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Five Easy Kitchen Updates For The New Year!

Yesterday we brought you the full reveal of the mini renovation we did to my sister's kitchen, but today we're talking kitchen details that make all the difference, and don't take a ton of time or budget! I know from past projects that always has what I'm looking for when it comes to finishing touches, so I partnered with them to complete this space.

If you're looking for small ways to refresh your home as we head into the new year, then start taking notes...


One of my most favorite ways to breathe new life into kitchens is a simple swap of hardware and fixtures. That can include, knobs and pulls, lighting fixtures, and plumbing! In my sis' kitchen, they had just added new hardware to the cabinets (bonus!) so all we had to do was take a look at the rest of the fixtures in the space. The first thing to go? The faucet! We traded shiny chrome for this gorgeous matte black faucet that echoed the look of the new appliances, and added a sleek, modern touch. It already makes a huge difference! Down the road, they plan to re-imagine this whole counter with a new sink and countertop too!


While you might not have the need or desire to demo your whole kitchen, considering some smaller renovations that will make a big impact could be a good idea. You can replace your countertops, knock out a few cabinets to install open shelving, or - like we've done here - replace the backsplash.

I love the difference these off-white subway tiles make in our kitchen update! We took out a busy pattern and replaced it with a warm white, giving the countertops a major refresh, and the entire kitchen a more classic look. In fact, the tile made such a difference that we realized the counters needed more styling now that the items on them were shown off so much more.


Kitchens are cold by nature with all their hard surfaces. Adding warmth to the mix is key! We do this by bringing in plants (herbs!), and warm elements like wood and copper. Stacks of cookbooks help too! When styling the counters, I kept all of this in mind and brought in some new pieces that deviated from the black and chrome theme to breathe some new life into the space. Sometimes all your kitchen needs for a little facelift are some new accessories!


You know that the number one trend for accessorizing in the kitchen is adding rugs right? Vintage or new, a runner in the kitchen has turned into an essential piece! In my sister's space we brought in a longer, more plush rug to replace the one they had before. I like this one way more because you can see it from any angle when you're looking at the kitchen and it feels more even in the space. Plus, they don't love that tile they've got going on in there, so covering it up isn't such a bad thing!

Another furniture swap was the bar stools! Again, going back to the theory of adding warmth, we swapped out the hard surface of the all-wood bar stools they had before for these upholstered ones. Going backless here was key! It opens the space up so much more to the rest of the room.


Of course, the number one thing on everyone's list for the new year is to get organized, so let's take that into the kitchen too! Now, my sister's kitchen didn't need a ton of that, but we did tackle a few 'trouble' spots with some small solutions like trays. They are a stylist's best friend! Here, we added a tray to wrangle items like the olive oil, salt, and other cooking supplies so that it creates its own contained space for those things to live.

The copper canisters that we brought in serve double duty for holding food items like bars and snacks that were otherwise sitting out (banish that visual clutter!). We also just did a little rearranging so that things made more sense. The coffee pot and accessories moved to the corner hidden by the fridge so that you don't see them as easily, while the new storage containers and bowls (all more visually pleasing) found a new spot to live front and center.

What update do you think made the most impact in here? For me, it's definitely the tile. And they literally did it in two days!! Just think how easy it might be to give your own space a little refresh in 2018 using some or all of these tricks. And it's all available at Overstock! Here are some quick links to see all the products we added...

1. delta matte black faucet | 2. marble utensil holder | 3. warm white subway tile | 4. copper canister set | 5. grey and blue runner | 6. french linen bar stool