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House Tour :: A Colonial Farmhouse Goes Tonal & Modern

Here's the thing about farmhouses... visions of rustic beams, knotty wood, bronze barn lighting, and shiplap immediately come to mind. This is NOT another one of those farmhouses. This place is entirely different and whitewashed in the best way possible. My pet peeve is a home that feels like it has a theme, rather than being carefully curated. The thing that makes this home so incredibly stunning is the light and airy modern touches throughout. They're effortlessly mixed alongside traditional farmhouse accents for the perfect timeless balance.

M. Elle Design and architect Ken Linsteadt collaborated to turn a classic colonial farmhouse into a modern oasis. Let's take the tour, shall we?

a classic colonial farmhouse exterior | house tour on coco kelley

The exterior and architecture is pretty typical of your traditional farmhouse. White siding, boxwoods, slate steps, black roofing, and lantern light fixtures - it's the standard look for these types of homes, but inside is a totally different ballgame!

a modern classic living room in creamy white neutrals | house tour on coco kelley

layers of neutrals in the living room | colonial farmhouse tour on coco kelley

You didn't see that coming, did you? The interior of this home is minimal, modern, and incredibly inviting. There's nothing super traditional even happening in this living room. I love the use of warm, neutral textures throughout the space, like linen, wool, natural wood, and even rattan.

The shelf game is also super strong in this space. I'm wondering why I didn't think of leaving the interior shelves natural in my own home? They look so intentional and perfectly weighted.

tonal whites in the living room with a trio of pendants | modern colonial farmhouse tour on coco kelley

This larger open living room with several seating area feels slightly more formal with the architecture, but still maintains the same neutral and welcoming feel.

creamy white neutrals make up this modern farmhouse | house tour on coco kelley

midcentury modern dining with oversized art | modern colonial farmhouse tour on coco kelley

high ceilings, oversized art and a modern dining area | house tour on coco kelley

You'll want to keep an eye on the oversized artwork throughout this tour. The accessories are top notch! Amazing art, plants, objects, and textiles... it's the total package.

grey tonal modern living room with built-in bookshelves | coco kelley

a cozy modern living room in neutrals | tour this colonial farmhouse on coco kelley

This living space is probably the most 'decorated' in the home, yet it still looks calming and minimal. In case you had forgotten you were touring a farmhouse, that sliding barn door is the perfect reminder. That's the way to do a barn door without it looking typical or expected- natural wood accessorized with gorgeous Rocky Mountain Hardware (you can also find some of that in Cassandra's kitchen)!

gorgeous wood tones in this colonial farmhouse kitchen | house tour on coco kelley

Speaking of kitchens, check out this open concept floor plan! It feels so airy because of the lack of upper cabinetry. Three floating shelves with minimal stoneware balance out the large hood. The oversized subway tile reminisces the traditional farmhouse look, while keeping the backsplash ultra modern.

gorgeous wood tones in this colonial farmhouse kitchen | house tour on coco kelley

The only place you'll find shiplap in this house is the island. Shiplap in moderation is the way to go... even better if it's painted in a beautiful tone such as this! Let's also chat about that heavy quartzite countertop on the island. It's the ideal complement to the wood bar stools and floating shelves- pretty genius!

midcentury modern dining room in a colonial farmhouse | house tour on coco kelley

midcentury modern dining room in a colonial farmhouse | house tour on coco kelley

In the formal dining room I have my eye on three (!!!) show stoppers. Can you guess what I'm seriously coveting? That giant wall art, the mod light fixture, and that beautiful burled wood table. That combination is everything!

creamy white neutrals in the bedroom | house tour on coco kelley

a minimal farmhouse style in the bathroom | coco kelley house tour

The bathroom is one of the most serene I've ever laid eyes upon. I'm guessing the soft drapery and gorgeous soaking tub has something to do with that. The wood tones and flat weave rug certainly help! I've always wanted a 'ledge' in my bathroom. After moving into our new home, I begged my husband to build one during our renovation, but we just didn't have room in our tiny bath. Nonetheless, I've always been envious of a good ledge that stops just below the mirror. Imagine the items you could stack or lean on that thing! In this case - gorgeous artwork.

Here are a few items that can help you bring the look into your own home. It's too bad we can't just move right into this one... a girl can dream!

how to get the look of this colonial farmhouse gone modern  | coco kelley

1. modern chandelier | 2. solid wood dining chair | 3.diptych artwork | 4. orange fruit stem + vase | 5. stoneware serving bowl | 6. linen sofa | 7. leather and wood stool |  8. black urn |