up on the horse fully prepared for take off. Remember nature? Remember sunshine? Remember time off? Remember yourself? Who are you when you’re relaxed and refreshed? Be that person and start again from there. 

Crystal Suggestion: Citrine for clear, soul centered action and vitality