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Moon Oracle Readings :: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Cancer & A Preview For 2020

Eclipse season often brings an integration period between endings and the palpable feel of new beginnings. As we enter the new year, times are ripe for change. As we have moved past the holiday season and into January, there has been an overarching sense of being pulled inward, to assess what we’ve learned, lost and left behind, where we are in the present moment and who we wish to become in the future. 

We start off an intense movement of transits on Friday January 10, with the full moon lunar eclipse in the emotional sign of Cancer. This moon may speak to themes of internal and external power, and how we choose to show up to this balance. Saturday January 11, Uranus goes direct, illuminating and clarifying issues that we may have been struggling with, especially over the past four months or so. On Sunday January 12, we have the long-awaited Saturn/Pluto conjunction, which may have you dealing with deep issues and drawing some heavy conclusions based on your past patterns and how you would like to now navigate your path forward. 

Embrace this astrology with a sense of allowing, rather than fear. 2020 is a year of upleveling, based on how we choose and learn to authentically stand in our power. This is an intentional practice and achieved through a commitment to a holistic sense of self, not just as a means to an end goal. The energies coming in this year, are asking us: to stay open and receptive to an organic flow of building our dreams; and to trust in a greater plan that is inclusive, connected, and cooperative, not competitive. 

The challenge hidden within this new flow of self-discipline is to replace old programs of force, people-pleasing and punishment with the courage to self-nourish as a priority. There is a need to shift our trust, defaulting to our internal compass and knowing that self-care enforces the ability to stand in our power. 

Watch your reactivity and notice how you are choosing to change, either by way of sweeping shifts outside of your control or by intuitive nudges that become so strong, you can no longer ignore the call inside you. However this full moon plays out, allow yourself the space to process, rest and recover as slowly as you need to. 

Times of great change are upon us. Secure your container first, so that you may then be of service to others. We will need to lean on one another in the coming months and years. Strength training has commenced. Love yourself, your community and the planet as hard as you can. Every ounce of compassion, inspiration and beauty is needed so conserve your energy to create the world still yet to come. 

*Each of us has multiple energies and signs in our charts. You may read for your sun, moon, rising and/or Venus sign. If your natal chart is predominantly made up of a certain element, that message may resonate more but feel free to read all four elements or choose your reading intuitively. You can create a free natal chart at, if you’re unsure of your placements.

The listed crystals are simply suggestions. Please call on the medicine you feel best supports your soul’s journey. Keep in mind that this information is for entertainment purposes only. No one knows your future but you! Trust your intuition.

To choose your reading intuitively, ask yourself, are you called to Earth, Air, Fire or Water? Take what resonates and leave the rest. Two cards have been pulled for each elemental signature. Positions read are for the present energies that are being revealed (CARD ON THE LEFT) and what to focus on moving forward (CARD ON THE RIGHT). Returning to this reading over the next few weeks may bring additional insights.

What is being revealed: Electric Field | POWER in the passive position and Granny’s Garden | MEMORY in the conscious position

You might find yourself feeling quite serious about your personal development at this time, air signs. A sobering, more serious approach to problem solving may be called for. You might find strength within sorrow or a sense of personal power in releasing old patterns, relationships or ways of being in the world that don’t feel good or right to you. You are being reminded that all that truly matters is how you see and feel about yourself. 

Other people may help to mold you by way of how they challenge you and inform your reality, but they can’t make you who you are. Only you decide how you show up and how you validate yourself for it. If you find yourself second guessing your intuition or in self-doubt, ask yourself if you’re really responding to a current situation or frustration or to an old one. Is how you used to respond and how you now wish to authentically respond and relate changed? Patterns repeat until lessons are learned so now is the time to break down those old walls and go for your own gold. The world needs your heart, your vision, your self respect, and your truth. You might realize that now isn’t the time to let yourself or those you are in service to down, by way of not shining your light.

What to focus on moving forward: Plant Spirits | REMEDY in the conscious position, Country Sky | INSPIRATION in the passive position

You CAN do this! You WILL do this. One day we wake up and realize a dream or two of ours has actually come to fruition. It’s not always obvious at first and sometimes the pieces drop in slowing over time. Drop into this knowing and allow yourself to feel as if you’ve already arrived. The seeds have been planted. The love for life is real. You need only arrive with a full heart, a conscious intention and a willingness to accept the things outside of your control. 

There is magic in what’s coming down the pipeline for you. But you must trust it and ride the waves as they carry you forward into the future of your wildest dreams. It wouldn’t be very fun anyway, if everything came true all at once. Enjoy the surprises, the setbacks and welcome the crazy journey life is taking you on. Looking back, a life fully lived will not be one regretted. 

Crystal Suggestion: Pink tourmaline for self trust and inspiration that all is going to be more than okay

What is being revealed: Subconscious Pool | EXPRESSION in the conscious position & Brave Halo| FREEDOM in the passive position

Some of you may be really learning to or find yourself forced to let go at this full moon and some of you may find yourselves ready to stand tall and in defense of your beliefs or personal truth. Hiding or avoiding is no longer an option but there may be some hesitation over when to speak, especially if there’s a sense of grief as you process whatever changes may be coming up for you, or for others involved. 

