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Seasonal Musings :: Summer Lessons On Digging Into My Woo

While it may feel like fall has already arrived for some of you, there are a few days left to celebrate and look back on this summer, and I've decided that the transition between seasons might just be the perfect time to do a personal check-in around here. It's a nice moment to pause and reflect on what we've learned, what we've accomplished, and where we're going next.

In July, I realized that we'd hit that halfway (and then some) point in the year, and I took a look at the goals I had set for myself back in January. Out of the list, three of these goals really came to the surface this summer.

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On the business side, two of my 2019 goals were writing a book proposal and sharing more of myself. On the personal side, my main goal was to work on being a more positive person for my friends, family and colleagues. What I didn't realize at the time that set these was not only how challenging these goals would be, but also how much they'd overlap.

A little thing you should know about me: once I get into something, I go deepIf I'm researching a place to stay on vacation, I exhaust every possible hotel and Airbnb before making a decision. If I'm throwing a dinner party, I explore tons of recipe options before putting together the menu. This is both a wonderful and crippling trait. It obviously takes me longer to do things than most people, but the end result is always worth it.

As you can imagine, this is part of the reason why writing my book proposal has taken eons. But I'm so glad it has.

You know that feeling you get when you're actually interested in a subject in school, and you're just gobbling up books and talking about it non-stop to your friends (who are either really into it, or totally sick of you)? That was me this summer. Without giving too much away, this book is going to not only be inspirational, but also very instructive, and it's the instructive side that had me diving deep into research as well as my own experiences. Not surprisingly, when you reflect on your own processes and past, you're bound to come up with some mini revelations. Writing this book has literally been therapy for me, and I'm so grateful for it.

But the book isn't the only place that I've been digging in.

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It was somewhere around mid-July that summer actually arrived. I took some weekends away, allowed myself to find moments during the day to just lay out in the sun, and - quite honestly - I spent a lot of time away from the blog. Sometimes I run into phases where I'm not really inspired to put posts together, and sharing stuff feels really inauthentic. So, this time, rather than push through it, I gave myself permission to just step away from it. I allowed myself space to think about something other than what house tour I was going to post next, and make room for something new to inspire me instead.

Then a series of things happened that opened my eyes to what that something might be.

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On one of my weekend escapes with my BFF, she told me about an app called The Pattern. It's astrology based, but it's so much more than one of those daily horoscope apps. It takes into account what cycles are happening in the universe and how they affect you according to your chart, planets, etc. If you're into this stuff at all I highly recommend it.

Around that same time, I had also been planning a girls weekend with four of my besties and I was thinking about hiring a tarot reader or astrologer to come and do a session with us because it seemed like most of us were going through shifts in our personal and professional lives - myself included. Two weeks before this trip I happened to meet Steph Parrish, an intuitive reader with some amazing energy. We quickly connected and I asked her if she could come do readings for all the ladies. She did, and her reading for me resulted in some great clarity around things that I need to do some work on while affirming some other paths that I've been on (the book being one!). But it also pushed my curiosity even further into these healing realms.

After that, the floodgates opened and all sorts of random woo woo stuff was coming my way. My friend Melanie turned me on to the idea of Human Design (a topic that had come my way several times in the past, but I was finally open to learning more about), my friend Amanda at The Fold clued me into a cool new online community called Healers that I joined, and I recently booked my first energy healing appointment that's happening next Thursday (yes, I'm totally freaked out but also incredibly curious!).

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I've always really been into personality tests and astrology, but getting into the metaphysical, mystical, or whatever you want to call it, is definitely a whole other level. But, like I said before, when I get into something, I go all the way in. So, since July I've been researching all sorts of interesting practices. Some of them are probably more digestible to the majority of you, like the power of positive thinking, creating vision boards, praying, meditating... these are all the same thing guys. Putting our thoughts and energy out into the world. They just come in different packages for us to choose from so that we can do them on a level that we feel comfortable with.

Of course, there are some next level options that include breath work, ancestral lines, crystals, chakras, and more of all that really good woo woo stuff. I'm exploring all of it with an open mind, knowing that I'll come out on the other end of this taking some practices that I really connect with and leaving the rest.

All that said, it's definitely been fun and energizing to work on an aspect of myself and my interests that I haven't focused on in a while. I've been talking about a lot of this with my husband and he's been a great sounding board because he's been through this journey (or at least some of it) himself, and I thought you might appreciate his take on it, which is this: Anything that is a process for getting to know yourself better, to do some real work on healing your past or making yourself a better person is a good thing. We all get to the top of the mountain in different ways, and this is your journey.

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Of course, no matter what kind of work you are doing on yourself - whether it's personality tests, astrology, therapy, reading self-help books, or meditating - it's bound to change you. The shifts will be slight. The dots sometimes slow to connect. You are opening a part of yourself to change, to growth, and to new ways of thinking, and that is something I think we could all benefit from right now. This work is not easy work. But it's necessary work. And the biggest lesson I learned this summer is that it has been a very long time since I have done this kind of work on me. Which circles back to my goals for 2019.

All of my experiences this summer have succeeded in one main thing: changing my mindset. I am more conscious of myself, my energy, my reactions, all of it. This is helping me to be a more positive (or at least centered) person, which was something I have been working towards since the beginning of the year, and will continue to work on going forward. As for the sharing piece, well, here I am. Sharing with you guys something that I'm slightly terrified to put out there because I'm sure some of you are rolling your eyes, wondering if I've lost my mind, or stopped reading after the third paragraph.

But my hope in sharing is that you too will be open to learning some new things right along with me! I want to bring these topics into the blog in ways that are natural and educational (nothing over the top!), because I think a lot of these segments can apply to the home space. And I definitely look forward to hearing your thoughts on all these topics, too! Maybe some of you even participate in some of these activities and practices and can speak to your own advice and experiences. Either way, I look forward to continuing on this journey with you!