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Moon Oracle Readings :: New Moon In Scorpio

In the astrological world, a new moon in Scorpio is like a new year  - time to shed the old and welcome the new...

Many of us may still feel like were recovering from the passionate release that was the Full Moon in Aries of October 13th. The energetic hangover is waning as we enter into this New Moon. But with the dust that has settled, we may find ourselves still dancing around themes of desire, bouts of impulsivity and revisiting foundational issues.

With Venus, Mercury and the Sun all now in Scorpio, emotional needs rise up and grace may fall upon those of us willing to look in the mirror and speak up. Showing up to the mysteries within looks like making our needs known. You cannot get away with superficiality during this time; Intense communication around emotional needs and perhaps facing some harsh truths may be inevitable. Some of us are more comfortable splashing around in the depths of hidden desires and big feels than others. The more accepting we are of ourselves as messy humans, the easier these watery realms will be to journey through. 

Connecting with those that understand and can share in your magic may offer support through any external or relational conflicts. Cultivate emotional bonds with like minds and activate potential for personal and collective power through group connection. There is no need to hide your true self or wear a mask. Even if you are dressing up for a holiday party, consider exploring the costume as an extension of part of yourself you are working through, rather than donning a convenient outfit. 

Spiritual work can be very much be accomplished through hilarity and brevity. Comedy pokes through fear and other negative states associated with concepts of death. Death exists in all cycles of life. Dancing with the energy of the season in acceptance, patience and a willingness to let die what needs to, will lighten your heart. Celebrate endings through giving yourself permission to feel all aspects of what has been lost. Act as if there is no bad or good, but rather there is what was and now we are preparing what isn’t yet to be. 

With the new moon in Scorpio on October 27th and Mercury stationing retrograde on October 31st, expect the veil to be extra thin this Halloween and Samhain. Ritual and honoring of ancestors and loved ones who have passed will be extremely potent. Spend some time as we head from October into November processing your losses and express gratitude for those who have left your life and come before you. This new moon also opposes Uranus, so it may drop in surprises that pave a pathway for growth and change. Scorpio season asks us to welcome new medicine in through soul communities and new forms of partnership and agreement. Deepen bonds, re-establish personal practices and let go of resistance. The season of transformation is upon us!

*Each of us has multiple energies and signs in our charts. You may read for your sun, moon, rising and/or Venus sign. If your natal chart is predominantly made up of a certain element, that message may resonate more but feel free to read all four elements or choose your reading intuitively. You can create a free natal chart at, if you’re unsure of your placements.

The listed crystals and herbal remedies are simply suggestions. Please call on the medicine you feel best supports your soul’s journey and always check with your healthcare practitioner before taking supplements. Keep in mind that this information is for entertainment purposes only. No one knows your future but you! Trust your intuition. 

To choose your reading intuitively, ask yourself, are you called to Earth, Air, Fire or Water? Take what resonates and leave the rest. May you lay to rest what is no longer useful and feel excited for what’s to come!

Three cards have been pulled for each elemental signature. Positions read are for the current or present energies (CARD ON THE LEFT), the immediate future energies (CENTER CARD), and what to focus on to get there (CARD ON THE RIGHT). 

air sign header

new moon in scorpio air signs oracle card reading

Apprehension may be a sign that great change is on the horizon. There is something palpable, tangible and yet elusive about reality at this time. You may sense that time isn’t linear. Your intuition may be especially sensitive to red flags, and any other foul scents that things aren’t quite right. Trust your gut and pull back if a concern is sparked. But make sure you’re communicating your needs and not indulging in paranoia. You can’t fault another for your lack of showing up for yourself. Now isn’t the time to take unnecessary risks or make final commitments but rather to clearly communicate, observe and wait for Mercury Retrograde to pass before making final decisions. It’s perfectly okay to let things simmer and unfold. It’s also okay to let go of relationships that no longer serve.


