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Moon Oracle Readings :: New Moon In Sagittarius

Sagittarius season opens our hearts to celebratory holiday vibrations that inspire and engage us. It’s party energy, claim your magic!

Several themes are highlighted in the cards for all signs this new moon. They include: staying connected to feelings of well being while taking calculated risks and bold leaps forward; practicing pace and grounding amongst tense yet exciting energies and unexpected events; and practicing acceptance of what is outside of our control. We can all utilize what’s happening in the skies right now to launch new projects and use our intuitive knowing to go bigger than we ever have before. 

Propelling us forward post Mercury Retrograde, this new moon sets us back on track for what’s next. We are still in the “shadow phase” of the retrograde, which means that although the planet is direct, it isn’t moving at full speed until December 7th. Information and the revival of projects are resuming and plans will be made into the coming months at this time. We are less likely to experience delays and scheduling miscommunications. 

New opportunities and collaborations will be dropping in and clarity revealed around what we most want to spend our time on. Mars is opposing Uranus, which can lay the foundation for impulsivity, tension and unexpected events. Trust your gut, take action and stay balanced by not getting too far ahead of yourself. 

Our desires are IMPORTANT. This is a fabulous time to capitalize on building momentum toward what you really want to implement and bookend, both from what you’ve learned the past five months, and setting intentions for what you’d like to see come to fruition in 2020. Allow for some healthy competition (even with yourself) but play fair and strive to create the life you most want to live in, starting NOW. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed, practice saying yes to what you want more of and no to what you don’t. Not all offers are worth taking, especially if they don’t feel at least a little bit thrilling. Allow your visions to take up space and go big but be wary of other people’s expectations, and too much information or options, shutting down your discernment. 

*The readings below from the Indigo Corners Oracle Card Deck  have been pulled for each element (air, earth, water, fire). Positions read are for Present (left card), Future (middle card), and Focus (right card). Each of us has multiple energies and signs in our charts. You may read for your sun, moon, rising and/or Venus sign. If your natal chart is predominantly made up of a certain element, that message may resonate more but feel free to read all four elements or choose your reading intuitively. You can create a free natal chart at, if you’re unsure of your placements.

The listed crystals and herbal remedies are simply suggestions. Please call on the medicine you feel best supports your soul’s journey and always check with your healthcare practitioner before taking supplements. Keep in mind that this information is for entertainment purposes only. No one knows your future but you! Trust your intuition.

air sign header


Your mind might be burning up with new passionate ideas. You may feel more driven than you have in awhile or, if you’ve found yourself activated within a particular project or intention, you may find yourself resuming the drive you had over the past several months. There is a lot of energy to dive into but be mindful of where you’re putting your efforts. Competition and risks may be high, yet ways to level up and work together with others will unite and uplift.

Present: Dear Forest | SHADOWS in the passive position. Although it appears there is a lot at stake, if you take the time to tune into your body and listen, you know yourself best and what you most want. At this new moon, access a baseline of faith in your intuition. You do know, and now is the time to make it happen and expect the results you deserve. Confusion dissolves and clarity is revealed on next steps, what was missing, or what it is you now need to achieve success. 

Future: Moon Room | LOVE in the passive position. Trust in your journey! There is a grace or softness only you can give yourself. This may come in the form of patience, a new understanding of how to hold space for your process, a gift or challenge from the universe you weren't expecting, or a helping hand. You don’t need to worry or cling to what isn’t happening organically. If what shows up is unexpected, don’t take things personally or involve yourself in drama. Release attachment to outcome and other things outside your control. You have the power to bless your own path.

Focus: Indigo Plush | INTUITION in the active position. Stay focused on what you CAN do. You may have greater access to reaching your goals than you realize. Shortcuts are possible. If you feel distracted by what’s missing, seek to recognize the miraculous in small feats. Remember you are getting somewhere slowly over time. Perseverance and dedication to your craft will win in the long run. Keep your eyes on the prize and remind yourself that you don’t need approval or validation to make the choice you know is right for yourself. Give yourself permission to see the grand vision you have for your life manifest in the world. 

Crystal Suggestion: yellow topaz for clarity, positivity and uplifted and direct focus 

Herbal Remedy: Maca for grounded energy

earth signs header

sagittarius new moon reading for earth signs | coco kelley

Apprehension due to recent changes or new opportunities might be in the air for you. States of this can manifest from subtle anxiety or anticipation to self-protection. Trust in your knowing. You are on the up and up but may have been through a lot lately. The energies that have recently shifted take time to settle so move forward with caution and intention. You’ve got this!

Present: Twin Ponds | RELATIONSHIP in the active position. You may be coming into a new journey of self-trust and development. This Mercury retrograde could have led you through a major shift in relationships with others and yourself. As you return to a forward motion, focus on loving yourself up and holding yourself accountable to your own desires and dreams. If you are feeling stable, you may be called to reach out to help another. A new phase of self-love is called for and can benefit those around you.

