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Three Trends To Try For Winter :: A Statement Blazer, Cool Corduroy & The Return Of The Turtleneck

I know that we're supposed to be shopping for everyone else this time of year, but am I the only one guilty of adding an item or two to my bag when I see a deal I can't resist??? I think not! So while you're scouring the sales for gifts, now might be the perfect time to try a few new items for yourself too.

Last summer I started a new 'series' of sorts highlighting three trends I wanted to try for the season. Well, I'm bringing that back today with some new ones! You can thank my friend Sara - one of the co-founders of a company called Etoile Vierge - for nudging me on this one. She sent me one of their gorgeous statement blazers to try out, and it inspired me to actually think about how to wear florals for fall and winter.

So what are these three trends? A statement blazer, nostalgic corduroy, and the return of the (in my opinion controversial) turtleneck.

three trends to try - the statement blazer, corduroy and the turtleneck - coco kelley

My favorite part about these three trends? You can put them all together in a single outfit! Also, my use of a holiday color combo here was totally by chance, but made me think... it's nice to have a subtle nod to this festive time of year without being obvious about it, no?

Out of all these trends, the bold blazer is the one I'm most likely to adopt in my own wardrobe. I love wearing really simple pieces, but the easy addition of a jacket to punch things up is super appealing (and a great way to layer up) for this season. I'm also currently obsessed with the idea of patterned pant suits, although I have absolutely nowhere to wear them, so a few of these blazers also have matching trousers if you really want to go for it.

10 statement blazers for winter - coco kelley

1. gold sequin blazer | 2. blue floral blazer | 3. black and white leopard blazer | 4. green leopard blazer | 5. faux bois blue jacquard blazer | 6. gold floral blazer | 7. phoenix jacquard blazer | 8. houndstooth blazer | 9. leopard jacquard blazer | 10. green velvet blazer

The floral blazer I'm wearing above, also comes in a soft blue that feels perfect for winter. You may notice an abundance of leopard prints in this assortment... what can I say? It's also trending at the moment, but frankly, it's a print that for me never goes out of style. And if you're a little shy of pattern, velvet is also a trendy pick that can be just as bold in a fun color. Hot tip: that first sequin jacket is on sale right now for a steal. New Year's Eve outfit anyone??

combine a statement jacket with turtleneck and corduroy for the holidays

Corduroy is one of those trends that I scoffed at at first. What!? Who wants to wear corduroy? But then nostalgia hit, and I decided that wearing a fabric that reminds me of my childhood may not be such a bad thing. Especially when done right! There are some really fun finds in this category out there right now. If high waisted, wide leg cords are just too obvious for you, try this trend in something unexpected like boots or a bucket bag instead.

our favorite corduroy pieces to try right now

1. pink corduroy blouse | 2. high waist corduroy pants | 3. corduroy a-line skirt | 4. wide leg corduroy pants | 5. corduroy bucket bag | 6. pink corduroy jumpsuit | 7. green corduroy bag | 8. corduroy boots

A side note on this one: I feel like if you're going to do corduroy you should go all in on it. I love the chunky texture - so embrace it! If you want to ease your way into this, trying the blue corduroy pants might be the perfect dose for you. The color is reminiscent of denim, so the corduroy feels a little less obvious.

what pieces to add to your wardrobe for winter

Last but not least... the turtleneck. And I'm not talking about your turtleneck sweaters here that we've always had. I'm talking straight up, classic shirt, fold over turtlenecks. Frankly - for me - I don't find them incredibly flattering. I always picture them looking best on skinny girls with zero boobs. So basically the opposite of my body type. But that's why I wanted to force myself to try and incorporate one here!

You can't say "It doesn't work for me" if you've never put it on. And now that I have? Well... still not my favorite, but I will admit it's a great layering piece to have on hand. So, if I'm adding one of these to my wardrobe, it will likely be a skimp, not a splurge. Although some of these cashmere options are rather tempting...

10 turtlenecks to try for fall - roundup on coco kelley

1. polka dot turtleneck | 2. merino white turtleneck  | 3. black and white stripe turtleneck | 4. leopard print mesh turtleneck | 5. camel cashmere sweater | 6. metallic stripe turtleneck | 7. blue leopard turtleneck | 8. grey wool turtleneck | 9. grey and white stripe turtleneck | 10. black and blue turtleneck

The best part about a bold turtleneck is having that hint of pattern under a layered cardigan or blazer. Better yet - try mixing your patterns and have some fun with it! I'm definitely considering adding a striped option to my closet (#3 is my favorite!), but that last black and blue spotted turtleneck is also pretty cool.

So, my friends, which one of these are you into? Have you already been rocking these trends? I'd love to know some of your favorite finds and the ways you're wearing them!