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Roundup :: 28 Stylish Bar Cabinets!

Move aside bar carts... there's a new piece of furniture gaining popularity when it comes to entertaining: bar cabinets! We're gladly jumping on this new trend. Not only do they provide closed storage for liquor, glassware, and entertaining necessities, but most importantly- they make a beautiful statement piece. Check out our gigantic roundup of stylish bar cabinets for every aesthetic!

classy glam bar cabinet styling | roundup on coco kelley

One of the best features of a bar cabinet is closed storage. Style the visually appealing liquor, decanters, and bar accessories on top of the cabinet, while keeping the inside organized, yet hidden. More versatile than a bar cart, these pieces can also serve as side tables and storage for other items as well, making them a bit more appealing for small space dwellers who like to entertain!

styled aqua bar cabinet | coco kelley

The first half of our roundup is chic, glam, and stylish all at the same time. Nothing says feminine quite like texture, high shine lacquer, shagreen, and brass hardware!

stylish bar cabinet roundup from coco kelley | light and feminine

1. henley white bar cabinet | 2. shailey grey bar cabinet | 3. monsieur bar cabinet | 4. elsa mirrored bar cabinet | 5. london white lacquer bar cabinet | 6. seymour shagreen bar cabinet | 7. delphine mirrored bar cabinet | 8. simple modern white bar cabinet  | 9. shilo burl wood cabinet | 10. mint lacquered bar cabinet | 11. victuals cherry bar cabinet | 12. baxter bar cabinet | 13. gretchen bar cabinet | 14. modern ash burl bar cabinet

It's hard to pick a favorite but if you're looking for the most style for the money, the simple modern white cabinet (number eight) might be your best bet. For a piece that feels like furniture, we're also loving the victuals cherry bar cabinet (currently on sale!). Most chic award is a tough one, but the smoky pink tones in the elsa mirrored cabinet or visual texture from the gretchen bar cabinet are high on our list!

bar cabinet styling | roundup on coco kelley

Going for something a little more on the masculine side? Any of these should do! Think wood tones and darker, richer accents. Some of these styles keep things simple while others play up the drama!

stylish bar cabinet roundup from coco kelley - dark and handsome

1. uptown bar cabinet | 2. grove mirrored bar cabinet | 3. charcoal tempo wine cabinet | 4. metal mesh wine bar cabinet | 5. highland bar cabinet | 6. elixir mini bar cabinet | 7. bone inlay bar cabinet | 8. maxim bar cabinet | 9. margolyn mirrored door bar cabinet | 10. corridor bar | 11. dudash bar cabinet | 12. new york drinks cabinet | 13. maxine bar cabinet | 14. geneva black lacquer cabinet

Lately I'm really loving blonde and lighter wood tones, and the highland bar cabinet is perfectly modern, masculine, and would easily blend with any decor. The addition of leather pulls dresses it up and adds interest without detracting from the simplicity of the design. For something a little more traditional? Try the uptown or maxim bar cabinets which have that throwback feel to classic entertaining.

Whether you go with one of these specialty cabinets or convert your own piece of furniture to this purpose, these statement pieces are well worth a try! They provide ample storage, create a focal point, and will be the center of your next party - just in time for the holidays. Do you have a favorite?