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House Tour :: Modern Sophistication In A Historical Melbourne Home

When I hear the word 'modern' in the interior design world, I tend to cringe a bit. I guess there's a part of me that still associates the term with cold chrome fixtures, bad leather sofas, and sterile rooms. But, the truth is, we've moved far far away from that in the past few years. So, when trying to figure out how to describe this house tour it struck me that this home really defines modern sophistication to me.

the palest pink modern sofa in this sophisticated house remodel | house tour on coco kelley

Modern Sophistication in this minimal historic home renovation | house tour on coco kelley

Clean, sculptural lines are balanced by more relaxed textiles. And while the furnishings may be a bit sparse, there is a warmth to the spaces. Part of why this works, as usual, is the architecture. Imagine this furniture in a totally new condo devoid of any character and maybe... it's not quite the same. Regardless, the curated layers and use of materials is really doing it for me...

vintage gold velvet tufted chair in the living room | a sophisticated modern house tour on coco kelley

a well curated dining room with modern touches and a fireplace in this historic home | house tour on coco kelley

One of my favorite little features in this thoughtful renovation is the wet bar closet that you can see behind the dining table here. It houses a stunning little sink and quite possibly the most gorgeous wine storage I've ever seen! We have a random storage closet between the kitchen and dining room that I'm now truly wishing we could convert to something like this!

slim sink in the wet bar nook | sophisticated modern house tour on coco kelley

gorgeous brass wine storage in a wet bar closet | house tour on coco kelley

modern sophistication in the dining room with vintage style | house tour on coco kelley

modern and sophisticated combine in this dining room | house tour on coco kelley

I know this might sound crazy, but I love that these rooms aren't massive. The way the small sitting room leads into the dining area actually feels authentic, and for good reason. This historical home is actually very historical and the owners - architect Emma Templeton and her partner - had to work within the confines of the home's untouchable legacy. Even updates made to it in the 50's! That said, the galley kitchen is still pretty amazing... that's where those tall historic ceilings come in quite handy.

a modern sophisticated kitchen renovation in a historical home | house tour on coco kelley

thoughtful modern and sophisticated details in this kitchen renovation to a historic home | house tour on coco kelley

urban garden patio with sophisticated touches | house tour on coco kelley

Official patio envy! I have never in my life seen such a chic hose hook.

pared down bedrooms in a sophisticated minimalist home | house tour on coco kelley

Upstairs the bedrooms have been kept quite sparse, and that's probably the only area I don't totally love in this home, but I do like the fact that they decided to use on of the bedrooms as a cozy study!

modern vintage sophistication in this simple bath | house tour on coco kelley

a cozy sitting room in this simple sophisticated historic home | house tour on coco kelley

When going minimal, I think each piece suddenly becomes a bit more important and also worth the investment. In this case, combining vintage mid-century finds with new modern stylings really does the trick! If you're lucky, you can find some of these types of pieces at vintage stores, while splurging on others. Here's how we'd get the look:

get the look - modern and sophisticated simplicity | coco kelley1. sculptural table lamp | 2. tufted velvet chair | 3. 'baise blanc' framed print | 4. marble & brass pedestal side table | 5. mid-century dining chair | 6. mod deco mirror | 7. marbleized vase | 8. modern wood bookcase

This home doesn't have a ton of color, but what little it does have is key! Soft neutrals and golden tones along with warm walnut wood keep things cozy! You can also bring it in through the drapes, rugs and other accents, rather than larger furniture pieces. Adding some sculptural elements - like that mirror or lamp - elevates the mood.