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Diy :: Pyrite Trinket Dishes

There are many gorgeous designer items that I covet for my home that I will most likely never splurge on. Case in point: any 'objet' from Kelly Wearstler. Her pieces are divine but the price tag, my dears, is not.

Out of the many items in her gorgeous collections, the collaboration that she did with ceramicist Ben Medansky is amongst my favorites. So, I decided it was high time to take this objet into my own hands. A little spray paint, and some gem hunting, and voilá - our own DIY Pyrite Dishes were born...

pyrite trinket dish and bowl DIY | coco kelley

create these decorative pyrite bowls in a few easy steps | DIY by coco kelley

While the original version is made of beautiful glazed ceramic, ours is a little more ... organic, shall we say? Real pyrite adorns these bowls that we snagged from World Market did the trick in creating the perfect shallow container. Here's everything you'll need to make these pretty little pieces!

how to make a high end pyrite bowl and trinket dish for less | coco kelley

Materials // 

create the look of pottery by spraying a dish with textured spray paint | DIY by coco kelley

If you're lucky enough to find a thrifted ceramic bowl that already has the color and texture you want, then you can skip this whole process of recreating a pottery look, but for those who want to go this route, it's quite easy! Start by making sure the surface of your bowls are clean and dry, then, in light layers, spray on the textured spray paint. Ours took 2-3 layers. Always make sure you give plenty of dry time in between so that things don't get drippy or clumpy!

Depending on your surface you may even want to apply a bonding primer before the spray paint to make sure that it won't chip over time. We let our dishes dry overnight before applying the clear enamel spray paint. This step is essential to making sure that the textured layer will not scrape off the dishes!

make these designer inspired pyrite dishes for your home | DIY by coco kelley

Now comes the tricky, but fun part: Placing the pyrite! I layed out where I wanted the pieces to go on each tray before gluing. Then, I took the cubes and bonded them in place with superglue. Yes, this takes a little patience and planning! Some cubes come in clusters, which makes this easier - ours were single cubes that we put together into clusters that wrapped around the edges of the bowls, and inside too.

make these designer inspired pyrite trinket dishes with a super simple DIY from coco kelley

I absolutely love how these turned out! While they can't compare to the original versions, if you're on a budget and looking for something similar, these will do the trick! I've been using them in our own entryway for keys and mail, but they'd be perfect for a decorative piece on a sideboard, or even a jewelry dish. You can totally think outside the box with this project and apply the same materials to vases, large bowls, or more. What will you make with it?


Side note: It is never our intent to knock off products from those who are doing it best. Support local and original artists whenever you can, and be creative in your own home! We do not encourage the resell of items that we make in our DIY’s.