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House Tour :: The Charming, Collected Style Of John Derian

John Derian is not just a name - it's an aesthetic. If you've ever visited the treasure-filled shop, then you know what I mean. But it's almost too hard to imagine how John Derian himself would decorate his own home. There would be whimsy and collections of beautiful things, no doubt. But would it be filled to the brim, or calm? Infused with natural light, or cozy and dark?

As it turns out, the answer is: all of this and more.

pale blue antique walls and doors with perfectly styled round table | john derian house tour the utterly charming home of john derian house tour new york-1

It seems that I fall in love with John Derian's homes every time I see them. Last summer, his Provincetown house was featured on Cup of Jo and did some major swooning over the informal nature of it all. His Manhattan home (as currently featured on Arch Digest)  is a bit more formal, but still has his signature time-worn style, and some serious 'wow' moments, like this completely salvage 18th Century Swedish wall and doors that create division between the living and dining areas. light linen and textiles in the living room | john derian house tourthe utterly charming home of john derian house tour new york-2

While there is a whimsy to his style, there is also a level of sophistication and a trained collectors eye, so that the two combine to create spaces of wonder and discovery. There are many layers in a John Derian home, but never does it feel like chaos or clutter. warm wood dresser and gallery wall | john derian house tour

The art of the vignette is something I want to focus on more this year because it is my most favorite thing in a home. Those moments that add to the story, but also stand on their own. Yes. antique furniture in the kitchen | john derian house tour

Small as it may be, his kitchen is one of my favorite spaces because of the use of antique items. You could be in an English cottage by the seashore, if you didn't know any better!

The kitchen spills over a bit into the living room where the shelves to the right are lovingly lined with a collection of dishes and pottery... the utterly charming home of john derian house tour new york-5shelves filled and styled with a pottery collection | john derian house tour

That hodgepodge feel either appeals to you or doesn't (I'm borderline, myself) but I say if you've got a beautiful collection, show it off. There are elements of this home that I could absolutely embrace, and others that I simply admire. You don't have to love every moment, but you can take some small things and reimagine them into your own spaces. That's what I love about homes like this! eclectic vintage bathroom | john derian house tour

A perfect example: I'm taking notes on that marble slab divider between the shower and the sink. I love the way that it looks! Would be a perfect idea for our downstairs bath whenever we get around to remodeling it. Sidenote: I have always wanted one of The Green Vase's beautiful paper floral creations.

And last, but not least... the bedroom. Or at least bedroom. 

The bed looks a bit small to be the master, but it is Manhattan, after all.