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Moon Oracle Readings :: Full Moon In Leo

What feels like an unusually long January has provided us a glimpse of the challenges to come, should we desire constructive change personally, professionally and in the greater collective. Whatever our obstacle, opportunity or lesson, we can use the momentum this full moon in Leo is providing to deepen our commitment and dedication to our chosen path. Our personal visions, values, passions and pleasures will be supported with an air of playfulness and romance. 

Power dynamics in relationships to people and projects will be highlighted. We may find ourselves reassessing our perspectives and setting hard boundaries with opposing forces. Opinions, disputes and bossiness over who’s right and who’s wrong may surface. Be mindful of what’s yours to manage, scold or judge. Stay focused on your own lane and use this time to stand up for your needs and work on self management and regulation for the highest good and outcome for all involved. 

The Aquarian energies this month lend to group empowerment, while the moon in Leo exalts the self. Watch if and how your ego wants and demands and if this contrasts with what’s truly functional going forward in your relationships. Power struggles may arise. Stand tall in yourself first and allow others to own their role equally. Offer protection for those who need an advocate. Seek resolution without leaking unnecessary energy or being codependent to a situation or space you have no control over. 

All signs are being asked to learn how to receive. Love, joy and even the process of grieving requires receptivity to what is and encourages we practice ease with ourselves, our learning curves and with others’ processes as well. Kindness reaps generosity of spirit. Practice on yourself and then practice gentleness with others. Tap into the sense of grace that is available this full moon.

Embrace your changing self and the person you are becoming. Be bold and step into your desires with authority. Set achievable goals based on your emotional instincts and meet challenges with a balanced and neutral approach. Stay focused on what’s possible to heal now with a finger on the pulse of your extended vision for the future.

*Each of us has multiple energies and signs in our charts. You may read for your sun, moon, rising and/or Venus sign. If your natal chart is predominantly made up of a certain element, that message may resonate more but feel free to read all four elements or choose your reading intuitively. You can create a free natal chart at, if you’re unsure of your placements.

The listed crystals are simply suggestions. Please call on the medicine you feel best supports your soul’s journey. Keep in mind that this information is for entertainment purposes only. No one knows your future but you! Trust your intuition.

To choose your reading intuitively, ask yourself, are you called to Earth, Air, Fire or Water? Take what resonates and leave the rest. Two cards have been pulled for each elemental signature. Positions read are for the present energies that are being revealed (CARD ON THE LEFT) and what to focus on moving forward (CARD ON THE RIGHT). Returning to this reading over the next few weeks may bring additional insights.


What is being revealed: Gentle Dream | FORGIVENESS in the active position &  Sit Spot | SURRENDER in the conscious position

You are primed to offer your uniqueness to the world. If you’ve held your vision, you are now seeing it through. Don’t grasp too tight. Your solid determination, organizational skills and willful participation in your dreams are bringing about the opportunities and results you seek. Your foundation, however, must remain flexible to changes and open to new alliances and lessons, in order to maintain strength.

Continue to stand in integrity and keep your focus direct. Also, welcome others in and listen while you drive. Your natural grounded state will keep you anchored and in alignment. You, of all signs can hold the line while opening to the new. You seem to know that taking things personally will backfire and can set an example of leadership through thoughtfulness and inclusivity. 

What to focus on moving forward: Granny’s Garden | MEMORY in the passive position & Blood Moon | MATERIALIZATION in the subconscious position

You have to trust in what is coming through and that whatever you are creating holds enough value to take on it’s own life. Your past mistakes do not define you. Taking risks is necessary and you’ll know when you know. Lean in to letting go of what you can’t control and allow the friendly universe to take the lead. 

Allow what is coming up to blow you away in the best way possible, even if it doesn’t look exactly how you pictured. Watch out for past fears blocking you from receiving. What is coming your way has been worth waiting for. Regardless of the external circumstances, pat yourself on the back and take a day off to celebrate, whether that means going within or connecting with others.

Crystal Suggestion: Chrysocolla for listening, receptivity and trust


What is being revealed: Evergreen Guardians | SOLITUDE in the active position & Make Believe | FANTASY in the passive position

You might be feeling into conflict, internal turmoil, hesitation or confusion in how to take and apply next steps. Your instincts might be guiding you in a direction which implies consequences to other parts of your life. 

