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Moon Oracle Readings :: Full Moon In Aries

Welcome to your Moon Oracle Reading for the Full moon in Aries! It's a fiesty one, so take a look at the overview and readings for your astrological sign for insights on how to navigate the coming weeks.

moon oracle card reading - full moon in aries

At the beginning of October Pluto turned direct, bringing closure and growth to the many lessons learned over the past five months. Mars has moved into Libra, activating passion and intensity in our endeavors and relationships. Venus has recently entered Scorpio, bringing to the surface our hidden desires and impulses. Secrets may be revealed! We launch into the Mercury retrograde shadow on October 11th, and begin to feel the energies introvert a bit, although what comes up in our partnerships in the coming weeks will be heightened. 

With this Full moon in fiery Aries, pulses may run high and wild, as we ask ourselves what we truly want from our life experiences and our connections. If you aren’t satisfied with where a romance or other form of partnership is heading, watch for windows of opportunity to communicate honestly about needs being met. Not all relationships are meant to last and it’s wise to let go of those who need to dissolve from your sphere. Be discerning about who you let continue taking up space within your intimate circles. 

Expressing boundaries with empathy will take us much further down the path toward emotional maturity than blindly cutting someone off because they didn’t rise to an expectation - especially one we may or may not have shared. Tend to your own fire as best you can. Be righteous because you feel empowered to say no to what doesn’t work for you. Be bold in your truth as a way of celebrating yourself, not as an excuse to act out in blame. In some circumstances, it may be wise to keep your opinions to yourself, although it may feel impossible to ignore saying yes to big dream impulses. Don’t repress these. Just make sure bursts of energy are directing you toward ultimate success, not short-term indulgences that you’ll regret later. 

In the readings below, three cards have been pulled for each element. The first (left) card is for our current or present energies, the second (middle) card reads for the immediate future, and the third card (on the right) is what we need to focus on now to help us get to where we're going. 

Please note: Each of us has multiple energies and signs in our charts. You may read for your sun, moon, rising and/or Venus sign. If your natal chart is predominantly made up of a certain element, that message may resonate more but feel free to read all four elements or choose your reading intuitively. You can create a free natal chart at, if you’re unsure of your placements.

The listed crystals and herbal remedies are simply suggestions. Please call on the medicine you feel best supports your soul’s journey and always check with your healthcare practitioner before taking supplements. Keep in mind that this information is for entertainment purposes only. No one knows your future but you! Trust your intuition. 

To choose your reading intuitively, ask yourself, are you called to Earth, Air, Fire or Water? Take what resonates and leave the rest. 

air sign headerair signs reading for full moon in aries

You might find yourself in a sizzling debate or rich relational environment where your particular combination of intuition and knowledge provides uplifting support or proves to be the perfect diffuser for a difficult situation. You might be finally expressing your truth to a loved one with conviction, or reaching the end of the road within a dysfunctional relationship. On the flip side, just because you know more than they do on a particular subject does not make you right and them wrong. You are the expert on you and you alone. Standing in this power may have been a long time coming. Additionally, it may be hard to keep your thoughts to yourself, as those around you may be aggravating situations unnecessarily. You need not be passive, but know that expressing unprocessed emotions may also cause more trouble than it's worth. Know your limits and try to pace your need to speak. Watch for these dualities and do the best you can to navigate with grace. 


Present: Blood Moon | MATERIALIZATION in passive position

You have or are about to achieve a feat and can sit into the pocket of knowledge that you’ve earned for putting in the work. For some of you, this concerns relationships, others it’s the discovery of your purpose and your ability to create the life you envision for yourself. You may be finally coming into alignment with a part of your wisdom that was always there but somehow now is ready to be fully revealed and externalized. It’s as if the gold that was trapped on the inside of you is finally stepping out on the town in all it’s glorious lamé and sequin, and it’s magical to witness. This could be experienced in bursts, where you see this bedazzle through conversations with others, or other micro moments, and can acknowledge just how far you’ve come to own your self worth.

