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Room Of The Week 2.4

Raise your hand if you have recently become completely obsessed with tile. It's everywhere right now - and I'm definitely not talking subway tile. But do you love it enough to do it in your living room? This Room of the Week, belonging to David Stark and recently featured in NY Mag shows us how it's done...

tiled living room with white sofa and bold art via ny magazine | coco+kelley

The eclectic mix of furnishings going on in here is right up my alley. A little antique (but not enough to feel heavy), a good dose of linen in the sofas (my fave), some great pattern mixing between the drapes and the floor, a bold piece of art, and a bit of whimsy...

bold art and whimsical furnishings in this living room vignette via ny magazine | coco+kelley

tiled living room with neutral textures and bold art via ny magazine | coco+kelley

tiled living room with neutral textures and striped curtains via ny magazine | coco+kelley

There is a ton of texture going on here too, which you know I dig. From the finish on the coffee table, to the wovens in the furniture and rug! But back to that tile... here's where it gets tricky.

modern bookshelves in this eclectic living room via ny magazine | coco+kelley

From this angle you can see the bookshelves which, when butting up against the tile, start to get a little bit busy. Luckily most of the home is dressed in neutrals and this doesn't happen to much, but obviously it is restricting from a design perspective. Do you think you could handle this pattern covering every surface of your home? I'm not sure. But I do so love it in the bedroom (bonus Room of the Week moment!)...

a mix of pattern and tile in a modern bedroom via ny magazine | coco+kelley

a beautiful vignette with patterned tiles and texture via ny magazine | coco+kelley

One can only hope those are heated floors in the winter! This last vignette is my favorite in the whole house. I'm going for this exact look in our kitchen right now and am obsessed with those creamy grey tones! And, before you flood the comments section to ask, the tiles are available here. So... what do you think? Ready to trade in your wood planks for a little pattern?