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Room Of The Week 6.2

When we first started the Room of the Week (waaaaaaay back when I was just a wee baby blog) these posts were literally one room - one photo. Back then it was harder to dig up the good stuff with multiple shots! Now, not so much. But today - sadly (because this space is S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G.) we've only got a few angles to share...

green and white london mansion living room | via coco kelley

Of course, I am a sucker for a green chandelier...  but it's the overall grandness of this room that had me at hello. The palette, the scale, and the tasteful opulence are all catching my eye - especially since I'm touring myself through European castles and flats this week!

green and white london mansion living room | via coco kelley

And this RUG! It makes the room, right? A few other details to note: the lamppost-equse lighting mounted to the wall feels casual industrial in contrast to the murano glass, and I love it. The lucite legs on the coffee table are splendid - but something I love even more in rooms is when the leg styles match up  - like these do! And finally, the mirrored doors - they give the look of windows and open up the room even more, reflecting all that light! What are your favorite pieces? Or is it really just the whole way it comes together that makes us love this kind of space?

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