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Should We Stay Light Or Go Dark With Painting Our Tiny Master Bedroom?

I don't know about you guys, but I'm all in on fall nesting mode right now. The checklist is long, and the days are about to get crazy busy, so I spent the weekend making our master list of everything I really want to get done before the holidays (yes, holidays!) around here.

While there are quite a few little areas of the house to tackle, the one I'm most fixated on at the moment is our master bedroom. It's small enough that it won't take much to finish off, which makes it feel very manageable (yay!). That said, I have one big decision to make in here and it's not going to be easy. To paint or not to paint!?

stay light or go dark in a small master bedroom? how we're making over this space for fall stay light or go dark in a small master bedroom? how we're making over this space for fall

Before I dive into that discussion, however, let me bring you up to speed on a few things!

This is where our bedroom stands as of now, summer linens and all. A couple months ago I finally found nightstands that filled the space on either side of the bed perfectly. Ironically, they are the same style of nightstand that we had in here before - these ones from West Elm - just larger!

While part of me likes the sophistication of black, with the rest of space being so light and airy, they kinda stick out like a sore thumb, don't you think? Even before I bought them I was entertaining the idea of having them powder coated in a new color, like a yummy taupe or olive green.

stay light or go dark in a small master bedroom? how we're making over this space for fallstay light or go dark in a small master bedroom? how we're making over this space for fall

Conundrum number two: I love this bench in here so so much, but now it's too long with the new nightstands. The hubs can't open his drawer, and it just feels awkward. So now I need to find a new super skinny bench to fit in this spot.

The art in here is a piece that we've had in the dining room, and I was playing around to see how it felt to have some stronger color in the space. I do like how it pulls in the brass accents, but not sure it'll be staying, so it's not something I'm planning around at all.

stay light or go dark in a small master bedroom? how we're making over this space for fall

Lastly, this wall hook is probably coming down because it's crowding the nightstand on my side of the bed. It's a little annoying because I like to have my bathrobe and cozy winter sweaters hanging there for when I get out of bed, but it's certainly not that big of a deal. Plus it will motivate me to get our miniature closet organized a bit more (that's a whole other post in itself!).

stay light or go dark in a small master bedroom? how we're making over this space for fall

So now that you know what's what, let's talk about paint!

The color in here right now is Farrow & Ball 'Dimity' which I love, but can skew a little too peach for me sometimes. With such warm wood floors and the amount of sunlight in this room, choosing a color for in here is a bit more of a challenge! But I always say that rooms that gets lots of light are perfect for dark paint, so recently I've been considering a total change in here.

Here are a few options I'm looking at...

benjamin moore gothic arch wall color option

Mid-tone gray. Because I'm a sucker for keeping color palettes consistent and simple, this gray is also the gray that we used on our kitchen island - Benjamin Moore Gothic Arch. Going with a tried and true color like this would be an easy option. It goes with everything, I know I like it, and it's so soft and lovely. Is it a bit boring? Yes. But does it allow the room to evolve and change more? For sure. Sidenote: this gray shows up a bit warmer on a screen than it does in real life.

benjamin moore olive green wall color option

Mid-tone olive green. This is the color I've been leaning towards the most, as I've found myself really wanting to incorporate it more into the house. You may not be able to tell, but the trim on our new sheets (from 10 Grove!) is an olive green and I'm loving even the tiniest touch of it! (You can get 10% off any purchase there with code 'COCODREAMS' by the way!) 

I love the idea of bringing this tone into our home's overall palette, and it works really well with it. I need to to skew more olive than sage or I'll get sick of it quick, so finding the perfect color could be challenging. And while it definitely dominates the room a bit more, with two big walls of windows, I'm not sure it's going to overwhelm things that much.

magnolia home gray green tone wall paint color option for bedroom

Eucalyptus Green. I'm obviously into the idea of a green/gray tone in here, but this goes in a softer direction than the olive. This color would likely read more gray than green, but with the bright light we get in this room you would be able to appreciate the subtle green undertone. It may be a happy medium between the two options?


Light Warm Gray. And then there's the 'safe' option - staying lighter and going with a barely there warm gray. This is the same color we have in our living room and hallway that leads into the bedroom, Valspar's New York City Winter, which has become a serious favorite of mine. It's like a color that you don't notice, and it changes so nicely in every light. If I did this I feel like I could do a stronger color for the nightstands, and maybe even consider patterned drapery?

Like I said - tough decision!! Help me decide by voting below!! I'd love to hear what you think (and feel free to leave comments too, of course!). Have any of you ever gone dark in the bedroom? Did you love it or hate it!?


Midtone Gray
Olive Green
Light Gray