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Roundup :: Top 10 Removable Wallpapers

This week I'm starting on the next room in the house, and I'm super excited about the fact that this time it's a space that's all my own, which means... WALLPAPER! I've never had it, and I want some sooooo baaaad.

classic bedroom with wallpaper by brittany ambridge for domino

But, being a commitment phobe, before I paste anything up, I thought I'd take a look at the options out there for removable wallpaper patterns. You know, in case I change my mind in a year (likely). Turns out, a lot of them are more fresh and customizable than regular wallpaper options and there are plenty of styles out there for everyone...

top 10 removable wallpaper designs and sources | roundup via coco+kelley

1 // Hygge & West has some of my favorite wallpaper out there, and their selections for removable designs don't disappoint! Their collaborations include lines with designers like Karla Pruitt, Joy Cho, Anna Rifle Bond,  and more.

2 // Kate Zaremba might be my favorite Etsy option for fun removable wallpaper. Her patterns are really fresh, featuring items like avocados, zebras, swans, pineapples and more.

3 // Chasing Paper just announced their recent collaboration with Lisa Congdon and also offers lines from other well-known designers. The styles are on-trend and offer a range of more modern, geometric styles. My favorites are those from designer Kelly Ventura.

4 // WallFlora is an Etsy shop featuring (you guessed it) floral and tropical patterns. Everything from traditional to trendy, I love the palm print above and this awesome skull pattern too.

5 // CoverME Wallpapers is another Etsy shop out of Latvia (I'm sensing a trend) that features some more fresh and whimsical patterns like feathers, origami sail boats, and geometrics, all in (you guessed it) customizable colors.

6 // Betapet offers their own versions of some very popular patterns that you might recognize, but also offers the option of choosing your own color for their wallpapers. This shibori-esque print has me seriously considering it for my own home!

7 // Timothy Sue might be best known for their 'hearts apart' pattern, but I love this bold blue 'waterways' collection myself. Their style is funky and colorful!

8 // I had to give a second shout out to Hygge & West because this pattern from Linna Rennel is a personal fave! I love her organic style.

9 // Modified Tot is an outlier in this round up as she only offers one pattern to choose from at the moment, but I loved the colors so much, I thought it worth a mention! There are tons of wallpapers out there that are so fun for kids, but this is one I'd use in my own nursery for sure!

10 // Livettes is another Etsy shop out of Latvia, and I love their selection! Yes, they too offer customizable colors, and their patterns err on the fresh, modern side.

image via domino