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What’s In My Cart For The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

I know, I know. I'm sure every blogger out there is posting their Nordstrom Sale favorites today, but guys. I live in Seattle. I've been getting excited about this sale since I was old enough to know what a mall was. And you wanna know my hot tip? Try not to get carried away on the stuff that's only like, $20 off, and go for the big ticket items that have considerable discounts!

For this sale, I always look for a few things first: coats, boots, beauty, workout gear, and basics. I also look out for my favorite brands like Madewell and J. Crew that happen to be carried at Nordstrom. And of course, any favorite Nordstrom brands! Here are a few items I've already purchased this morning during early access! I'm going to do a much bigger roundup in the coming days, but these are the ones that I couldn't pass up... 


1. chelsea duster jacket ($65.90 / after sale $99) | 2.  j.crew striped tee - in three colors! ($35.90 / after sale $55) | 3. madewell calf hair mule ($54.90 / after sale $88) | 4. terrazzo marble serving board ($19.90 / after sale $29) | 5. wubby fleece ($49.90 / after sale $78)  | 6. sunday riley essentials kit ($99 / $148 value) | 7. treasure & bond shams (starting at $34.50) | 8. rivington sweater coat ($118.90 / after sale $178)| 9. oliva neutral area rug - comes in two sizes ($134.90 / after sale $179.99) | 10. jumbo perricone MD cold plasma ($132 / after sale $198)

Ok, so of course I immediately broke some of my own rules with this list, but hey - there's always room for a few add-ons right? In case you're wondering: yes, I bought the j.crew striped tee in every color. I may not keep them all, but I couldn't decide! I really love the yellow one, though. The duster jacket was definitely an on-a-whim purchase. We'll see how it looks, but it seemed like a fun layering piece for early fall at that price!

In the beauty department, Sunday Riley is a brand that I've been really loving, so I thought I'd try a few more of their products with this serious value bundle! Excited to get that. The Perricone plasma is currently sitting in my 'wishlist' because I want to do a little more research on it (is it worth it!?) but seems like a good deal!

On the home front: WOAH. Nordstrom stepped their game up with their in-house brand, Treasure & Bond this year. I linked to the landing page for the shams because they are all SO GOOD! I'm actually considering the ruffled ones, which means I might be losing my mind, but I kinda love them in that olive color. Also, this rug is so so good. One of those that could fit in absolutely anywhere. I don't need it, but I want it just to have an option for some of the other rooms in the house!

I also got my hands on some new underwear (holy moly, did I need underwear!). It's always a good time to stock up on stuff like that, and I may go back for more. I didn't even get to dig into some of the workout stuff, so that'll have to happen this weekend.

I'm going to follow up this post with a massive edit (I literally combed through every sale item!) for more of my favorites, so keep your eyes open for that if you don't want to go crazy looking through them all! There is some GOOD stuff this year, I gotta say!