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Moon Oracle Readings :: Full Moon In Taurus

I love that we're kicking off Monday with our Full Moon readings from Steph! What a wonderful way to focus for the coming week. The full moon occurs tomorrow, so you have some time to read, take it all in and prepare. Many of us have been shifting inward lately, and that's not just because of Mercury in retrograde, so read on for more of that. I also love when I see the same cards pop up for multiple elements. This month Gratitude, Forgiveness, Freedom and Expression all show up in multiple readings. The work we are doing on ourselves takes place in all these forms, and I love it. Read on...

There is a mysterious, dreamy energy surrounding this full moon in Taurus that may gently reveal next steps, a culmination of old resentments or resistance, or make space for a much needed rest. We may experience revelations with a sense of underlying calm or tenderness, and sensuality may be heightened. There is also the potential for exhaustion if we have been cramming our schedules. If you feel like laying down, do! Literal grounding by way of connecting physically with the earth is paramount and celebrated at this time.

Whether things are coming together or we’re taking space for ourselves, we might still feel like we don’t have all of the information. There is no need to try to rush forward. If you’re experiencing hesitation around future plans, wait to lock in details or take definitive action until later in the month.

Mercury went retrograde on October 31st and turns direct on November 20th. It progresses fully out of its retrograde shadow period on December 7th. This means that even though the planet is appearing to move direct, it is not yet at full speed so the energies associated with it can be reflective.

We don’t need to project negatively toward the hype Mercury in retrograde receives. We can rather use it to our advantage as an opportunity to review creative, inner and social processes, values and projects. Scorpio season ends and the Sun moves into Sagittarius on November 22. Until then, we will continue to unpack deep feels and unprocessed parts of self who still need our loving attention. Cultivating curiosity and compassion for this inner growth is essential. Leave room for new inspirations to drop in and work on expanding your energetic container.

Possibility for expansion is limited to what most of us can see and take in, in the moment, as reality presents itself to be. When we surrender to ‘what is’ and stop trying to control outcomes, our container expands. This can also look like: maintaining a personal practice like yoga or meditation; choosing to love ourselves anyway; or to feel gratitude, when we realize we have been in scarcity.

A full moon offers a space for such expansion to occur and this moon is no exception. What isn’t working must be witnessed and released from the perspective of what we really see as the highest expression of ourselves and for our lives. Are you limiting what you think is possible or are you playing small because you subconsciously do not believe you deserve to expand? Energy must transform. It is inevitable. So whether it be your bank account, your business, a significant relationship, or a perceived self-limitation, ask yourself if and how you’re resisting transformation and how you can make it easier on yourself. How is Scorpio season pushing the limits of your current container, asking for expansion?

*Each of us has multiple energies and signs in our charts. You may read for your sun, moon, rising and/or Venus sign. If your natal chart is predominantly made up of a certain element, that message may resonate more but feel free to read all four elements or choose your reading intuitively. You can create a free natal chart at, if you’re unsure of your placements.

The listed crystals and herbal remedies are simply suggestions. Please call on the medicine you feel best supports your soul’s journey and always check with your healthcare practitioner before taking supplements. Keep in mind that this information is for entertainment purposes only. No one knows your future but you! Trust your intuition.

To choose your reading intuitively, ask yourself, are you called to Earth, Air, Fire or Water? Take what resonates and leave the rest. May you lay to rest what is no longer useful and feel excited for what’s to come!

air sign header

oracle moon readings for air signs | full moon in taurus

You might find yourself lost in space. Daydreams, night dreams, forgotten feels, out of focus or lack of perspective can inform your reality and your behavior. Think and feel into your choices. Plans can shift last minute so managing expectations is key. Impulses can lead you to strange and fascinating events. Celebration is called for but if you’re feeling hazy or indulgent, consider investing in creative projects rather than social activities if you feel unsure. The fuzzy, hypnotic quality to this retrograde moon may scatter you more than other elements, so harness it for communion with nature and inner work. Don’t get lost unless you’re getting lost on purpose. There may be more going on under the surface than you realize but you might not see it until later so maintain your head as much as possible. Moderation, grounding, rest and balance is called for.

Present: Pretty Lights | GRATITUDE in the conscious position: When a container expands, space is created for more. Choosing to experience more with what you already have, without needing more to prove you actually have it, is the essence of abundance. Letting your awareness drop down to your heart and your lower body activates a different part of yourself that is not your thinking mind. This is part of expanding your container. Notice your abdomen and upper thighs. Feel the furniture you sit upon and find yourself in the here and now with more reverence. Let your feet take up more space than you’re used to and see what happens when you practice this more often. You truly have everything you need and more.

Future: Gentle Dream | FORGIVENESS in the active position: There is SO much work to be done. Excitement may be building toward your calling. The greater empire you must co-create with the universe and with and for your community is asking you to own up, show up and face any guilt or shame that is in the way of your willingness to be of service. A life of joy awaits but we must get out of our own way. Forgiveness happens within, in the body, in the present moment. It is already there and it is waiting for you, so you can shine. When giving yourself permission to feel good for no reason, others will benefit from this radiant energy. So feel good for no reason. You don’t need to solve everything first. Practice discomfort through facing what you avoid and practice feeling good again. Do both in tandem as best you can and dance within the liminal spaces where change occurs.

