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We Couldn’t Find The Retreat We Wanted … So We Made Our Own. Welcome To Soulfull!!

You may have noticed a quieter start to the year around here but it's for a very good reason... I've been brewing up a beautiful seasonal retreat with some of my favorite intuitive women here in Seattle, and I am SO very excited to share it with you!!

SoulFull retreat seattle


This intimate retreat will be taking place on January 30th-31st at one of my favorite places in Seattle: The Captain Whidbey Inn. An overnight in the dreamy setting of Penn Cove, with the history of this lodge all around us... well, it's definitely going to be magic. But what's even better is that this isn't a one-time thing. Over the course of the year, we will gather together every season to continue on our little voyage together. That's what makes it so good!

At the end of 2019 I was shocked at how little I had checked in with myself and my goals during the year, whether it was to re-set intentions or pat myself on the back for accomplishments! The fact that this is seasonal helps keep us all accountable and share our growths and challenges together. Of course, each season will also have its own themes, and will be able to stand on its own, too.

Many of you know Steph Parrish from her Moon Oracle series here on the blog, and she is one of the three other women that I have been constantly collaborating with to pull this retreat together in such a short amount of time! Steph will be leading our circles during the retreat: think of them as meditation sessions for release and grounding. Don't be surprised if you come away with clarity around ideas, or insights into new way to tackle any blocks you've been dealing with! My sessions with her always bring up questions and homework to take with me, which I love.

The other two ladies that you need to know about are Lynda Lopez and Jenna Starkey. They are both coaches with their own unique set of skills who are going to be collaborating to bring us a workshop on Manifesting for 2020. This isn't just about throwing your desires out to the universe - this workshop will give you specific tools to use while creating a map for you year ahead.

For a week straight all four of us have been downloading, crafting, and perfecting our intentions around this gathering, and I can tell you right now that it's going to be insanely special. You can get an overview of the entire schedule right here.

the captains suite at Captain Whidbey Inn

And if you're not familiar with Captain Whidbey, I suggest having a look! This cozy space will be just as soul filling as our sessions together. I've already gotten a preview of the dinner, and I seriously cannot wait (duck confit cassoulet! island mushrooms! penn cove mussel cioppino! heaven!) And, of course I will be styling the table to reflect the season with foraged driftwood and dried florals.

If you feel called to join us on this voyage, I would be overjoyed to meet you and have you there. And of course, as with all new projects, we're hoping to get the word out, so please spread the news far and wide - especially if you're in Seattle! You can make it a weekend getaway, as the inn is offering our attendees a 20% discount for Friday and Saturday evening as well. Thank you so much for your support in this new endeavor!! We hope to bring  many more workshops and gatherings in our studio throughout the year!