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Diy :: Leather Wall-mounted Catchall

I'm always on the hunt for items to help organize and declutter my home, so when I stumbled upon this leather wall-mounted catchall I almost purchased one, buuuuut, I really wanted it in black. So, a couple weeks later, when the piece was still on my mind I decided to try my hand at making it myself!

DIY Wall-Mounted Leather Catchall

Not only did it cost way less to create this piece from scratch, but more importantly, I was able to customize the size, color, and stitching. This DIY is super easy, plus I have a printable template ready for you guys to download! No measuring required.

Leather Catchall DIY Tools

Tools //

Materials //

I purchased an inexpensive leather remnant from a local shop, but you can easily find some online. Other alternatives work just as well... faux or vegan leather, just make sure it's thick enough to hold the shape. There are so many color and material possibilities!

Leather Catchall DIY

Step 1 //  Cut out the template and trace it with a Sharpie marker on the inside of the leather.

Leather Catchall DIY

Step 2 //  Cut out the leather, following the template guideline. Now you're ready for assembly...

Leather Catchall DIY

Step 3 //  Fold the leather into an envelope shape, bring the bottom panel upward first, followed by each side flap. Then mark four dots and continue to punch the holes. I'd recommend inserting a scrap piece of wood or cardboard into the "envelope" before hammering the punch. These holes will pierce 3 pieces of leather simultaneously, so be sure to put some power behind it!

Leather Catchall DIY

Step 4 //  Begin threading the holes with the leather cord to make an X stitch. I used a toothpick to push the cord through, making this process much easier. Tie a knot in the back to secure the flaps.

Black Leather Catchall

Your finished product will look like this! Pretty easy, right? If you use the provided template, this catchall is created to fit standard size magazines and mail. It's pretty convenient! Hang it up in an entryway for mail, or style it in an office for better organization. You can get creative with what you decide to store inside the catchall and where it best suits your needs.

DIY Wall-Mounted Leather Catchall

It definitely has a cool and sophisticated vibe compared to catchalls that are made to sit on countertops or desks. I also like that it's wall-mounted and out of the way. What do you guys think, are you going to try this one? I'm thinking I should make a couple more! They'd look great installed side-by-side or stacked in a studio. xo, Sarah

photography and DIY by sarah gibson for coco+kelley