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This ‘n That :: Home Office Desks + Chairs

Having a home office is necessary for many of us, but it's such a challenge to find an appropriate sized desk and chair that acts as an adequate workspace. Living in a small bungalow, I've struggled with setting up my own home office and wanted to shed some light on combinations that work well, are super functional, and also save space. The following desks and chairs can be tucked into many spaces throughout a home - there's something for every style, budget, and aesthetic!

office desk and chair matchup roundup from coco kelley

Sometimes you only have so much square footage to work with. If you're dealing with a smaller space, sometimes minimalist is the way to go...

home office desk and chair parirings for the modern minimalist | coco kelley

  1.  runway mirror desk + 2. upholstered swivel chair | 3. white parsons desk + 4. rouka office chair | 5. glass waterfall desk + 6. leather swivel office chair  | 7. marble console table 8. abigail swivel arm chair

If you're really cramped for space, using a clear acrylic or glass desk is a smart idea. It will give the illusion of additional space since it's transparent. The retro leather swivel chair can easily tuck beneath it offering a larger clearance. There's something about mixing materials and this option does just that- glass meets leather meets brass. So good!

statement office in yellow | via coco kelley

home office desk and chair pairings - for the statement stylist | coco kelley

lacquered wellington desk + 2. pearl office chair | 3. chrysler deco desk + 4. stitched & upholstered chair | 5. final draft writing desk + 6. palm leaf upholstered parsons chair | 7. red chinoiserie desk + 8. modern oak chair

Want to make more of a statement with your style? Then these combos should do the trick! Most of the time, I stay away from being super "matchy matchy".... but every once in awhile I come across a monochromatic combination that was meant to belong together, like option one -  using a color scheme to unite two very different styles is a great design trick. I'm also seriously loving the funky vintage upholstered parsons chair. It looks so fantastic against the brass and warm wood toned desk!

a chic and eclectic office space | via coco kelley

home office desk and chair pairings - for the eclectic | coco kelley

1. modern bamboo desk + 2. striped linen chair // 3. lena sheepskin chair + 4. perforated brass desk // 5. bamboo desk + 6. mid-century swivel chair | 7. wood writing desk + 8. rattan chair

If you're more in the eclectic camp then you can throw the rules out the window and just go with what your instincts are drawn to, like we did with these pairings.  That sheepskin chair with the regency perforated desk is over. the. top -in a good way - while that vintage bamboo desk is full of personality! Meanwhile, the top and bottom options are just dying to be layered up with textiles.

Which combinations are calling your name?