Future: Country Sky | INSPIRATION in subconscious position

Repeating lessons, negative states of self and personality types come into your realm for a reason. Any person, feeling or habit which throws you off balance is a dang good excuse to look within and see what about them or it triggers your pain, fear, or need to be in control, right or reactive. The possibility of spinning out into another’s dynamic exists here, so be wary of how much of yourself you are willing to lose. Staying in integrity means knowing when to stand your ground and when to stand back. Be mindful of what is yours to involve in and what would be better left alone. Don’t let the pain or reactivity of others define you. Setting boundaries on your time, energy, attention and emotions are wise. Only you will fully be able to understand your deepest truths. Hold that knowing internally, when you choose to express yourself. Stand up for your magic but don’t force your greatness onto those not ready to receive you. This defeats the purpose of sharing your gifts anyway. Search for your soul community knowing they will absolutely show up for you in the way you need. Wait for the right people or person to be revealed before you commit yourself to others. 

Focus: Inflorescence | ACTION in passive position

Don’t give up on what you really want to fight for. Your desires need your voice but now may or may not be the time to shout them from the rooftops. Timing is important and will be different for each of us so pay attention to your instincts and how and when to put yourself out there or tie up loose ends. People pleasing is exhausting. Take action based on you and your needs first and foremost. Your visions are valid and will be recognized at exactly the right time. Trust in this process. Do your due diligence to take responsibility for what you can and let the chips fall where they may. What is outside of your control is not for you to worry about, not now, not ever. 

Crystal Suggestion: pyrite for taking responsibility for your personal power

Herbal Remedy: Ginger for balanced, healthy activation

earth signs headerearth signs reading for full moon in aries

Varying degrees of satisfaction are possible for you at this full moon. You may feel valued and recognized by those around you in a new way or you may feel undervalued, depending on what you are releasing from your past. Earth signs often need to be needed, and right now you might feel like that need is being met. People may look up to you as a natural leader. This may feed your ego and your heart but also has its downside, as being needed can create internal friction around themes of co-dependence. Strike a balance between releasing yourself from expectations of others while also standing beside those who lean on your strength. Lift others up by reminding them how strong they are, not how strong you are. Take on what you desire to. Give, but don’t bleed.

Present: Plant Spirits | REMEDY in subconscious position

Your connection with whatever you call Spirit/God/the Universe is unique to you. Your belief system and giving yourself permission to define that and defend it is your absolute right. Watch out for needing to have this validated from external sources. But, if you feel misunderstood, cultivate relationships or ask your higher power (if you believe in one) to deliver soul connections to your doorstep. You are worthy of sharing this part of yourself with others who uplift and hold space for your specific brand of individuality and divinity. Someone with heavy water placements in their chart could provide relief and support.

Future: Scintillation | LONGING in the active position 

A cycle comes to a close. Endings are bittersweet. If you feel left out or alone, reach out to someone who understands you. You need not do all the work internally and on your own. Sometimes, our pain and understanding of reality is best processed with others. It’s okay to be vulnerable and to ask for help. If you find yourself taking things personally, remind yourself that everyone deals with loss differently. Releasing past contracts with others who don’t see or support you may feel especially relevant at this time. Giving yourself permission to feel and grieve what you cannot get or take back may be helpful. Everything is temporary. Take solace in change, for better or worse and remember to look ahead! More is always coming and more expansive exchanges and opportunities are on the horizon. How can you welcome new possibilities, especially in relationships, with open arms?

Focus: Snow Lamp |  INTIMACY in subconscious position

Knowing who to trust is a form of developing self love. Your relationships may be going through growing pains. You may be shifting in response to a need for a more nourishing and expansive environment. Don’t second guess yourself. Only you can make sure you get yours! See which needs you can fulfill for yourself and make sure you’re being clear with both new and past people of what you expect from them. If you find yourself in a season of a revolving door you thought you left behind, seek gratitude for what you’ve learned over time. Lessons repeated are not for shaming and feeling bad, but rather for peeling back another layer of our proverbial onions. There’s always more to learn. Practice self acceptance.

Crystal suggestion: Pink tourmaline for opening to love

Herbal remedy: Hibiscus for passion and joy

water signs headerwater signs reading for full moon in aries

Water signs! You are really standing up for yourselves and those you care about, and taking no more BS. Or if you are taking BS, you are feeling particularly DONE with that shit. I see you using your powers of persuasion and ability to negotiate to your advantage. The rest of the signs need your accountability, your tenacity and your ability to maneuver the intense, subconscious waters of Venus in Scorpio. Your presence and opinions may hold more sway at this time so make sure you can stand behind what you promise. Your delivery holds intention and pearls of emotional wisdom. You know that living your dream takes the ability to make clear and precise actions and decisions, and that what you risk is too big and too precious to not show up. You may be keeping it together for everyone else at this time or at least knowing what needs to happen and holding an internal picture of the truth up like a telescope for others to peer into. 

