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Moon Oracle Readings :: New Moon In Libra

Hey friends! Welcome to a new series here on the blog that I am so very excited to share with you. You may remember me mentioning my friend, Steph Parrish, in this post where I talked about diving deeper into the world of 'woo'. Steph is an amazing intuitive reader who uses her own deck of oracle cards and her connection to the energy in the universe to bring us messages of guidance. So, if you've ever been curious about having your cards read, it's your lucky day, because Steph is bringing her talents to Coco Kelley!

Much like you'd read your monthly horoscopes, Steph will be creating readings for us with every new and full moon -hence the name Moon Oracle! These readings are organized by your sun sign's element. For example, I'm a Scorpio, and Scorpios are water signs, so I would scroll down to the Water Signs reading. If you are familiar with your birth chart you may also opt to read for your moon or rising signs, or for the element in which many of your planets fall on your chart (I have a lot in Libra, which is my rising sign, so I like to read for that one, too!). I hope you enjoy this fun new addition to the blog, and welcome your feedback and any questions you have about the language in these readings.

oracle moon readings - libra new moon harvest moon

There’s a lushness to this new moon in Libra that feels poised for warmth and pleasure but may trigger indecisiveness and a need to stay focused. Indulge by recalling forgotten dreams and revisiting the grand scale intentions you thought were unachievable. Take your time to pause and make decisions from your gut. This is a time to stand in your power and share your wisdom with others, to celebrate each other and lift each other up into new collaborations, offers, ideas and possibilities. The future looks brighter when it’s shared and intentions create the structure for new foundations so choose your path and the team you ride with, carefully. 

Jupiter and Saturn have recently turned direct. We have more information at hand now, to move forward, reestablish our pace and make up for what can seem like lost time. But remember that nothing is ever lost, as a way to empower yourself this month. The path only seems linear but nothing in nature is a straight line so take your time and act when you feel aligned within. Trust your gut and utilize the void of this Libra new moon to create an opportunity, not just respond to one. 

You may find new ways to share and teach what you’ve unpacked from lessons learned throughout this past summer’s epic eclipse season and seven-retrograding-planet deep dive. Many of us may have experienced a slingshot effect during Septembers’ Virgo season and the hefty shedding of past skins. The shift into Libra season offers us grounding and space to re-work our priorities, if we’ve overcommitted or are experiencing overwhelm. In three of the four groups, the “SURRENDER” card popped out, so know that we’re all working with these energies collectively. One of the many blessings of working with star maps is recognizing our shared experiences. 

In the readings below, three cards have been pulled for each element. The first (left) card is for our current or present energies, the second (middle) card reads for the immediate future, and the third card (on the right) is what we need to focus on now to help us get to where we're going. 

Please note: Each of us has multiple energies and signs in our charts. You may read for your sun, moon, rising and/or Venus sign. If your natal chart is predominantly made up of a certain element, that message may resonate more but feel free to read all four elements or choose your reading intuitively. You can create a free natal chart at, if you’re unsure of your placements.

The listed crystals and herbal remedies are simply suggestions. Please call on the medicine you feel best supports your soul’s journey and always check with your healthcare practitioner before taking supplements. Keep in mind that this information is for entertainment purposes only. No one knows your future but you! Trust your intuition. 

To choose your reading intuitively, ask yourself, are you called to Earth, Air, Fire or Water? Take what resonates and leave the rest. May peace and love be with you this new moon in Libra. 

air sign headermoon oracle readings for air signs new moon in libra

Gather yourself inward and ground, as a way of demonstrating your guiding light. You’re in your element this month and can spread your wings as you see fit. Opportunities for expansion come in waves of passion, truth, authentic celebration and uniqueness. Share your bold vision for the future with flair. Don’t let anyone deter you from what you know to be true. This is a time to shine and bask in the rewards that have arisen from putting your needs first. Say what needs to be said. Step into the room with poise and grace. This month will celebrate you as much as you are able to celebrate yourself. Radiate your magic, flirt and let yourself be noticed. But remember you’re the gatekeeper of your energy and don’t owe anyone anything. And no one owes you anything in return. Practice this awareness as a way to define boundaries and balance during this month of the scales. 


PRESENT: Magic Forest | HOPE in conscious position

Things are looking good, Air signs! You’ve recently completed a journey and have been or are in the process of starting a new project or relationship or revamping an old one with a fresh perspective. Look up, at and forward toward what’s working for you. Follow the threads and don’t waste time peering back over your shoulder at what’s been lost. Let it stay in the background of your awareness. There’s no need to continue revisiting the past. Stay focused on what feels rich, fulfilling and luxurious. Treat yourself like the Queen or King that you are and others will notice and be drawn in. Being in this lifted state provides a teaching for others, simply by showing up in your tangible regalia and particular brand of beauty. Lead by example.