Present: Long Highway | PATIENCE in the conscious position

Impulsivity may rocket you into random moments. Wherever you find yourself, take your time! Whatever peaks your interest, or draws you in is worth exploring. You may find yourself in interesting environments with fascinating people. Entertain the adventure and try to take everything with a grain of salt, but rest and dream instead of pushing anything forward outside of the moment it’s in. Momentum slows down during a retrograde for a reason. Take advantage of the season through processing emotion, engaging with oddities and celebrating things as they are in this bizarre unfolding. Don’t jump to conclusions or spend too much time being sure of what you are not sure of. Don’t settle or give your power away but stay flexible and curious. 

Future: Rain Forest | RESPONSIBILITY in the conscious position

Your inner well needs to be full before you commit to another or offer yourself energetically to a project or take a risk. Your emotions need to be tended to and your inner child must be fed. Slow down and take comfort in simple, nourishing practices and pleasures. Building an altar, sitting in front of a fire, holding hands with a lover or snuggling with an animal can be extra fulfilling and comforting at this time. Affection for self and receptivity to self care feels not only warranted but essential to wholeness. You don’t owe anyone anything. Nor do they you. Use this time to honor your own needs, truths and passions. Affectionate partners may be welcome but they certainly are not necessary to enjoy a sensual relationship with your reality. Take any power back that you may have recently lost through this form of gathering self. 

Focus: Dream Cycle | TRANSITION in the passive position

If you are suffering from an energetic hangover or feeling hesitation of any kind, stop taking action and rest. Overwhelm, burn out and confusion are signs to pull back, especially if you’re concerned you’re not ready or don’t have all the information yet. There is no need to force anything. Now is not the time to be sure of any questionable thing outside of your own spiritual, emotional and physical needs. Celebrate yourself! 

Crystal Suggestion: Copper for energetic repair, stimulation and grounding

Herbal Remedy: Chicory for pacing yourself, calm focus and grounding

earth signs header

new moon in scorpio earth signs oracle card reading

Rich possibilities are revealed to you at the new moon. Unexpected desires may pull you in new directions or shifts may occur suddenly. You may tap into a luxurious part of yourself you had forgotten about. There will be much to be excited about. Those you connect with will experience a depth in you that perhaps you or they weren’t aware of. You may surprise yourself with your ability to manifest your desires and stand firm in your beliefs. You will lead with presence that is hard to ignore. 


Present: Pretty Lights | GRATITUDE in the active position

There is much to celebrate and be grateful for. You will literally create opportunities for others to experience these abundant energies. Your well is deep and heart open to express. You may feel the need to establish boundaries but this will come from fullness rather than scarcity. It could feel easier than at other times to gently assert yourself because of your sparkling energetic demeanor at this time. 

Future: Pink Canopy | EXPANSION in the active position

You are developing yourself at an increased rate. Opportunities may be coming in to grow that you didn’t see coming. The challenge will inspire you to learn and become someone who cultivates more joy, through forgiveness of self and others. You are establishing a greater sense of self and may not care at what cost. This type of selfishness is healthy, especially if you were playing small in the past and are ready to step up your game. You will naturally inspire others to do the same. Lead but make sure your leading with authenticity and humility, not entitlement and ego. 

Focus: Plant Spirits | REMEDY in the reverse position

You may find yourself in awe of your personal magnetism. Your magic is contagious and you may not even be aware of how things are even possible. Regardless of the nature of the experiences you are having, whether positive or negative, experiences may feel a little out of left field. Lean into whatever is coming up and trust that all is happening for a reason. Do not pressure yourself to have all the answers right now. When in doubt, ask for guidance through prayer or connection with the spiritual realms, in whatever way makes sense to you. You have help coming in from all directions, in droves. Pay attention to signs and allow yourself time and space to take it all in. Check yourself if you find you’re resistant to change or have been power tripping. Practice humility and give thanks to higher energies.

Crystal suggestion: Fire Opal for joy and receptivity to magic

Herbal remedy: Alfalfa for prosperity 

water signs header

new moon in scorpio water signs oracle card reading

You may be struggling to be heard, felt or witnessed this new moon. Or you may be speaking your truth but it isn’t being received in the way you would like. You may be experimenting with a new way of communication or coping with loss differently than you have in the past. Whatever isn’t working is not worth keeping around anyway. You may be tested to stand in greater power through not allowing conflict to weaken your position. Work with others openly but put your needs first. Feel whatever you need to, to move through and on. 


