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Apps That Make Life Easier :: Square Cash

With 2016 just around the corner, I've already started thinking about new year's resolutions. A big part of that for me is assessing the past year - what's working, and what's not? What parts of my blog and business need to be re-assessed and what what parts are awesome as is?

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A BIG piece of this is technology. What sites or apps I use for my bookkeeping, project management, brainstorming, idea banking and more are imperative to my everyday happiness - this is not an exaggeration. When you find an app that works for you, it is MAGIC. And, the one that has most recently added a little happiness in my heart is Square Cash.

Here's why...

coffee run with square cash | coco+kelley

apps we love - square cash | coco+kelley

1. It's easy. Easy to set up. Easy to send money. Easy to get money. No having to cash out or transfer to your bank account - it just shows up. So, when I make a coffee run for the whole office, everyone can send me $5 and we're good to go. 

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2. It's a great record of business transactions and way faster than a check (don't you hate waiting for those to clear?) Now, when I pay photographers or contributors, I send them the money on Square Cash, with a note that says what it was for. Plus, you can download your whole transaction history to easily send to you accountant (yaaaaay!).

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My favorite part about Square Cash though is that everyone I know loves it. As we were shooting for this post, the gals in the office all got talking about how much they use it now over any other way to pay friends or business expenses, and if you ask me, that's the best testament a company can ask for - the unsolicited kind.
apps we love - square cash | coco+kelley

Oh, but I almost forgot:

3. You get to create a 'cashtag' for yourself that's like your username for accepting money. Mine is $CassMoney (like cash money, get it? get it?). In case Santa is reading and would like to send something useful this year.

For those of you using Square Cash for business, pricing is now 2.75% per transaction, and anyone can now use a credit card with a 3% fee for choosing to use your credit card. Using it between your friends with your debit card is freeeeeee! (Can't say that about much these days!)

What other apps are you using these days that make life easier? Especially for business!

This post created in partnership with Square Cash, but all opinions I will back up as 100% mine - trust me. Go download the app now!