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Room Of The Week :: Vintage Eclectic Barn Living Space

Unlike many of the Modern Farmhouse styles that I'm completely obsessed with at the moment, this Louisiana couple took life in the country to a whole new level with this vintage eclectic barn living space that is both modern and funky at the same time...

a Vintage Eclectic Barn with roll up doors in the living room | room of the week coco kelley

roll up doors and comfy sofas in this Vintage Eclectic Barn | coco kelley

With more industrial features like roll up doors (hello breezeway!!) and concrete flooring, it would be easy for this space to feel cold. But with details like double layered rugs and lots of textiles, loads of plants, and the paneled walls and ceilings, this barn has quite the homey vibe.

roll up doors in the living room of this Vintage Eclectic Barn | room of the week coco kelley

Vintage Eclectic Barn decor | coco kelley

Selecting vintage pieces for the majority of the space certainly helps warm things up here, too. They provide that whole 'collected over the years' feel that's so essential to making a house feel like a home.

a peek from the kitchen to the living space in this Vintage Eclectic Barn | coco kelley

this Vintage Eclectic Barn features large open living space | room of the week coco kelleyi

Having completed a few - more minor - renovations myself, I've come to have a whole new level of appreciation for  picking out lighting in a space where it's all open like this. I think, overall, they did a great job of sneaking in some canned lighting with pendants, and you can see that they weren't afraid to mix metals either. Having the clear globe pendants over the island is perfect - they almost disappear. If they were more pronounced, this space would feel visually cluttered.

Vintage Eclectic Barn dining room | coco kelley

open kitchen with blue cabinetry in a Vintage Eclectic Barn | room of the week coco kelley

How many times have we seen this grey slate blue color in kitchens lately? I'm totally on board with its, as it's a classic tone and definitely a favorite of mine, and I'm glad they opted for color. I'm also a fan of the open floating shelves here. Something they could get away with because of the more traditional built-in buffet in the dining area, I'm sure.

a large open kitchen in this Vintage Eclectic Barn | room of the week coco kelley

styled open shelving in the kitchen of this Vintage Eclectic Barn | room of the week coco kelley

The corner shelves in my own kitchen are a bit like this, and I struggle to style them somewhere between practical stuff and pretty stuff. I kind of wish now that we had done more of them, but I think it's probably a good thing we didn't!

Do you think you could live in a space like this that feels much more like an industrial barn? If this hasn't converted you, check out the full tour on Apartment Therapy and come back to me. I think you might be convinced once you see the rest of this fun home!


Photography by Minette Hand for Apartment Therapy.