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The Edit :: February

How about a little morning shopping to take away the sting of  the first Monday in February?? (That's a double whammy if you ask me!). While our January Edit had me crushing on cooler tones, February has me craving a hit more warmth! There's still a lot of black and white drama here, but with some orange-terra cotta accents to trick yourself into thinking that maybe summer isn't so far off after all...

a stunning mix in this dining room with woven pendant chandelier, black and white stripe rug and classic architecture

The addition of woven elements to the mix helps as well! While it might be trending at the moment, wicker, cane, grasscloth and their other relatives have always been an essential part of my decorating scheme, and right now there's an abundance of goodness in this category. So we might as well shop for it while we can so easily get it!

the-february-editor's-shopping-picks---coco-kelley-1. burundi pitcher | 2. poco wall art | 3. sherpa throw blanket | 4. mini mondo lamp | 5. linen & cane chair | 6. marble glaze dinnerware set | 7. cressey pillow | 8. black boho daybed