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Moon Oracle Readings :: New Moon In Aquarius

This new moon may bring in a sweeping rush of clarity, set up a pace for forward movement and assist us in setting up new foundations for how to move forward. There is energetic support for recently developed plans that require long term vision and execution. 

There is an opportunity to instill and develop trust in oneself by way of committing to new patterns or sacrificing an outworn habit. Whatever you have been holding onto that has long stopped serving purpose may be revealed and released.

Innovative ideas, downloads of all kinds and perspective shifts may drop in as we move into the energy of Aquarius season and this new moon. This air sign has the capacity to uplevel our intellectual and emotional awareness. This can be within our relationships and how we see and offer witnessing to others or can be observed as contrast being highlighted between internal values and external expressions of said values. Decisions may be made on how we want to move forward, based on what we see under this lens.

There can be a sense of having a bird’s eye view or lack thereof, therefore the recognition of the difference between where we are and where we want to be may feel pronounced. Although disparities may be highlighted, you might find yourself holding a type of neutrality, if you can allow yourself to trust in the insight, rather than reacting to what you see or are experiencing. 

Freedom and a sense of expansion is an expression of Aquarian energy. How can you take what you are learning and use it to offer yourself more freedom, compassion, forgiveness and witnessing? Perhaps this means devoting yourself to a practice you enjoy. Perhaps this means taking time off from being hard on self or others. Perhaps it offers a reminder of how powerful it is to attempt to observe ourselves more objectively but with more love. 

Spend this new moon asking yourself how you can access and define the energies of freedom for yourself, your life and your relationships, while maintaining the ability to continue building on the labors of love you have committed to seeing through. Entertain the romance of it all and allow yourself to enjoy observing, feeling, thinking and sharing your way through this spacious transit. Group work may also be enhanced, as Aquarius is devoted to the well being and success of the collective consciousness and greater good. 

*Each of us has multiple energies and signs in our charts. You may read for your sun, moon, rising and/or Venus sign. If your natal chart is predominantly made up of a certain element, that message may resonate more but feel free to read all four elements or choose your reading intuitively. You can create a free natal chart at, if you’re unsure of your placements.

The listed crystals are simply suggestions. Please call on the medicine you feel best supports your soul’s journey. Keep in mind that this information is for entertainment purposes only. No one knows your future but you! Trust your intuition.

To choose your reading intuitively, ask yourself, are you called to Earth, Air, Fire or Water? Take what resonates and leave the rest. Two cards have been pulled for each elemental signature. Positions read are for the present energies that are being revealed (CARD ON THE LEFT) and what to focus on moving forward (CARD ON THE RIGHT). Returning to this reading over the next few weeks may bring additional insights.

What is being revealed: Blood Moon | MATERIALIZATION in the active position & Dear Forest | SHADOWS in the passive position 

Air signs, you are so determined! You are charging ahead with everything you need to build on top of the solid foundation that is forming in front of you. You understand the value in self-discipline and commitment to what you’re working on and may recognize a need to push all else aside or at the very least carefully prioritize. You are on a roll and may feel like you’re either rolling a rock uphill or are about to. Don’t burn out your energy on linear thinking, worrying or getting stuck in the muck of a million unnecessary details. 

Act as if this time, things work differently. The rock is actually a lightweight golden ball of light that is moving swiftly and gently forward. No mountains or obstacles to be moved or cleared away here, folx! If what you are focused on feels right in your heart, it WILL manifest beautifully and within its own divine time. Stay in the now. Then move to the next moment. Remember, the art of creativity is connected to receptivity. Receiving isn’t about pushing, doing and making it happen, it’s about allowing and flowing and letting it appear organically and with ease. IT WILL. And so it is. 

What to focus on moving forward: Magic House | STABILITY in the subconscious position & Subconscious Pool | EXPRESSION in the subconscious position

Allow yourself to take risks and try new routes. Take your inspirations seriously. Your particular pathway to success may look very different than whomever you are comparing yourself to. Allow the friendly universe to gently move you in your own best direction. Don’t fight your uniqueness. It is a strength, not a weakness. Trust in the ways that work for you and you alone. 

Don’t hold back speaking your needs or creating the life you want because of past pain or trauma or concerns of what others might think. Practice authentic vulnerability, witnessing others for their truth and not internalizing it and allowing yourself to be cared for by making sure you’re telling others what that means. Let them know how they can care for you and hold you accountable to your own boundaries. But first, hold yourself accountable and lead by example. It’s okay to need what you need and want what you want.

Crystal Suggestions: Blue Lace Agate for lightness of being and to break up any sense of stuckness

What is being revealed: Granny’s Garden | MEMORY in the passive position & Evergreen Guardians | SOLITUDE in the conscious position

You are undoing and releasing the past. Congratulations! It’s finally your time to shine and reap the rewards of your hard work. You may have recently or currently are needing to set some internal and external boundaries with your time, attention, focus, and love. You can only give when you have something of your own blossoming within. You may be coming into this understanding more and more.

You may be holding your own in a way that feels exciting and empowering. Or you may have a sense that what’s coming toward you will be way more fulfilling that what you have left and are leaving behind. Your strength is coming into play here and you may find yourself grateful for your own capacity to hold yourself together through the tough and trying times. Your patience with yourself and your ability to set your own container are paying off or are about to be. 

