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Gift Guide :: Good Vibrations

Since this summer, I've been spending a lot of time digging deeper into the world of woo and wellness. With that, a whole lot of  'spiritual accessories' have found their way into my life that I see as tools and resources, as well as a newfound appreciation for some self-care indulgences. While I'm sure I'll be sharing more on this in future posts, today I've got a selection of my favorites and essentials for our Good Vibrations gift guide.

If you're new to the woo, then join the party! While I'm still learning so much, all of these picks are tools that have really worked well for me... with a couple wish list additions! What I love about all of these is that - for the most part - they are items that are perfect for those of you who may be just starting out on this journey, like me.


1. herbivore amethyst body scrub | 2. moonchild tarot | 3. 'work your light' oracle deck | 4. crystal singing bowl | 5. spirit almanac | 6. super attractor | 7. healers membership | 8. sage smudge stick | 9. purification room spray | 10. meditation cushion | 11. amethyst pendulum

I could do a whole post (and probably will!) about the books I've been reading lately, on everything from crystal encyclopedias to the metaphysical, but the ones that I've loved the most (for very different reasons!) are these two. The Spirit Almanac is the perfect gift for the new year because it takes you through the year with rituals for new moons, changing seasons, and more! Everything about it is very approachable. A good way to dip your toes into the woo pool. On the opposite end we have Gabrielle Bernstein's 'Super Attractor' which takes things to the next level. I bought it on audio book and I'll probably be ordering a physical copy because I can tell it's one I'll be coming back to again and again.

Another resource that's been helpful for me is the new site Healers. It's an awesome community where you can listen to podcasts, take virtual classes in breathwork, join in on a shamanic journey, and get your monthly energy reading. But they also talk about things like aging, wellness, self love, relationships and more. A lot of the good stuff is accessible only by membership, but if you're interested, a quick pop around the site should let you know if it's for you!

Lastly, the two decks that I've linked to here are my current favorites for their beautiful design and positive messages. Tarot cards can get pretty dark sometimes, but this deck is all light. And the oracle cards are just lovely!! (By the way, we're going to have Steph answering all your questions about using oracle decks soon, so if you've got 'em leave em in the comments!) 

For the more advanced of the group? A crystal singing bowl or gemstone pendulum would be a welcome gift.