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Print + Pattern :: Sophisticated Pinstripes

You don't need us to tell you that stripes are probably the most classic pattern ever to grace the planet. However, we can offer advice and our favorite ways to implement them! If you're looking for a chic, sophisticated way to add a little linear movement to a space - give pinstripes a try. This timeless pattern is also referred to as "ticking" stripes and they're pretty much perfect year round.

a sophisticated combination of stripes with a cane headboard and wallpaper | how to use pinstripes in the home via coco kelley

The easiest (and most non committal) way to a add a pop of pattern is within your bedding. I love the way these silk pinstripe pillows contrast the natural woven cane headboard! The organic dotted pattern plays nicely with subtle stripes. The star of this pattern pairing is the backdrop - the wall paper.

If you're on the fence about mixing patterns, just keep this rule of thumb in mind: be sure patterns are different enough in scale, shape, material, and color. These two geometric patterns are executed and paired to perfection! If you're looking for a more permanent pinstripe in the bedroom, we've been eyeing this wingback bed for quite some time.

a powder room with striped wallpaper | how to use pinstripes in the home via coco kelleyIf you're brave enough for a bolder approach, try black and white ticking stripes for a high contrast look. That wallpaper is to die for! It's no surprise this high fashion powder room belongs to Deborah Lloyd (CEO of Kate Spade). One quick tip for stripes in a small space - we running vertically. I love the way they look with classic linens like plush white towels. I'd pair a emerald green shower curtain or drapery with this fashion forward print.

pairing stripes in the bedroom | how to style pinstripes in your home - coco kelleyI've been designing and ordering custom drapery for my own renovation and I have to admit, even I hopped on the pinstripe trend. The curtain panels above are the perfect example of subtle stripes that appear very textural and luxe- yet relaxed. In my book, that's the perfect combination and what I try to achieve in my own home.

Another thing to note when it comes to drapery - it's totally fine to mix and match window treatments. The pinstripe pattern looks even better paired with a bamboo woven roman shade. Add some graphic bedding and you've got yourself a match made in heaven!

long grey runner in airy hallway | how to style the subtle pinstripe in your own home - coco kelley

An area rug is another perfect place to incorporate stripes. Since these are a bit more subtle, they can go in any room without overwhelming - large spaces or small! We love how they elongate a narrow hallway. To break up the more structured nature of the stripe, flowy sheer curtains are always a nice pairing.


Last but not least, pinstripe in upholstery! If you're on the fence, make an easy purchase... like an ottoman (rather than a full-blown sofa). I love the cozy vibe of the monochromatic living room above. Even though the textiles are of the same color family, it feels rich and inviting because of the textural difference. Pair gray pinstripes with uber soft Mongolian lamb fur and linen. I'm not hating the green built-in shown in the background either - it's always nice to add a pop of color when working with a consistent color palette.

What this post boils down to? Pinstripes are always a good idea. There will always be a place for bold, thick, graphic stripes, but as they begin to feel a bit dated, try their subtle sister. Is anyone else jumping on this sophisticated trend?