Focus: Sit Spot | SURRENDER in the passive position: Dig in to the shadows as you must but hold yourself in the container of your natural, outdoor environment. The land will remind you through its physiology that nothing is separate. Do not only look at the view, as if it is only there for viewing. Literally breathe into the living energies you can take into your soul when in nature. Notice how you feel after a day in the fresh air, no matter how cold, muddy or wet.

The earth will forgive you before you can forgive yourself because the earth experiences no difference between you and the trees, the stars, the mud and the ocean. If you can tap into this remembrance in your body, all problems dissolve into human constructs. This does not mean there are not problems to solve. It means solving them becomes easier because you have access to a greater wisdom that is far more constant and all-knowing than any human will ever be.

Crystal Suggestion: tourmalinated quartz for clarity, discernment, protection and grounding
Herbal Remedy: Sweetgrass for joy, balance and peace

earth signs header

oracle moon readings for earth signs | full moon in taurus

Avoidance, urgency, entitlement, frustration, blame, indignance, stubbornness or any other energy of rigidity slows us down in making progress and reflects poorly on your emotional, spiritual and physical health. See how you can bend without breaking. There is a way to be firm without being resentful. There is a way to be flexible without getting stepped on. If your buttons are being pushed, it’s up to you to work out the button. It is never someone else’s responsibility to give you your happiness, power, peace or other sense of wellbeing. Neither is it yours to play victim, martyr, people pleaser, or other conditioned role to change another’s viewpoint or behavior. If you find yourself holding tight to a position because you are afraid of what will happen if you let go, now might be the perfect time to release the pressure and find out. You might discover that everyone, including you, is better off when you refuse to bear a burden of invisible weight.

Present: Seahorse Dream | EASE in the subconscious position: A pressure cooker of circumstance, past issues and varying degrees of chaos may be reaching full capacity. For better or worse, there is a geyser of information simmering just under the surface. Keeping the lid on tight is no longer possible. Find a way to channel what’s being unveiled. Speak your truth, express your emotions and do what you need to, to work through it with grace. Whether it is the biggest, craziest, most impulsive, awesome idea you’ve ever had or a secret that could destroy cities you’ve spent a lifetime building, let yourself free of the mounting pressure or the pressure will surely find another outlet. It’s not worth trapping yourself inside yourself.

You are worthy of going after what you want. Even and maybe especially if it allows you to recognize yourself as a complex human. You are allowed to be imperfect, incorrect, lost and broken. You are allowed to realize your dreams. You are allowed to be honest, no matter who reacts poorly. Your free will defines your path. Don’t let anything external define how you carry yourself or your authentic self expression.

Future: Twin Ponds | RELATIONSHIP in the conscious position: Only you know what your needs are and how to get them met. Get them met on your own before you demand them of another. Communicate clearly in relationships and do your part to show up unattached to outcome. Lower your expectations when necessary but raise your standards. You choose who comes in and out of your life. If you are confused on where to cut chords, watch not how reactive you are with the person, in order to decide, but rather how much attention and focus you give to those who consistently take and forget to give. Focus on receiving from those who are already giving to you. If you love someone, treat them how you would like to be treated but don’t take it personally when they can’t do the same or meet you in maturity. That doesn’t mean you have to continue generosity or affection. If it is your maturity in question, back off and self reflect.

There are ways to set energetic boundaries without cutting people out fully or causing or experiencing more harm. Sometimes however, a break or break up is in order. It’s okay for relationships to shift. Everything changes so why do we expect our core relationships to stay the same? If we are struggling with issues of safety and home, it may be time we cultivate this inside of ourselves first, rather than expecting others to carry it for us. If you are the one carrying the home for others, step back and discontinue engaging as usual. Allow others the opportunity to learn for themselves.

Focus: Granny’s Garden | MEMORY in the subconscious position: A knowing is percolating under the surface. A remembrance of self is occurring but it might take time to become fully clear. Pay attention to dreams and fantasies. What is yourself trying to tell you? Give this process time to percolate and infiltrate your reality. Something is coming up and it will not be pushed aside. You are ready for: a greatness; a level up; a massive leap forward; a reveal or release of epic proportions. For many, this awakening may register as an onset of symptoms ranging from subtle anxiety, illness, panic, confusion, sheer ecstasy or a dissolution of limitation or boundary. There is most likely no way to avoid who is showing up or what is arising, so don’t try. Allow, allow, allow! Sometimes all we can do is throw caution to the wind and take it on as it comes. Whatever it is, embrace it!