Balance is key. Trust yourself and take action but allow the universe to step in and support you with ease. If what you stand for is in alignment, know the friendly universe will provide what’s needed to resolve the situation. You don’t need to do the work of or for others. If you’re acting from a need to control outcomes, pull back. Things might feel a little topsy turvy, so it may feel safest not to rock the boat further once you’ve stated and are resting in your truth.

What to focus on moving forward: Magic Forest | HOPE in the passive position & Big Storm | ATTACHMENT in the active position

Revel in what you have and what you know in the now. Make space for gratitude, rather than  focusing on self doubt or frustration. Let go of trying too hard or forcing anything to come to fruition or freedom that isn’t ready to. The story you’re telling yourself may need to be changed to a more promising, constructive narrative. Are you focused on what isn’t working or what is? Redirect your attention to what you can work on and out. 

This may also be a time to stand firmly in your choices and boundaries. Don’t get stuck in rigidity and stubbornness but do make sure you’re not bending to the will of others who may have hidden motives or not have a sincere or mature vested interest in your longer term well being. This might be unconscious on their part due to their own conditioning so try not to take behavior personally.

Crystal Suggestion: Black onyx for trusting self, inner stability and focus without distraction 


What is being revealed: Magic House | STABILITY in the passive position & Big Storm | ATTACHMENT in the subconscious position 

You have access to remembering a truer version of self or peeling back a layer of self understanding at this full moon. Any fears around being authentic or expressing your truth seem minimized. It’s okay to shake things up! You seem to have more energy or there’s more excitement surrounding you than usual. You may decide to move forward in a big way. Your drive and vision is energized and supported. 

Celebration seems inevitable. A sense of frenzy or chaos may surface. Trust in whatever sense of self confidence you can achieve. This feels unattached to external results, although life may be very well indulging you in pleasure and desires. Enjoy the release and the lift in whatever form it comes. Perhaps you are finally ready to let go of that baggage you were carrying and step into your power with a passionate bang.

What to focus on moving forward: Evergreen Guardians | SOLITUDE in the passive position, Moon Room | LOVE in the active position

You’ve done the work! You’ve shown up with heart. You deserve the time off and soul nourishment you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Give yourself what you’ve given to everyone else. 

Give gratitude to the stars and let yourself soak up whatever unique medicine calls you home. Whether it’s connecting with loved ones, eating delicious food, sitting under a tree, attending or throwing a party, making art or journaling alone, give back to yourself. The weeks following this full moon challenge you to receive more and give less of the parts of yourself that have been depleted.

Crystal Suggestion: green, purple and blue fluorite for balancing the heart, voice and mind.


What is being revealed: Soft Morning | REST in the subconscious position & Snow Lamp | INTIMACY in the active position

Your day and night dreams and aspirations are highlighted, this full moon. You may have recently begun to see results of your passion projects or commitments bearing fruit. Dig in to the messages coming through for you through dreams, visions, signs and synchronicities or gut instincts. 

Your energy feels fluid and in support of big dreams and accessible freedoms. Listen to the whispers. Enjoy the fantastical, strange, elusive thoughts, feelings and whimsy dropping in for you now. There is a lush romance available to you in the mystical realm. Enjoy the dance of life and follow your impulses. Have fun and remember the value of play, even when you’re working. You have access to bringing something truly inspirational into being. 

What to focus on moving forward: Indigo Plush | INTUITION in the subconscious position &  Subconscious Pool | EXPRESSION in the the conscious position

Continue to gather and organize your ideas. Make plans, connections and take action on your intentions to manifest. If you build it, they will come. Allow things to drop in as needed. Don’t push or force. Trust that all is well in divine timing and that you have everything you need to complete your projects and negotiate in right relationship with those around you. 

Your insights and instinctive wisdom may be especially strong, accurate and useful in the coming weeks. Give your voice to important topics and lend yourself to others if your cup is full. Other signs might need your leadership, in this way, at this time. 

Crystal Suggestion: Polychrome Jasper for gentle guidance, grounding and flow