Future: Snow Lamp/INTIMACY in the passive position . Don’t rush if you feel hesitant but stay open to compassionate communication and learning more information as you move into the coming weeks. Give where you can while staying mindful of your own boundaries. Be hopeful and open to new forms of companionship. New opportunities may appear to seal deals and carry you into the next dimension of your experience. Work on developing trust in self and in others.

Focus: Pink Canopy | EXPANSION in the conscious position. Changes elicit natural fears and thrills. Embrace both. Allow whatever is moving forward to be exactly what is needed for your highest good. This does not mean being passive when it comes to your free will, but rather investing in making an informed and passionate decision about how you want to support both what is within your control and what isn’t. Allow yourself to receive all of the goodness, even if it comes with complexity. 

Crystal Suggestion: blue goldstone for staying focused on the magic

Herbal Remedy: Dill for hope, balance and well being

water signs header

sagittarius new moon reading for water signs | coco kelley

Your heart may be healing or perhaps you have the ability to heal others. Your energy could be contemplative, compassionate or ready to serve. You may have recently suffered a loss or have watched someone else go through something difficult and have more capacity to offer unconditional love and support to those around you. You are gathering yourself together after a season of deep feels. It’s okay to nurture what most needs your attention. You may find yourself called to beauty, nature and heart to hearts with loved ones. A new vision may be manifesting on the horizon as you continue to let go of the past. Take your time to heal. 

Present: Soft Morning | REST in the conscious position. If you are feeling any melancholy or energetic hangover from these past several weeks, softness with direct intention in how you handle things may be needed. If you’ve learned information that has been hard to digest, give yourself time to process and receive the support needed to moved into the next phase. There is strength in being calm and collecting yourself before and in how you engage. 

Future: Pretty Lights | GRATITUDE in the conscious position. You are expanding beautifully into these next few weeks. No matter the potholes, missteps or slow starts, lean into the love and readiness you have for your future. There is so much to be expected, created and realized. Trust in all the goodness you see and expect more of it. Don’t doubt that everything is happening for a reason and exactly as it should.

Focus: Ice Queen | COURAGE in the active position. It takes confidence to show up to the truth. It is worth facing any fears you might have around taking risk. You are being asked not to hold back and to celebrate the momentum you feel by choosing to go for it. Whatever has been fired up in you cannot be destroyed but it may need to be encouraged through self-talk and gratitude for the opportunity. Only you may be able to tell yourself the story you need to hear to really show up so assert yourself and give yourself what you need. 

Crystal Suggestion: Blue fluorite for soothing and realizing inner vision 

Herbal Remedy: Hibiscus for heart warmth and healing

fire signs header

sagittarius new moon reading for fire signs | coco kelley

I sense bubbling energy under the surface for you, fire signs. You may, more so than other signs, feel as if you sidestepped some uglies during this retrograde phase. There is something building or dropping in now, perhaps that feels impending and expansive, yet may also carry an underlying fear that can accompany going bigger. Whether it be a relationship, new business venture or offering, buying a new car, shopping for gifts, training for a marathon or inviting in the relatives, you are preparing for your next big adventure. Go big but don’t burn out and trust that whatever comes up must be faced, for better or for worse. If what’s revealed is shocking, do the best you can to hold space and face things head on.

Present: Dream Cycle | TRANSITION in the passive position. Whatever you’ve avoided dealing with may be culminating around this time. You may be experiencing the lessons of the past several weeks later than others. However, with facing anything unexpected or uncomfortable comes the beauty of forward movement and the wisdom that can only come through learned experience. You might simply be asked to step up into the spotlight and shine, and that in of itself could elicit discomfort. Discover a sense of purpose within the role you’re being asked to play.

Future: Dear Forest | SHADOWS in the passive position

If you have been able to fly under the radar and peacefully navigate any conflicts of late, you may find yourself continuing this role or suddenly in the middle of a new situation that is outside your control. Keep cool and process your emotions with trusted loved ones. Big news may be revealed and you may be entrusted with the fallout. On the flip side, you could be making massive leaps forward in life direction. Don’t postpone or resist the changes. Ride the waves.

Focus: Gentle Dream | FORGIVENESS in the conscious position 

If things don’t progress exactly as you’d hoped, stay focused on what is yet to come. Work to stay connected to your long-term visions for the future and work to implement constructive strategies. If you are experiencing overwhelm, make sure to stay true to your own vision and know that not everything will happen at once. Slow down and breathe yourself back into a state of ease, so as not to burn everything down or expect everything to culminate RIGHT NOW. Be patient with the process and come back to what you have agency over. You have plenty of time. 

Crystal Suggestion: Larimar for peace and processing with ease

Herbal Remedy: Linden for heart centeredness