Crystal suggestion: aragonite to calm emotional stress
Herbal remedy: Reishi for immunity

water signs header

oracle moon readings for water signs | full moon in taurus
You may find yourself particularly amused or playing with concepts of reality, especially within the emotional realms, at this time. There is a nebulousness to your energy that is playful, willful, expansive, curious and hopeful. There is room for movement and change that feels somewhat easy, even if it’s swift or painful. There is a buffer around you of receptive forces and spiritual guidance. This may come in the form of holding an inner ease in the face of external challenge or unusual circumstances but I gather you will have what you need to work through it. You may have a sense that what’s under the surface holds more than what you can currently see and that is okay. It’s as if you have found acceptance with not needing to know it all but are rather content to experiment and fumble around in a waking dream state. The outcome seems not to matter at this time, as much as the process. So engage, enjoy and trust your instincts. They are right on. Trust in yourself and your experience, even if what comes later defies what you had previously thought.

Present: Subconscious Pool | EXPRESSION in the active position: Your warm, adaptable demeanor is healing for others. For those who are feeling left out, raw or wrapped in pain, your wisdom and ability to flow deeper, grounds and offers them redemption. You may find yourself able to hold more space than usual and this is a gift to share. An opportunity to stand in observance and play peacekeeper, host or mediator may also redeem you in the eyes of yourself, another or your soul group and the whole process may feel very karmic. There is always more to the story and you do not need to understand the how and why. Go with the flow and stay as unattached as possible to what isn’t yours to own.

Future: Gentle Dream | FORGIVENESS in the active position: If information has been revealed that feels suspect, difficult or painful to receive, taking the time to process and filter may be in order. If grief or other heavy emotions are unearthed, trust yourself to move through it at your own pace. Walking, sharing and listening may help. Your therapist or a good friend may assist you in working through your emotions. Do your own work but don’t go it alone. Go where you can safely and fully be heard. If you are helping others, make sure you are also receiving the support and witnessing you need to stay balanced. Don’t feel pressured to carry others or hold space if it isn’t feeling healthy or healing to you.

Focus: Brave Halo | FREEDOM in the subconscious position: If you know you might be kicking yourself after saying yes to something you feel iffy about, this could be the right time to practice saying no. Taking breaks from being social or engaging with others, especially if you sense chaos or drama, may protect you from unnecessary turmoil. If at any point you feel the approach of something sticky, remember you have the right to walk away without a word. Be brave and bold with your truth but don’t offer yourself to the altar of someone else’s projection or a manipulation of reality. You are worthy of whatever boundaries you choose to set for yourself. Learn from but don’t waste time feeling bad if you miss the cue and end up walking through the trash of someone else’s mess. It happens. Allow whatever you may be going through to be a perfect part of your life experience. You don’t owe anyone your misery or your company.

Crystal Suggestions: Chrysocolla for balanced communication and stabilization under changing circumstances
Herbal Remedy: Chicory for inner strength and processing

fire signs header

oracle moon readings for fire signs | full moon in taurus
Although you may be flooded with all that’s going on externally, you might also be able to see more clearly than the other elements. You may have access to a more balanced and grounded energy during this full moon and could be called to jump in and assist your water sign friends when they find themselves submerged by other’s emotional projections or otherwise needing support in setting boundaries. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, as they say. Discernment is key for you at this time as themes of distrust may present. You might have a keen sense that you hold understanding around situations others have yet to realize. Go with what you know but don’t jump too far ahead just yet. You might feel extra protective of yourself or another. Trust your knowing but offer support when you can.

Present: Pretty Lights | GRATITUDE in the passive position: You may find yourself holding back from getting involved and this may be a smart move. However, don’t limit yourself from learning and growing because something makes you uncomfortable. Only you will know the difference as to when to step in and when to step aside. Going inward may be a better option than trying to figure things out in an atmosphere where things aren’t yet clear or boundaries haven’t been established. If there is a contract to be signed or new project to begin and you find yourself hesitating, trust your gut and wait.

Future: Subconscious Pool | EXPRESSION in the subconscious position: If there is a fear of being authentic, saying the wrong thing or speaking up at the wrong time, know that it's okay to play it safe. However, if you’re refusing to share or shift your perspective out of fear of being wrong or of past harm, see if you can view the situation through a lens of having courage and being of service. If you are not ready to share, don’t force yourself. There is more to be revealed and perhaps you know deep down it isn’t the best time for confrontation. If this feels absolute, trust it to be true.

Focus: Brave Halo | FREEDOM in the active position: You may find yourself tangled in between energies not your own. Water and air signs may play a part. The overlapping themes can cause confusion or build community, depending on how you play your cards. Being everyone’s rock may be a thing right now. Know your limits. Hold space. Practice kindness and take time out for yourself. You may need you more than others do or vice versa. It’s okay not to know what to do. It’s okay to take your time before responding. But if you do know, step up and lead. If it feels good and true, let it be your time to shine. You seem to know yourself better than the rest and this may be exactly what’s called for.

Crystal Suggestions: Citrine for personal power and clarity of action
Herbal Remedy: L-Theanine for mental clarity

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