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Join Me Next Week At The Seattle Home Show For A Spring Cleaning Workshop With Anko!

love when I get to partner with brands on fun events like this one! Next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I'll be hosting a Spring Clean and Curate Workshop at the Seattle Home Show with a new brand called Anko! We'll be talking about how to create a more cohesive, happy home with some of their newest products, and anyone can attend! Just register here

Their pieces are incredibly affordable and filled with style. I pulled a few of my favorites from their store to style in our own studio kitchen, and I can officially say I'm obsessed! check out those gorgeous terra cotta pieces (oven safe!) and beautiful bowls and dishes!

To pull from the Anko Manifesto: We’re on a mission to rewrite the rules of simple, modern, affordable style. Alongside our like-minded global partners, we’ve broken down the barriers to low price, and opened up a world of creative possibilities for you. Because if we aren’t irresistibly affordable, then we can’t be who we want to be.

If you've been bit by the Marie Kondo bug, or even if you're just a big believer in Spring Cleaning, this event is for you! Showcasing the Anko products, I'll be talking about creative storage and ways to style your home. And here's your first lesson: This sleek little bread box

I saw it, I wanted it, I thought... but will I really use it as a bread box? Nope. Instead, it's perfect for our office kitchenette where we really need a place to store all our capsules for the espresso machine. Now we can store WAY more of them using the pull-out drawer in the bottom of the box! And the top is now reserved for kitchen towels and napkins that we had crammed in with the utensils. Oh, and? It's only $19. anko x coco kelley at the seattle home show

The cute mugs, and those salt & pepper grinders above, are also Anko products!

If you're in the Seattle area, or planning to attend the Seattle Home Show, you can sign up for any of our workshops right here! I'll be there from February 26th - 28th, with two workshops a day at 1pm and 3pm! Hope to see some of you there!!