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The Edit :: Summer Stripes For June

Anyone else out there have some major summer fever going on? Maybe it's because we've got an actual vacation coming up, but I'm in total countdown mode until life is all beaches and BBQ's every weekend!

a dreamy vacation home with beach vibes in the dining room | coco kelley

There's also a bit of a theme going on this week with color, if you haven't noticed. I'm all about it, lately, and have been working hard to bring more of it into my own home. My palette has been mostly french blues, happy yellows, and subtle greens. But this month's editor's picks includes a nice hit of marigold too! Guess it's all that sunshine going to my head...

Oh, and did I mention stripes? They are a staple in my life, but seem to come out to play even more this time of year! 

1. mint & marigold striped pillow | 2. blue striped pillow | 3. striped napkins| 4. raffia espadrilles | 5. striped bathing suit | 6. colorful glassware | 7. bamboo lanterns | 8. leather strap mirror | 9. blue & white striped rug | 10. striped chair

This month, I threw in a few fashion items for the summer - because I've been in major wardrobe shopping mode! Those raffia espadrilles came home with me last week, and I love them! Next on the list I think are the bamboo lanterns for summer entertaining, and possibly the striped napkins for a tabletop I'm working on! Any of these items calling your name?