FUTURE: Sit Spot | SURRENDER in passive position

Don’t jump ahead and try to fill in all the space, just because there’s room. Wait for the right opportunity and trust you’ll know when you know. Clarity and discernment will provide you relief this month. Following your gut instincts keeps you on track. Don’t be pulled in half hazard directions without a strong understanding of why you are saying yes to things. Agreeing for the sake of pleasing others will backfire. If your motivation is channeled from a limiting belief about what you think you can achieve, what you “should” do, or what others think or perceive of your actions, understand this may lead you down a path of growth but ultimately one of detour and distraction. Level up and take calculated risks. Let your curiosity offer you suggestions. Don’t play small.

FOCUS: Earth Sanctuary | GROUNDING in active position

Stay in the flow of what feels good and lights up your inspiration meter. Keep your momentum directed toward your true, big picture desires. Don’t hesitate to set boundaries when things begin to feel scattered or messy. Stay contained and in control of what you have control over. Leaking energy on the things you don’t have control over is another way to limit potential and greatness so knowing when to exercise restraint and when to go for gold is key.

Crystal Suggestion: Smokey quartz for grounding, Smoky citrine for decisive action 

Herbal Remedy: Rhodiola for sustained energy

earth signs headermoon oracle readings for earth signs | new moon in libra

Prepare to feel more lifted than usual. There is a buoyancy to this energy that can bring in streams of inspiration for collaboration, networking, new ways of seeing others and reframing how you’d like to be seen. Use this new moon to deepen your connections by offering grace and compassion to self, your loved ones and those you meet and perhaps reconnect with. You might be more forgiving and less frustrated with behaviors that normally annoy you. Your kindness reciprocates so the more you spread warmth and smiles, the more you will see it returned your way. Other signs will be particularly responsive to your nurturing demeanor. Stay in flow by opening your arms to those in need. You will naturally have more to give this month and it will help to balance your own anxieties or feelings of scarcity by focusing on heartfelt connections. 


PRESENT: Sit Spot | SURRENDER in conscious position

You’re learning to relax and let go of attachment to things looking or feeling a certain way externally and reflected in others, in order to feel safe within. This is an opportunity to develop trust in yourself and in the universe. You may be feeling extra friendly due to releasing past burdens and confusions. Embrace your inner authority in this way. Allow yourself to receive the blessings that come from giving and receiving. Love yourself by letting go of any need for someone else to do the work for you. You are strong enough now to do it for yourself, thus creating more to share.

FUTURE: Subconscious Pool | EXPRESSION in the active position 

The world needs your voice, your project, your truth, your love, your creativity. And it needs you to step up to the mic NOW. Don’t wait to say it, sign it or do the thing. You have spent enough time second guessing yourself and questioning your worth. You’ve cultivated a specific set of gifts, specialness and authenticity. Don’t waste your words on those who can’t hear you. Speak to your audience. Allow yourself to be welcomed into the inner circles you’ve co-created. The power in your voice is rising and is worthy of celebration. You are a guide. Use your power wisely to lead. 

Opportunities will arise in divine timing this month. Take what resonates at the deepest levels and say yes to what serves your divine purpose. Don’t be surprised if you are asked to speak. People want to hear what you have to say. Your message, especially when it comes from an inner well of acceptance, forgiveness, affection or compassion contains a particular gravity at this time. 

FOCUS: Moon Room | LOVE  in the active position

A total embrace of life is possible for you right now, Earth signs! Reap what you’ve sown. Small gestures can create great impact. This is the time to practice random acts of kindness. Give back what you’ve been given. This time can be filled with joy, laughter, and levity, depending on how you choose to approach things. Lightening up will go along way for you right now. Would you be as hard on others as you are on self? Never! Watch your internal dialogue as carefully as you do your spoken word. Your time here on this planet is precious. Treating it as such will speed up emotional healing, honor your honed wisdom and deepen your gratitude. A little practice is better than none, yet the higher the investment in shifting old behaviors, the stronger you’ll become, entering into the coming months and new year. Use your tenacity, your strength and your infamous sturdy, step-by step traction to get yourself as close to your big dreams as you can muster. This is the time to plant seeds. This is also a time of harvest. Find your way between the two. 

Crystal suggestion: Apetite for cherishing inner vision, polychrome jasper for warmth and grounded resilience 

Herbal remedy: Oat buds for an open, calm heart

water signs headermoon oracle readings for water signs | new moon in libra

There is an abundance of information, activities and collaborative opportunities at this time. You, more than other signs may struggle to maintain your sense of self. Don’t overshare, overextend or overdo. There is a swirling vortex of efforts in effect that can confuse and get the best of you, if you’re not mindful of what you can manage. Your sensitivities are heightened so pay attention to spiritual messages and be discerning between what is for you to engage in and what isn’t. There may be a blurring of lines between fantasy and reality this new moon so watch how you speak and engage emotionally with others. You are apt to get swept up or influenced so don’t lose yourself in the mix. 