What to focus on, moving forward: Astral Call | PRAYER in the active position & Plant Spirits | REMEDY in the active position

The pace might pick up for you fairly quickly into these next few weeks. Whatever seeds you’ve planted may begin to take off quickly so pace yourself and yet expand into the experience with joy! Let yourself feel into what you’ve created for yourself and others. If you find yourself overwhelmed, ask your spirit guides for assistance. In fact, ask them anyway. Whatever spiritual medicine nourishes you is calling on you to ask for the support you need to thrive. May you be open to receiving all the help you ask for. 

Yes, you’ve got this on your own but being independent doesn’t mean we can’t be interdependent with external sources. Give yourself permission to include the help you need to get the job done easier and well. Including others in your plans in this way is advised. 

Crystal Suggestion: Charoite for detoxification from old patterns and connecting with celestial guidance 

What is being revealed: Ice Queen | COURAGE in the conscious position & Make Believe | FANTASY in the subconscious position 

Water signs, you may feel some apprehension or hesitation under the surface, as you lean into a new, expansive or changing landscape or situation. It takes courage to leap and learn. You can always take what resonates and leave the rest. Whatever isn’t for you need not be carried forward. You can choose how far and fast you push yourself or at least in how you respond to pressure. Pressure may simply be coming from a frazzled, scattered, excited or overwhelmed emotional state. 

Agitation is a normal response to expansion and the unknown. However, identifying where it might be hiding within can be helpful, if it is sabotaging forward progression. You can offer yourself peaceful, deep breathing and sitting with whatever is coming up, as a practice. You can remember what you do have control over. You can ground yourself in nature and tether your energy to the earth simply by laying out the ground. This might not “fix” everything but whatever nourishes you and helps you to feel safe is within your right to give yourself as a gift. 

Overwhelm is an emotion. Managing emotion is a practice. Allow yourself some gentle witnessing. It’s okay to try and hold it together. It’s okay to not have any idea what to do but show up anyway. It’s okay to not do anything at all. It’s okay to push through your fear and get the job done. This will be different for each person so ask yourself what you need. 

What to focus on moving forward: Gentle Dream | FORGIVENESS in the active position & Cathedral | BLESSINGS in the passive position

Being at peace with where we are, while holding space for where we want to go and who we desire to become requires enhancing our capacity. If we are feeling helpless at facing the unknown, it can often improve our capacity to see how we can be helpful. This can also rebalance our emotional state and instill self-assurance. Giving can secure our trust in a friendly universe of which we are able and happy to participate in. 

Intentionally noticing beauty is another way we can integrate and process emotions. This can look like: leaning in to our love relationships, recognizing what we have and choosing to see more of it; viewing art or listening to music; cleaning up and organizing our micro environments; paying special attention to how the clouds float across the horizon; or the way the bird song makes us feel. These are all chances to connect our heart centers to our physical environments and enhance our capacity for holding more of what we want. 

Balance these practices with seeing where you can forgive yourself for not feeling ready, being scared, emotional or overwhelmed. Validating yourself for the state you’re in also enhances capacity. 

This message won’t be for everyone but for those it resonates with, I get the sense that things will even out for you into this cycle so focus on getting comfortable standing tall on your sea legs or letting them rest as needed. If you are feeling well on your way, embrace the big shifts and enjoy the ride!

Crystal Suggestion: Shungite for clarity, grounding and emotional stability

What is being revealed: Astral Call | PRAYER in the active position & Long Highway | PATIENCE in the active position.

Fire signs, you are on fire! Your clarity, focus and inner light is lit. Your intentions are strong and your dreams are being revealed in real time. You may feel like jumping ahead. If you feel yourself racing forward, SLOW DOWN. You can’t get more done with force. You are worthy of the freedom and passion your heart desires but you must pace yourself and lean deeply into trust of divine timing.

Remember to keep it in the moment and stay in your power this way. Small steps forward. For some of you, perhaps huge leaps forward. But allow it all to play out as it needs to. Don’t fall into old patterns of trying to control outcomes or fearing what will happen if you don’t. Communicate with your guides in the unseen, whatever that means for you. Ask for grace. Fall easily into the net that is already there to catch you. 

What to focus on, moving forward: Big Storm | ATTACHMENT in the conscious position & Universal Quest | MEDITATION in the subconscious position 

Stay grounded in your body. Your personal and physical practice needs your commitment. Whatever helps you to anchor your thinking mind and calm fears around control will benefit you as you move into the coming weeks. Don’t accidentally block yourself from receiving because you don’t quite like what you see or are confused by the direction things are taking. 

Life isn’t meant to be predictable. Enjoy and welcome surprises and turns of the road as best you can. You must trust in something greater than yourself if you expect your desired big dream results to take flight and land. 

What if it was true that we cannot actually wrap our human minds around the wild dreams the universe has in store for us? Can you allow yourself to be carried in the stream of life without resisting what is and how it shows up? Come back to the present moment, where everything begins. 

Crystal Suggestion: Ammonite for gently healing resistance to the future, based on the past