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Get Inspired By The Color Story In This Melbourne Pop-up Atelier

Velvet, steel and mesh seem like an unlikely coupling, but when I stumbled upon this beautifully designed pop-up space by Gloss Creative, it was that exact combination of materials - along with the inspirational color story - that stopped me dead in my scrolling tracks. You know I'm a sucker for any red and pink pairing, and the addition of a little rust tone and some industrial structure was enough to declare this a personal new favorite.

the MYER atelier marquee 2016 in shades of red pink and rust | coco kelley

the colors in this velvet pop-up shop are insane | coco kelley

This serendipitous find came just around the time that I hit the 'purchase' button on these rusty red velvet chairs for our office, making me double excited about the discovery. The chairs are going to reside in our living room until we move into some new digs next year, so I decided it was only appropriate to build my entire holiday palette around them...!

red and pink in this atelier pop-up | coco kelley

the myer pop up shop in melbourne | coco kelley

You'll definitely see how we took a little cue from these florals in the house too. In fact, I'd already been dreaming up a few ideas with Cozbi before I found this space, and she had already ordered some of these exact blooms!

MYER 'by appointment only' pop up atelier marquee | coco kelley

MYER atelier marquee designed by gloss creative | on coco kelley

I'm hoping that after the holidays, I can take this inspirational color palette and bring it into the office! We've already got those warm golden tones from the leather banquette and some touches of pink, so this could turn out really well for us!

rust pink and red color palette inspiration | coco kelley

What do you think about this color combo? Too trendy, or super fabulous? I don't expect it to fully last the test of time, but I do think it's a fun one!