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Gift Guide :: Cozy Picks For Winter Hibernating

Over the weekend, I decided that this year's gift guides would be a little different! While I love hunting for items that I personally love and would want on my own wishlist, it's hard to come up with gifts for others... for one obvious reason. Gifts are so PERSONAL! So, rather than try and give you generic ideas for the lady or gent on your list, this year I'm rounding up products that I love and use, or would absolutely put on my own Christmas list. Along with some ideas that (hopefully!) will be a bit more unique for those hard-to-shop-for people on your list, or the last-minute stocking stuffer. I'll be sharing them all week long, so keep coming back for more!

First up, however, we have one of my favorite winter activities: staying in. 

cozy living room with leather sofa and neutrals | coco kelley

Once the grey settles in here in Seattle, I'm the type who hates to leave the house. Give me comfy PJ's, piles of blankets, and a fireplace and I'll see you in the spring!! But really, if you're the type who likes to stay in for the winter, then you might as well have a few items on hand to help you pamper yourself while you're at it. Here are a few cozy indulgences for your wishlist (and mine!).


1. silk hair wrap | 2. true botanicals immune boost aromatherapy | 3. osea hyaluronic serum | 4. rose quartz drinking spheres | 5. olive pajama set | 6. crescent moon quilt  | 7. sorel puffy slippers | 8. hot water bottle cover | 9. hot water bottle | 10. pinon incense


Is it weird that a silk hair wrap is at the top of my list?? Maybe, but with how dry my hair gets in the winter, I figure one of these babies might be worth a try.

As for some of these other items... I feel like I hit the jackpot with a few incredibly affordable picks, like this hot water bottle. So yeah, it's not glamorous, but I've been wanting to swap my hideous electric heating pad for one, and the addition of that cozy cover makes it kind of irresistible. Those matching PJ's are on sale right now and come in so many colors that I could buy two! And those pink rose quartz spheres? Well those are for chilling my whiskey, of course.

But if I had to give you a little insider advice on any of these, it would be the incense. My friend burned some pinon for us a couple weekends ago, and my gosh it's the most heavenly scent! It feels like Christmas, as it's derived from pine sap, but has a sweetness to it that's amazing. Just trust me on this one, and stock up as quick as you can!