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Moon Oracle Readings :: Full Moon In Gemini

The full moon in Gemini asks us to step up our game by releasing our fears and self-doubts. 2020 is fast approaching and this is the last full moon of the decade so the time to shed the old is now!

Jupiter moved from Sagittarius to Capricorn on December 2nd. With this shift, we may be feeling pressure to go bigger in terms of our desires for the future and to master our emotions surrounding these dreams and intentions. We will have several planets in Capricorn as we leave 2019 and travel into 2020. This energy is asking us to define our boundaries, our scope of vision and to get behind whatever intentions we set with sincerity, tenacity and self-assurance. 

Energies in Gemini may feel scattered and cause some overwhelm as we clammer about trying to discern what to leave behind and what to take with us. Anxieties, anticipation and old habits that die hard may rise to the surface. Remember that you have time to decide who you are becoming, but it is important to ask yourself that very question. Who are you now? Who do you desire to be? And if you accept yourself as you are, isn't it so much easier to be at peace with your life and choices moving forward? Practice holding open-ended questions with compassion instead of needing firm answers. Allow the future to create itself. 

The times are ripe to become the agent of the change you’d like to see in yourself and in the world. Only you are responsible for your actions and reactions. Take this to heart as a reminder of personal empowerment rather than an excuse to judge yourself on your path as you ride the waves into the future.

*The readings below from the Indigo Corners Oracle Card Deck  have been pulled for each element (air, earth, water, fire). Positions read are for Present (left card), Future (middle card), and Focus (right card). Each of us has multiple energies and signs in our charts. You may read for your sun, moon, rising and/or Venus sign. If your natal chart is predominantly made up of a certain element, that message may resonate more but feel free to read all four elements or choose your reading intuitively. You can create a free natal chart at, if you’re unsure of your placements.

The listed crystals and herbal remedies are simply suggestions. Please call on the medicine you feel best supports your soul’s journey and always check with your healthcare practitioner before taking supplements. Keep in mind that this information is for entertainment purposes only. No one knows your future but you! Trust your intuition.

Returning to this reading over the few weeks may bring additional insights!

air sign header

Overall your energy, Air Signs, feels hopeful and uplifting. Your heart is clearing out space for something new and wonderful to be born within your experience. Don’t get ahead of yourself. All is working out exactly as it should. Fear of change could show up in the form of reactivity to micro stressors or regression to past patterns. Work on your mindfulness but from the perspective of the physical body. In other words, rather than trying to shift your thoughts, work it out through breathwork, dance, changing your environment, stillness, pausing, exercising, singing or walking outside. Tune inward to problem solve through any embodied practice you can claim and sustain. Shake it off and actively choose to see how you are already supported. 

air sign oracle card reading for full moon in gemini

Present: Universal Quest | MEDITATION in the subconscious position. An old fear, stagnancy, false belief or constricted feeling of being stuck or unworthy may be presenting itself as low grade anxiety. This may be linked to feeling as if you should be somewhere beyond where you are, in terms of personal or professional growth or divine timing. Your heart wants you to remember that this is only an old energy making its way to the escape route by showing up in your experience. You are exactly where you are meant to be. Use the tension as momentum to propel yourself forward toward your goals, trusting that you will get there at exactly the right time for everything to work out with ease. Breathing through it, in the moment, is key.

Future: Plant Spirits | REMEDY in the subconscious position. You may find a situation coming to culmination in the coming weeks and grappling with how to deal. However, you are more capable than ever to manage yourself wisely. It’s the perfect time to ask for help, not from neediness, but from knowing that you are worthy of receiving it. Did you know that when you speak, everything listens? For instance, when you talk to your plants lovingly, they are more likely to grow. When you express love to seen and unseen energies around you, you will find that more support and opportunities are presented. Speak to yourself as if others are listening and allow yourself to be responded to in accordance with the assistance you deserve. 

Focus: Scintillation | LONGING in the passive position. Don’t stop trying to get to where you know you’re meant to be! Just because things are taking longer than you expected doesn’t mean you won’t reach your goals. You can and will break through any fears that may be surfacing. Remember who you are! You have everything you need within you and support on the way from the external world to assist you. You must access trust in your heart that you are a powerful, creative force and nothing can stop you. Do NOT entertain fantasies of being rescued. You’ve got this. And deep down you know it.

Crystal Suggestion: Ruby for self love and self trust

Herbal Remedy: Sweet Basil for prosperity

earth signs header

2020 is asking all of us to broaden our scope of what we think we are capable of and can manage over time. Earth signs can tend to overextend to others, to the detriment of themselves. If you have any anger, frustration or resistance coming up, notice where you have been carrying burdens - you may have inadvertently allowed yourself to get caught up in others’ drama or been holding too much on your own. Do not take responsibility for anyone else’s carelessness. Relationships with water signs could be highlighted. Clarity of purpose with new boundary lines drawn in the sand on what you will and will not do or handle are being revealed. 

earth sign oracle card reading for full moon in gemini

Present: Cathedral | BLESSINGS in the active position. You need not try too hard to get others to notice, witness or validate you. This is an inside job and one you may recognize needs to occur more often. You may desire to be thanked more often for your hard work or recognized for how much you give. This pattern may be a long-standing battle inside you that has affected or been triggered by your core relationships. On the flip side, some of you may be finding new pathways are opening toward dreams you’ve carried for what seems like forever. Don’t reach but stay receptive, open-minded and open-hearted to what is presented. 