Whatever truth has surfaced has reset the path ahead. This cannot be undone. But as they say, the truth sets you free. That doesn’t mean that speaking or witnessing the truth is easy, convenient or comfortable. You may find yourself in a both/and situation where something cannot be avoided or something, someone or a way you’ve been in the past is left behind or at a stage of completion. 

What to focus on, moving forward: Rain Forest | RESPONSIBILITY in the active position & Magic House | STABILITY in the passive position

You are strong enough to face whatever it is and you do, deep in your heart, know you are ready to participate in the shifting of sands. What needs to be done will most likely happen with or without your approval so it is wise to make efforts to support the growth with as much grace as you can muster. 

Similar to the message air signs received in this position, you have what it takes to see this through, for better or worse. Even if the foundation for what feels like your very existence is rattled, know that this is the only way we can transform to become what is most essential to our evolution. Let the foundation sway, knowing the real foundation is within you and cannot ever truly be shaken. You are the rock of the energetic signatures, the teacher of teachers and the holder of great space, whether you like it or not. But this does not mean you cannot be vulnerable and ask for support. Love and nourish yourself through this remembrance and do what is needed to care for your needs as you make your way forward. 

Crystal Suggestion: Nuummite for inner wisdom and superhuman strength 

What is being revealed: Moon Room | LOVE in the passive position &  Snow Lamp | INTIMACY in the passive position 

There is a sensitivity, softness and sense of acceptance to your energy, water signs. You may be realizing how you’ve kept yourself apart from some deeper truth or facet of self love. You may be learning big lessons around self-worth and what you really need and want. Some of you may find yourself cared for in new and surprising ways, by new relationships. For some of you, relationships may be ending or shifting course, but in a bittersweet and slightly empowering way, where you aren’t grasping at what you know isn’t yours to own. 

You might be surprised at the love that flows your way when you stop pushing and simply open your heart to receive what’s already within and around you. You have everything you need and you seem primed to gracefully and with gratitude, embrace this truth.

What to focus on, moving forward: Earth Sanctuary | GROUNDING in the active position & Pretty Lights | GRATITUDE in the passive position

Whatever is coming up around this full moon is going to help you know yourself on a much deeper level. What is released will make room for a stronger, more grounded and vital human being who can be more decisive, activated and certain of themselves. This moon may illuminate the desire for a stronger foundation but you will have to construct it brick by brick. There is self-discipline required here, in terms of building the life, relationship or dream you wish to cultivate. 

This is great news!! You can do things differently with this new information. What a relief! This is you taking your power back. Don’t miss the opportunity because you’re worried what others will think or how your paradigm will shift. Change is glorious and although it might be challenging and emotionally-charged, you are strong enough to navigate the course ahead and step into the next phase. You are stronger than you know and this moon may be teaching you exactly that.

Crystal Suggestion: Apache Tear for emotional balance and protection of inner visions while moving forward

What is being revealed: Big Storm | ATTACHMENT in the passive position & Seahorse Dream | EASE in the subconscious position    

Outdated behaviors and responses may be showing you the contrast between who’ve you’ve been in the past and who you are becoming. This is most likely a gradual awareness but could be coming to the surface in what feels like a stark way. Taking responsibility for your experience while simultaneously letting go of control could feel empowering but destabilizing at the same time. 

You may be coming aware that you and only you are responsible for your happiness, progress and perspective so what you do with what you have and how you do it matters. You have the power to release stress in a new way by how you decide to show up to what you do have control over. You can move mountains or complain about the weight you carry. But you won’t give up. Not if what you seek to create is in alignment with your purpose and sets your heart on fire. Now is the time to get clear about how you’re handling things, and what you’re calling in and why.

What to focus on, moving forward: Long Highway | PATIENCE in the passive position & Country Sky | INSPIRATION in the conscious position 

There is an opportunity to pause, listen to your intuition and reassess your goals and motivations. If you don’t really want to do it, why are you? What is the payout of playing small? Air and earth signs also received a similar message. You have what it takes within you to succeed but you must choose wisely and make sure you’re listening to your inner light and wisdom. Plant the seeds for what you most want to grow into trees that you will have to tend to, in the future. Take calculated, intelligent risks but be mindful of choosing from fear or scarcity.

Alternatively, some of you may need to be extra decisive and quick moving with what’s coming up. Big opportunities may be in the works and you may feel called to act. Trust your intuition on what to do and when to act. Deep down, if you listen, the answers will drop in at exactly the right moment. Hesitation may be asking you to pay attention and ask questions about your motivation and values or stand behind your knowing with presence and boundary. If the time is now, pass through the door to the future with intention. Hold to the fire within and walk the line.

Crystal Suggestion: tourmalinated quartz for grounded clarity and transformational optimism