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House Tour :: A Cozy, Collected And Personal Plantation Home

This lovely home in Athens, Georgia combines a few of my favorite traits, so it's no surprise that even though I discovered it last year, it's stuck with me ever since. It's cozy. It's collected. And it's personal. The home is filled with selective treasures from travels abroad, unexpected artwork, and layers of textiles, and was designed by one of my favorites - Tami Ramsay of Cloth & Kind - which means it's all done just right...

a classic light-filled entryway | plantation house tour via coco kelley

The moment you step into the home you can feel the casual, warm welcome it gives with period appropriate pieces like a demilune table mixed with an antique rug, a textural basket pendant light, and Plantation architecture. You'll see throughout the home the history of the rooms are really preserved while the updates and design make them feel current.

gorgeous green walls in this rich living room | plantation house tour via coco kelley

an eclectic living room in rich green with layered textiles | plantation house tour via coco kelley

I don't think I need to tell you that this room is my favorite. The deep green walls are just gorgeous! Offset by those pure white ceilings and trim, it really works for me. Textiles and art lend plenty of character to the living room space, but there's nothing fussy about it at all. Side note - I think the only reason the brick on the fireplace is working for me is because of the addition of warm tones to this space in the rug and sofa textiles.

layered living room with green walls | plantation house tour via coco kelley

a cozy sitting area by the fireplace | plantation house tour via coco kelley

Now this 'room', you may recognize. It made the rounds quite a bit at one point last year, which is funny to me because it's really quite basic (and I mean that in the best way). A pair of leather wing chairs combined with a few global and vintage accents, and you've got yourself a dramatic sitting room.

a cozy fireplace moment with leather chair and stools | plantation house tour via coco kelley

The rustic mantel is really what makes this space for me. The drama of the dark contrasting with the white is a scene stealer for sure!

antique dining room set in a modern plantation home | house tour via coco kelley

In the dining room, we go back to some more period-appropriate pieces with this antique dining set, but in high contrast is the more modern kitchen next to it which was totally remodeled to open it up to the rest of the home.

a classic kitchen gets cozy | plantation house tour via coco kelley

a formal sitting room with african print chairs | plantation house tour via coco kelley

I wish I could get a better sense of the layout of this home, because I have no idea where this little gem of a sitting room plays into things, but I love the cluster of chairs upholstered in kuba cloth in contrast with this more formal setting.

For me, this home is lending some strong inspiration for my own personal spaces. I love the way it feels collected and cozy, but not cluttered, and thoughtful in every way. Here's how we'd get the look!


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