Present: Ice Queen | COURAGE in the active position

You may be risking what is no longer an optional sacrifice. It’s like you made it to the end of the line, looked over the edge and realized you couldn’t go back but only could jump forward. This level of realization puts the power back in your pocket. When we let go of what is out of our control, we can suddenly focus our energy on what is working and how we can best work with it. I see you leaping forward into the future by way of understanding something you didn’t until now. It’s like a light turned on and flooded the room with “ooooohhhhhh, right!” You have had the choice, always. How we react is just as important - if not more important -  than how we act. A perspective shift empowers you to make swift and permanent change, even if it’s just in HOW you deal with a circumstance. 

Future: Rain Forest | RESPONSIBILITY in the active position

Enough is enough. and you’ve definitely had enough. You stop waiting around for someone to come along and rescue you or do the heavy lifting. You are in charge, and that is enough for now. Life is pushing you forward whether you like it or not so hopefully you’re able to get on board and fast. Big releases and new beginnings are wrapping themselves together in an intimate dance. A sense of sobriety at the current situation may be very helpful. Emotionally, you seem more apt to process certain situations than others and can lean on that ability now. Stay clear and roll with what the universe has in store. Whether it feels like you have control or not, your story is changing and ultimately for the better. Try to go with the flow.

Focus: Starstruck | PERSPECTIVE in the passive position

You are holding the vision of the future together in your bare hands. It’s like you have been granted a peek at what’s to come and there’s no way you dare back down now. Hold the thread and continue making progress. You are literally watching yourself evolve. What you’re working on may be a slow moving project toward an outcome that beacons you forward, one step at a time. Trust that all is happening exactly as it should. 

Crystal Suggestions: ammonite for grace through changes

Herbal Remedy: holy basil for adapting to turbulent waters

fire signs headerfire sign readings for full in aries

Confidently go in the direction you are currently pulled! You know where it is you want to go and who with. If those around you aren’t coming along for the ride, it’s okay to release them to their own destiny. Listening to your instincts is wise and you may not have a choice at this point. You will rise to the next life level faster if you don’t resist. You are deepening into YOU and this is exactly what is needed. Embrace change and leave it behind. You don’t need those old worries or concerns along for this ride. Remember that your heart can’t break if you take it with you. Own yourself fully. 

Present: Big Storm | ATTACHMENT in the subconscious position 

Full moons ask all signs to release and let go of control. But you, my dears may need to most within this double dose of fire energy. You have burned up the past and you are heating up the present with strong desires and magnetism. You may find yourself angry, exhausted, ready, lit up, uncertain or a mix of it all. Be proud of the difficulties you’ve sorted through and look forward to all still yet to come. What is passing isn’t up for retrieval so don’t waste time trying to sweep it under the rug. You are a precious jewel and you know it. Now is the time to treasure yourself.

Future: Earth Sanctuary | GROUNDING in the conscious position

After the dust of this full moon settles, you’ll deepen into areas of yourself you had forgotten about. The process will be cleansing and necessary. You’ll have no choice but to evolve. Your power lies in your relationship to your body. Whether it be food, sex, exercise or connection with nature, your hunger is valid and nourishment of your needs necessary. Satiate yourself. Fall into the earth and the sensual pleasures of the physical realm. There is so much to be passionate about, to discover and explore. You might find yourself on a very new and very exciting journey, just ahead. A new project may be beginning to take off. Lean in and express your creative passion fully. 

Focus: Universal Quest | MEDITATION in the subconscious position

Staying focused might be difficult with everything currently going on in your reality. It’s imperative you don’t let your foot off the gas pedal now but make sure you’re taking care of yourself throughout the process. The physical body and the physical realms are asking for your commitment, your indulgence, your wisdom. Pacing yourself and staying grounded will help move you forward. You are apt to get the job done on your own at this time, simply because you can. It feels good to be so capable and independent. You’re on the top of your game. Stay balanced. 

Crystal Suggestions: Carnelian to focus on pursuit of passion

Herbal Remedy: Licorice for ease and deliciousness

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