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If you had asked me in the beginning of the year what color to look out for in 2018, I would have immediately replied yellow. And I'm ok with that. Because yellow feels joyful and we could use a bit more of that in the world right now! It also happens to lend itself to one of my favorite decorating motifs. LEMONS.

lemons in a pool | coco kelley

Whether it's a pile of 'em on a table, or vintage Italian tole chandelier, or a big 'ol splash of lemon wallpaper, I love the look of this pattern in homes! For me, it's happiest and most fun when it's done a little vintage or kitchy - think Dolce & Gabbana or 50's style.

However you want to do it, here are a few ways to add a little lemon to your summer!


1. green and white stripe bikini - top here - bottom here| 2. lemon paper plates | 3. lemon throw rug  | 4. lemon stool | 5. lemon espadrilles | 6. striped lemon clutch | 7. lemon raffia earrings | 8. lemon wallpaper | 9. lemon printed glassware