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House Tour :: European Architecture Meets Iconic Cool In This Los Angeles Home

Iconic might be a heavy title to bear, but there is no doubt in my mind that this house tour - or at the very least this entryway - deserves it. During a hunt for black and white checkered flooring (more on that soon), I discovered the stunning home belonging to (and designed by) Brigette Romanek and instantly fell in love with its detailed European architecture, impeccable furnishings, and personality.

classic black and white entryway with statement pieces | coco kelleyI mean - come ON with this entrance! The tile was actually reclaimed from a French chateau. So there's that. The mix of furnishings truly sets the tone for the rest of the house. Modern shapes (like the stool) mix with classic touches (the bench tucked under the stair, and the chandelier), while pieces like the large Ganesha statue give us a peek at the personality of the homeowners. a european style home with iconic glamour | coco kelleyclassic entryway with marble floors and arched doorway | coco kelleyentryway with black and white floorsI seriously can't get over how perfect this is. I'm filing it away under 'dream home' for sure. I especially love the two-tone effect on the stairwell!dining room and doorway details | house tour on coco kelleymodern dining table and benches in a mediterranean style dining room | house tour on coco kelleya mix of european and modern in the kitchen | coco kelleyThe dining room and the kitchen are both just off the entryway, and continue to showcase the perfected mix of European detail with modern design choices. I have to say that I especially love all the lighting in this house. And how about a burl wood kitchen island topped by black and white marble!? Yes yes yes. open living room with separate seating areas white sofa gorgeous architecture and iconic furniture | coco kelleyIn the living room we really see the extent of all that gorgeous architecture shine through. The stunning moldings and beams, the arched windows, all painted white to show off their beautiful detail. The large space is divided into two distinct seating areas separated by the french doors that I assume lead out to a patio. This is where the 'iconic' part comes in. Each of these carefully selected pieces of furniture is a masterpiece in itself. Together, they create a museum-worthy furniture exhibit. And yet, I wouldn't hesitate to sit on any of them! (Well, maybe not the lounger...)curved white sofa and eclectic style living room | coco kelleyIf found several versions of this space styled slightly differently, and I'm so curious as to which one you like more? The coffee table and the rug are the main differences, and I don't necessarily think one is better or worse than the other, to be honest! Just goes to show that things can always be swapped and switched around for fun.

You'll notice that in the first photo the round black coffee table is shown in the background, and then here it's paired with this seating area with a cozy fur rug. But then...  a classic living room with iconic furniture and styling | coco kelleygorgeous architecture with modern luxe style | coco kelleyThe rug here is most certainly the one in the second photo, don't you think? And the coffee table has changed for one with a little more edge, which I like. Also, before you jump to conclusions about having expensive blue and white china covering a low table in a house with two kids and two dogs - Brigette notes that most of them were cheap thrift store finds. A perfect example of how, when you mix high and low, anything can look expensive!

Through the french doors to the left lies my second favorite room in the house - the solarium! gorgeous greenhouse dining room with rock n roll vibes | house tour on coco kelleygreenhouse dining room with mod furniture and tons of plants | coco kelleyI mean - c'mon with this dining set that's a little bit rock'n roll and perfectly suited to pair with piano and an electric guitar under $2000 that's at the ready for a little jam sesh. This is the kind of room I dream of adding on someday.

These main spaces really are my favorite of the bunch, but just to help prove my point that this home is indeed very playful and has more cozy moments, here's a bit more... modern outdoor pool inspiration | coco kelleyOutside, the small pool still sports an amazing slide and sun throne. a dark and cozy study living room with wood wall paneling and leather sofa | coco kelleyThe wood paneled study makes for a cozy family escape. This space seems much more relaxed vibe than the other living room! fun modern kids room with lofted bed | house tour on coco kelleyThe girls' rooms are super fun, and sport their own iconic moments (that yellow chair!) but are far from precious. pin bedroom with wraparound headboard nook brass sconce and art | house tour on coco kelleyAnd this little peek at what I'm guessing might be the master or a guest room is leaving me wanting much more! I hate when house tours skimp over whole room shots. I'd love to see the rest of this space! (C'mon, Arch Digest!). But I'll settle for this more than amazing family portrait. Don't they just seem like the coolest?? brigette-romanek-los-angeles-house-tour-coco-kelley