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What’s Topping My Christmas Wishlist This Year!

I'm not going to lie - it's been a struggle to come up with gifts for myself this year. I've hit the point in life where - more than presents under the tree - I'd rather receive experiential gifts like weekend getaways or cooking classes.

Part of that comes from me spending a so much time purging the house lately, that adding more STUFF seems unnecessary. A lot of that comes from already having so much stuff that I don't really have room for more. And a little part if it comes from that tiny voice in my head saying '"You don't need that".  But. There's also that tiny voice that says back, "Yes, but I waaaaant it". He he. 

So, I started digging through past posts and items I'd pinned, and came up with quite a few fun little ideas for myself. Do I need any of them? Nope. But do I want them? YES!! Maybe you'll find yourself adding some to your own list too..


1. velvet seashell pillow | 2. parasol lamp | 3. scalloped wood serving board | 4. edible flower seed pack| 5. block print art | 6. gold tiffany band | 7. tibetan tiger rug | 8. wood gardening shears | 9. beklina channel leather clogs | 10. brass calla lily | 11. OAD bucket tote in olive