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House Tour :: Black & White Gets Cozy In This Family Home

The number one concern when we ask clients to go all-white with walls in their home is the fear of it being cold. But if it's done right? It can be just as inviting and warm as as a little color! This house tour is the perfect example of how to do black and white right, using tons of texture to make it cozy right up.

light filled living room with modern touches in black and white | house tour via coco kelley

My favorite spaces in this house are the one above and below. Rather than blank white walls, the wood and grasscloth lend warmth to the rooms through beautiful texture! The furnishings are all modern, but the addition of fabrics like linen and shearling bring a softness to the rooms. The modern lighting (which looks like Apparatus and Lindsey Adelman) is minimal and gorgeous, elevating the spaces to a high level of chic.

modern black and white dining room with shearling chairs | house tour via coco kelley

I'm still just in awe over these custom chairs!! The brass detail along with the shearling makes them feel like high-end fashion pieces rather than furniture.

grey ceilings make this black an white living room cozy | house tour via coco kelley

a cozy modern black and white living room | house tour on coco kelley

Cold would be the last word I would use in this living room - with the many layers of textiles here it's insanely cozy! The painted grey ceiling is also helping to make this space feel like a little cocoon. Is it just me, or do the shiplap ceiling and light fixture give the space a feel of a sunporch? I kind of dig it.

modern gets cozy with rich layers in this classic living room | house tour via coco kelley

modern classic black and white kitchen with leather stool and black hood | house tour on coco kelley

a bold black hood punctuates this black and white kitchen | house tour via coco kelley

LOVE this black hood as a  bold choice in the kitchen! This place is the only one where I do feel like it's a bit more cold - but it's a kitchen, and the materials are totally appropriate and clean. The leather stools certainly help a bit, but maybe a cozier rug would add a bit of warmth too?

basic black and white makes for a clean palette in this kitchen | house tour via coco kelley

modern furnishings in a classic breakfast nook | house tour via coco kelley

a cozy black and white breakfast nook | house tour on coco kelley

Gotta love a breakfast nook as perfect as this one! The modern lighting + cozy textiles theme is repeated here, and is definitely working for me!

a styled moment in the breakfast nook and pantry | house tour via coco kelley

creamy textures in this simple master bedroom | house tour via coco kelley

The master bedroom might be the best example of tone-on-tone texture in the home and how warm it can feel. Love that Marilyn Monroe print too!

high contrast black and white in his modern bath | house tour via coco kelley

There are no words for the master bath. It's complete perfection as far as I'm concerned! As opposed to the kitchen, the use of brass here is really warming up all the marble - and so is that sunshine streaming in! I swear, there's no greater luxury than a naturally-lit bathroom.

So what do you think? Would you recreate this in your own home, or do you prefer a bit more color? Here's how we'd get the look:

get the look of this cozy modern home in all black and white | coco kelley

1 side table | 2 glass globe chandelier | 3 marble and bronze coffee table | 4 black african mudcloth pillow | 5 modern lounge chair with shearling seat | 6 modern brass sconce | 7 black and cream broken stripe rug