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How A Little Custom Color Added Way More Personality This Modern Apartment

This post was created in partnership with Ultrasuede®

When I was first given the keys to a new apartment in downtown Seattle, I knew it would be an opportunity to create an interior that was different from anything I've designed before. Having never lived in a modern space, I immediately began to think of the apartment as my own personal 'showhouse'. A chance to decorate a little differently while still very much keeping my personal aesthetic. But I needed a direction.

Gazing out the window one day while chewing over several possibilities, it hit me. Or rather, it literally sailed into my viewpoint: a ferry boat.

I've been obsessed with the classic nautical palettes of our Washington State Ferries for as long as I can remember. Rich green railings, blue waters, pops of orange and yellow. Yep, that was it. And this partnership with Ultrasuede® is the kickoff to making that dream scheme come true!modern nautical apartment design with custom stools featuring ultrasuede | coco kelley

Recently, fourteen new colors were added to the 97-color Ultrasuede® HP luxury upholstery weight collection, and these were the colors I had to work with. The new colors cover four categories: earthy greens, soft pinks, watery blues and a fresh mix of more complex shades (all gorgeous by the way!). To order swatches, I went online and selected the six I wanted, easy peasy!a variety of greens and blues from the ultrasuede HP collection

The fabric was impressive from the first touch. So soft with such a nice weight to it, Genuine Ultrasuede® HP is not only durable, it's sustainably produced, unlike other chemical-filled performance fabric. And, Ultrasuede® tends to hold up better and last longer, which is great for items like stools where they get (ahem) a lot of rubbing. It's so easy to clean that most stains, even red wine, come out with gentle blotting and a water-dampened cloth (unlike the previous fabric!). I love how luxurious suede can feel, and this line is the ultimate.

You already saw above which colors I ended up with, but it wasn't an easy decision! Ultimately, I went with 'Emerald', the darker green that felt a bit more luxurious and dramatic, and 'Lake' the pale blue that happens to be a shade that I'm currently obsessed with. The names are uncannily perfect, no? This high-contrast combo felt really graphic to me together, which is just what I we're creating a modern nautical look in this seattle apartment | coco kelley

Anyone remember these stools from my kitchen?? Having recently replaced them with new ones, I wanted to keep these, but update them as the original fabric had taken quite the beating. I've been trying to decorate this space as much as possible with items I already owned, and all these babies needed was a little love.

When I dropped the stools off at the upholsterer, the first thing he said was "Oh, good, it's Ultrasuede®". No joke, guys. And you know that if anyone knows about their fabrics it's someone who has worked and designed with it. He helped me finalize the design, and off they went!how were creating a modern nautical look in this seattle apartment | coco kelleyhow were creating a modern nautical look in this seattle apartment | coco kelley

I couldn't resist also adding a custom bolster pillow to the order for this bench. What better way to elevate a piece from Target!? The same blue with green piping helps bring a little continuity to the space, but is subtle enough to not feel matchy matchy. (PS, I'm having a second one made that's the reverse - green with the blue piping - for the bedroom!)

While the apartment isn't quite finished, it's getting close and these little touches are really driving the theme home! I can't wait to share the whole space with you guys when it's done!how were creating a modern nautical look in this seattle apartment | coco kelleymodern nautical apartment design with custom stools from ultrasuede | coco kelley

I can't get over how perfectly the green in the piping matches the green in our new rug!! These pieces have really driven the direction for the rest of the design in this main space. I'm so excited about them!

With the main living space of the apartment being rather small, it's important to keep the palette cohesive, and furniture flexible. These stools pull right away from the bar and into the living room seamlessly for extra seating!modern nautical style in a seattle city apartment | coco kelleyhow were creating a modern nautical look in this seattle apartment | coco kelley

For those of you in the trade who may not be as familiar with Ultrasuede® as a product, I highly suggest getting your hands on some samples. It's super easy to do here on their website!

The Ultrasuede® brand goal is to bring interior designers the best in design, quality and value for their residential & commercial projects. And, since they're so excited to get their product in your hands,  if you comment below with your swatch card request (by September 17th), you'll be automatically entered to win 20 yards for Ultrasuede® fabric for any of your projects (for interior designers only!)

You can also enter to win on our instagram today! Hop over there for more details. And stay tuned for the next phase of this project: the master bedroom!


This post was created in partnership with Ultrasuede®. All opinions are our own.

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