Future: Ice Queen | COURAGE in the conscious position. You are beginning to understand what needs to happen and be expressed. This may be bittersweet but there is no turning back now. Trust your passion, your direction and your intuition. The path may be challenging but in the end it will be worth it. Don’t get taken off track by fears of what could go wrong or change. Change is inevitable so take charge of what you can get behind. You know what’s best for you.

Focus: Country Sky | INSPIRATION in the subconscious position. Fluidity and trust in whatever is happening will serve you well at this time. If there is overwhelm, confusion, or lack of focus, stay in the flow of what you can manage. If you find yourself surfing uncomfortable emotions, stay grounded in self first and work to break away from what isn’t yours to own. Communications and immediate direction may be foggy, so stay clear by confiding in a trusted friend, journaling or connecting with water, if that feels soothing to you.

Crystal Suggestion: Fenster quartz for working through emotions 

Herbal Remedy: Angelica for magic and sovereignty 

water signs header

Emotions may still be processing from past events. This Gemini moon has ideas and energies scattered but reforming and many of us trying to discern exactly which way to go next. It’s okay not to know right now! Or, if you do, it’s okay to give it and try and see what comes next. Failure isn’t real. Learning and growing is all there is. Resting and waiting to feel ready can sometimes really serve us, if we’re in alignment with our intuition and other times lead us back to where we started. It’s okay if you’re not sure which is which. Any road ultimately leads you to Self. 

water sign oracle card reading for full moon in gemini

Present: Ice Queen | COURAGE in the active position. Although you are ready to charge forward, the universe may be inviting you in with what feels like a confusing, overwhelming, unclear, slow or unstable start. You know you are meant to move forward but steps might still feeling wobbly. If you are feeling strong, know in your heart what feels true but take your time and allow space for all the pieces to fall into place, bit by bit. There is no need to rush or worry. If you just can’t, rest! This too shall pass. 

Future: Seahorse Dream | EASE  in the active position. If you’re feeling amped in the coming weeks, pause and check in with your heart. Place your dominant hand over your chest and breathe, asking yourself what you need, what you most want to be focusing on and your why. Getting clear about your choices will assist you greatly on your journey at this time. You may find within yourself, a growing sense of calm and an ability to manage all that comes, as you progress towards the end of the month.

Focus: Cathedral | BLESSINGS in the subconscious position Letting go of control and going with the flow will serve you around this full moon and beyond. If you feel pressured to choose before you’re ready, let whatever happens happen. You can only do with what you know in the moment. Trust in yourself to rise to your own occasion. If you falter, remind yourself that you're only human and are allowed to take steps back and rework what’s still becoming. If you find yourself drowning in emotion, allow yourself to feel and come back to center when you can. There is no shame in processing. If you find your process is really leaking your good energies, ask for support and stability from those you trust. You are worthy of self love AND love from others. 

Crystal Suggestion: Rose Quartz for self acceptance

Herbal Remedy: Mint for inspiration and clarity

fire signs header

Y’all are the most grounded group of the four. A purpose is rising in you and you are ready for take off. Let go of the old! You are free from the past and are supported in your new direction. It’s time to get really real about what you want and how you are calling it in but you already know that, don’t you?

fire sign oracle card reading for full moon in gemini

Present: Early Riser | ENERGY in the conscious position. Your energy is focused, lit and steady. This full moon represents a new beginning for you, in more ways than one. You have been primed for take off for awhile but may just be seeing your potential for greatness for the first time or through fresh eyes. You have everything you need now to succeed and are capable of fitting the puzzle pieces together in a way that makes sense. If you find yourself too charged up, ground your energies in nature, verbally process with trusted community or through whatever form of exercise feels good to you. 

Future: Brave Halo | FREEDOM in the passive position. You may struggle letting go of final bits in the coming weeks. You may find yourself battling between your head and your heart or what feels practical and what feels passionate. If you feel compulsive to release something or go for gold but are hesitant, allow yourself the grace and ease of taking your time, checking details and remembering that all is well no matter when you cut the cord. 

Focus: Snow Lamp | INTIMACY in the conscious position. If your heart is screaming at you, you are the one who must linger in the pain of holding on or holding back when you wish to rush in. Our process is unique to each of us so check in with your higher self, body, spirit guides or the universe and see what is suggested. Only you and your truth will know what to do, so lean in and continue to ask yourself open-ended questions until you really know for sure. Take your time and nurture your needs. 

Crystal Suggestion: Shungite for focus, protection of your vision, grounding and clarity 

Herbal Remedy: Ginger for activation and processing