Present: Moon Orb | FAITH in the conscious position

If times are tough, honor and protect your heart through efforts to trust the universe and bigger picture for your life. Many of you will feel this opportunity under the surface. Even in moments of devastation, you’ll know that somewhere deep down, you deserve better and will not settle for less than what you deserve. Remember in the goodness that is coming and around you all the time. Many miracles are possible, but they will be revealed one (or a few) at a time. We never receive everything all at once so use this time to process and find enjoyment in bite sizes. 

Future: Magic Forest | HOPE in the subconscious position

Due to less than optimal circumstances or simply a phase of challenge or disappointment, you may be pulled into feelings of rejection, lack or despair. You may be going through a breakup, revisiting the release of old patterns or wrestling with another familiar form of separation or irreconcilable differences. Surrendering control may be the way you regain control. Everything that is happening is for the greater good. Release any stuck energies as best you can but let yourself be ok swimming in muddy waters, as a form of empowerment. This reclamation of what is, will bring you home to yourself. Remember that you’re being asked to grow by way of feeling it fully and then letting it go. It’s okay to learn lessons over time so if you find yourself in a repeating pattern, try to focus on a new takeaway. Like peeling another layer of the onion, this too shall pass! 

Focus: Earth Sanctuary | GROUNDING in the conscious position 

Standing your ground, while you practice acceptance of what is, takes a cocktail of courage, humility, vulnerability and self-assurance. You may find yourself fighting for the causes and realities you feel definitive about and this can lead to difficulty and confusion if you are being swayed by outside opinion from people or collective bodies who may not have your best interest at heart. If someone else wants to win at all costs, you are being asked to step into your knowing and claim what is rightfully yours and in alignment for the best of all. Although you may be defending what’s true for you, you need not fall into defensiveness in order to do so. Boundaries are an intimate dance and you are learning so much more about who you are through this process of setting and maintaining them. You are worthy of giving and receiving love without changing your authenticity.

Crystal Suggestions: Prehnite for healing 

Herbal Remedy: Dragon’s Blood resin for protection and power

fire signs header

new moon in scorpio fire signs oracle card reading

What is your hurry, impulsivity or intensity motivated by? If you find yourself running, rushing, avoiding or needing to be right, watch for pitting yourself against...yourself. If you cling too tightly to a position, you may find yourself upended by your own tenacity somehow. What’s underneath is extremely important not to pass on recognizing, as it rises into your awareness. All resistance is worth observing, working with and through. This is how great personal growth is achieved. Don’t avoid what makes you uncomfortable. 


Present: Early Riser | ENERGY in the active position 

Whatever fuels your impulses is worth paying attention to. Check your underlying emotions and  fears and ask yourself the tough questions. If feelings are overwhelming, let yourself open to the depths necessary to purge and move through it all but taper the well with self nourishment. Establishing intimacy with self and others, while keeping yourself safe may be a theme which needs more attention. 

Future: Dear Forest | SHADOWS in the subconscious position

Your power is growing through your ability to face whatever has been hidden from view. Any obstacles that have been removed recently are making way for you to jump forward but know that this leap will take time to fully manifest. Something major may be revealed. Let the big reveals progress on their own timeline. Don’t try to stuff anything back under the rug. It’s not possible. Welcome the flow of truth, however it appears and work with it as methodically as you would an ongoing project. A calm yet potent mixture of heals and feels may be called for. Self work is an art form. Treating it as such can bring about a massive transformation and leaps forward in the healing process.

Focus: Soft Morning | REST in the active position

Challenge yourself to slow down and really see what is happening in front of you. There is an opportunity to plant seeds at this new moon for future desires, especially when it comes to how you want to be treated within relationships but meditate on which outcomes will be most fulfilling, based on current behaviors. Long term thinking is more likely to ensure stability and success. Although inspiration may drop in, acting on emotional impulse may trigger old pain. You may very well be needing to face this pain however, so do what you must to witness any facets of self that arise but know that some emotional scabs are no longer worth picking at. Let the lessons be learned. Let the past die. Be free! And so it is. 

Crystal Suggestions: Charoite for transmutation of lower vibe energies

Herbal Remedy: Passion Flower for self love and a calm heart

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