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Style Source :: Beech Hall

I don't know about you, but I have a lot of people in my life who are fairly impossible to shop for. They have their pulse on everything new, and aren't really in need of many things, so when it's time to think a little more creatively about gifts for these types of people, I dive deep into my secret stash of style sources, and come up with something like Beech Hall.

beech hall ceramics and prints - coco kelley style source

Whether it's a quirky print or a unique ceramic piece, the artistic trio behind this shop creates some really fun housewares.

coco kelley style source :: beech hall

Their first collection took a cue from Egyptian influences, while their second one, "Cabana" is all tropical and fruity, and I love it! And each ceramic piece is one-of-a-kind, so they are truly little art pieces.

beech hall playa tumbler | coco kelley

How fun are these glasses? The more colorful the drink, the better in these beauties!

beech hall cabana pillows collection - style source by coco kelley

Did I mention they do pillows? Yup. The perfect way to brighten up a neutral corner of the house with some serious pattern.

beech hall memory game | style source from coco kelley

My new favorite addition might be their memory game cards - the perfect stylish item to pack for a weekend getaway - we are always looking for easy games to play on our ferry rides! Plus, I have a feeling these would frame up as their own pieces of art real fun together!