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On Trend :: Moon Phase

There are many motifs  that come and go but this is one that has stuck with me lately - I'm calling it my moon phase. However, it's not necessarily in the ways that you might think...

stella marie baer's art studio | moon trends via coco+kelley

Really, it all started with Stella Maria Baer's beautiful moon paintings - the colors so perfectly in harmony with where my own favorite palettes are right now. The Southwest influence in her paintings is apparent, and I love it.

gorgeous ceramics from HK Wurtz | moon trends via coco+kelley

The other side of the obsession is the texture - like this dish from K.H. Würtz ceramics, which I sadly cannot figure out how to get here in the US, but am dying over. The moon-like wash on the dishes is heavenly!

moon party place setting from designlovefest |  via coco+kelley

We've seen the motif pop up in parties, paintings, jewelry, and dresses, but these are a few of my favorites...

moon-phase-motif-cocokelley1. moon caftan | 2. michele quan moon sculpture | 3. pamela love moon ring | 4. moon phase bandana| 5. kelly lamb moon pendant | 6. half moon drop earrings | 7. ceramic moon tile wall hanging  | 8. stella maria baer moon paintings

I'm particularly into the work of artist Michele Quan who created that moon sculpture - I have one small trinket dish, but her pieces are beautiful in collections, which means I'm definitely looking to add some more - perhaps the moon will be next on the list?

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