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House Tour :: On Trend Materials & Classic Accents Make For A Modern Parisian Apartment

We often think of color as the first way to tie a home together, but in this modern Parisian apartment you'll find that the materials used are what really do the trick. Cane is in abundance (hallelujah!) as is terrazzo. The newer custom details are quite modern, but the remaining architecture, quite classic. So, despite the use of some trendy materials, the home maintains a timeless quality too, making it hard to define as any singular style. blue accents and a mustard yellow sofa on striped rug in the living room | Modern Parisian Apartment on coco kelley

The rooms in this garden level flat all seem to flow into each other, despite their different schemes. A totally custom office area sits just off the living room, and a very clever built-in bar opens to the kitchen. But my favorite part about this home is how the longer you look, the more details you discover! blue and cane office space | modern parisian apartment on coco kelley

Case in point: the hardwired lamp in this desk whose trim perfectly matches the walls. The pocket door that blends so seamlessly to the room. The addition of antique chairs to offset the modern bookcases.

Or - the most clever - this bar! Of course we all think of our kitchen islands or awkward pass-throughs as a bar, so why not truly make it look like one!? a custom bar in the living room passes through to the kitchen | modern parisian apartment on coco kelleygreen kitchen with large breakfast table cane detail and large pass through | modern parisian apartment on coco kelley

Open glass shelving hangs on the other side of the bar along with a small sink and an area for stocking all the booze you could need. At the same time, it feels completely like a part of the kitchen too. Along all the woven texture from the chairs, we've got these gorgeous cane door fronts and drawers too. And while there's a bit too much going on in here for my taste, I have to say that all the elements are very fun!

If it were my home, I'd probably have lighter countertops in the kitchen, no mirrors and a less industrial table. a funky parisian breakfast nook with orb lighting and square table | modern parisian apartment tour on coco kelleyyellow velvet deco sofa and fun accents in this modern parisian garden floor apartment | tour on coco kelley

Back in the living room... this sofa is giving me all kinds of good feelings. And I love the funky modern yellow table too! Especially juxtaposed with the antique cane chair and classic marble fireplace. And I really need to know how you all feel about that bug artwork! It's funny that you almost don't notice it right away, which I think is the point.

And now we get to the best part of the apartment: the bedroom.custom wrap around can headboard and wall treatment modern parisian apartment tour on coco kelleywraparound bed frame in black and cane | coco kelley house tour

Um, did you just want to die when you saw that wrap-around headboard situation? I DID.  In fact, I discovered this home via instagram from the image above, by photographer Stephan Juliard. It stopped me in my tracks and I immediately knew I had to see what other genius was at play here. The deco style very much reminds me of some of my favorite Parisian hotels, and I love seeing it in someone's actual home! black and white marble and terrazzo master bathroom | modern parisian apartment tour on coco kelley

The bedroom is divided by a long row of closets from the bathroom, in the same woven cane that appeared in the kitchen before opening into this massive, gorgeous bathroom.black and white marble and terrazzo master bathroom | modern parisian apartment tour on coco kelleyblack and white marble and terrazzo master bathroom | modern parisian apartment tour on coco kelley

Guys, I'm not one for modern, but this is stunning. There is something about it (the shapes? the luxury of it all?) that helps it feel classic despite the mosaic marble and statement terrazzo. But mostly, I just want a bath this big to melt away in at the end fo the day. Do you feel me?

Here's how we'd get the look...


1. bianca rabane table lamp | 2. specchio mirror | 3. blue & black enamel tray | 4. kim salmela sofa| 5. terrazzo planters | 6. rattan bistro chairs | 7. cane cabinet | 8. ikea stockholm rug