Weekend Loves + Links // 8.28

I woke up this morning to a cool grey sky and the promise of September being just around the corner, and I'm kind of stoked. Fall is my favorite season, and September is my favorite month! I'm at my best when nesting season comes around, but this year is different because I have a whole house worth of projects to tackle! So, you can guess what I'll be up to this weekend..

coco+kelley weekend links roundup for August 28th

1 // Justina Blakeney over at The Jungalow just revealed her total kitchen makeover, and of course I'm dying over the green tiles she used throughout!

2 // As if I didn't have enough throws in my life - this graphic quilt is the perfect addition in black and white!

3 // I don't think I need to tell you where this 'boss' pennant might end up...

4 // Some of you may know Maia McDonald from her blog, her pinterest, or her role as Art Director at Rue Magazine. But recently she added a new title to her list of achievements - shop owner. Check out Bitte, a beautiful curation of children's goods with sustainable practices and modern design.

5 // This week, my good friend Anne Sage revealed her total home transformation on Rue. Talk about coming full circle! I've know this wonderful gal for years, but you'll have to read the article to find out how our crazy connections landed her where she is today.

6 // I've been in love with this chair for a loooooong time, but recently they added even more color options to the leather lineup, and now I'm dying for this deep green-teal...