PRESENT: Cathedral | BLESSINGS in the subconscious position

This card in this position for you Water signs, is all about receptivity to self-love and the recognition of truth within. Don’t give up your vision or stance on an argument because someone you look up to or who naturally takes up more space than you, bends your will. Others may not realize their effect on you so it’s up to you to hold the boundary. You may be heavily influenced this month and not realize it, with so much moving about in the ethers. Be open to discussion and acknowledgment of other perspectives but stay committed to your inner message and knowing. You have so much to offer the other signs but may need to fight to be heard. Stand up for yourself!

FUTURE: Soft Morning | REST in the conscious position

Time away from screens, nosy neighbors, gossip, and other processing of low vibe info is called for. What are your dreams and visions for the future? How do you access them? Take time away from the influence of others to really feel into your own needs and desires. Take baths. Walk a local labyrinth or create one in your backyard or with stones at a local park. Discover your own blend of authentic magic by stimulating your senses and indulging in self-nourishment and the physical and metaphysical practices that restore your light. Treat your alone time as a spiritual practice. 

FOCUS: Snow Lamp | INTIMACY in the active position

Indulge the sensual pleasures that only you own. Food comes in many forms. Fall in love with what you consume. If you purchase clothes, choose materials and colors that celebrate and connect you to yourself. If you go out to eat, spend an extra few dollars on the dish you are intuitively craving. When you breathe in, cultivate gratitude for the scents in the air and the oxygen welling into your lungs. You take in the earth. You take in the stars. Practice having everything you need through your breath. Practice having everything you need with each delicious choice you make to fill yourself up with energies that balance and invigorate you. Trust yourself to know what’s best in each moment. This is a time of getting to know your intuitive self better. Take advantage of the opportunity. Splurge in small ways. Little bits will add up and help you resist the urge to give yourself away to others. When you give, you’ll have so much more to offer. 

Crystal Suggestions: red tigers eye for owning personal power, fire opal for activated inspiration

Herbal Remedy: Cinnamon for flavor and spice

fire signs headermoon oracle readings for fire signs | new moon in libra

Things are really cooking for you, Fire signs! Your passions runs high this new moon. You may find yourself entertaining several options at once and may want to choose more than one. Test each path before you jump in impulsively. Let both potential and established relationships, whether business or pleasure, know that you are testing the waters and playing the field. Honesty will go a long way for you this month, setting expectations to a minimum so you can experiment in a way where no one gets hurt, including you. Ride the wave with excitement but don’t get carried away. Try to approach things both personally and professionally with a lightness of heart but measured acknowledgment of what others might be dealing with under the surface and what might be at stake in the long run.


PRESENT: Early Riser | ENERGY in the passive position

Take up space and enjoy every minute but make sure to honor inner and outer boundaries. Bringing your electricity to the event will keep interested parties on their toes and inviting you out, allowing your calendar to fill. Hold back commitment until you are certain you and the other party’s needs will be able to be met by the agreement at hand. If your heart is on the line or you find you have leverage over someone else’s feelings, handle things delicately. Not everyone is equipped to handle you at full capacity. Allow this to inform who you let in. Only you control your dimmer switch and staying balanced energetically is key for you this month. 

FUTURE: Granny’s Garden | MEMORY in the conscious position 

Demonstrate care and awareness of any past patterns or destructive habits that show up to distract you from healing or moving forward in an aligned direction. You may be revisited by an old flame, a new flame who reminds you of an old one, or a friend you’ve known for a long time may be in need of support. Be mindful of ancestral patterns and pressure from within to please others or go against the grain of your inner wisdom. You might know what others seem to be missing. Be the sage and guide in any situation that calls for your leadership, yet refrain from judgement. Ask yourself what needs to be learned from any visitation that fits these descriptions. 

Attempt to act and react differently than you have in the past. Exert control over yourself and yourself alone. Neediness or using tactics or emotions to manipulate outcomes will only create more karmic garbage for everyone to undo. Stay in your lane and lighting it up joyfully and authentically.

FOCUS: Sit Spot | SURRENDER in passive position

This card and position mirrors and bookends your reading. It is an ask to stay connected to earth energies, and secure the foundation of your power into systems and relationships that support you. Power struggles deplete and discourage progress. Detach from what takes you away from peace and harmony and make sure you’re not a direct cause. 

Don’t give too much of yourself away. Staying contained and pulling inward will serve you well. The natural world needs your presence and you need time in it to sustain yourself, especially with all the many projects and possibilities you might be juggling. How can we know if we’re taking the right kind of risks, when we’re scattered about, stressed out or dealing with irrational thoughts or fears? Coming to a state on non-frazzlement is your mission. When you’re grounded, ears will burn and gazes will dazzle upon you. Speak and act when you’re really ready. 

Crystal Suggestions: Moss agate and desert rose for balancing and softening the heart

Herbal Remedy: Ashwagandha for adapting to stress

If you are interested in a personal reading, or learning more about Steph, you can find her over on her website or check out her YouTube videos for more readings and insights!