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Delicious Dessert Recipes For The 4th Of July!

We may not have our 4th of July plans solidified yet, but I know one thing that will be happening this weekend - dessert. And, let's be honest, it's hard to stray from anything red white and blue when celebrating your nation's birthday, so on top of being thankful for our freedoms, let's be thankful that these colors also lend themselves so well to some indulgent sweets!


1 // You'll spend a little time making the shortbread spoons, but the rest of the recipe is a super simple combo of vanilla ice cream, raspberry sorbet and blueberries to top!

2 // Because who doesn't like an excuse to bake an ombre cake? Or perhaps a rainbow version is even more appropriate this year...

3 // A gluten-free granola crust and frozen yoghurt makes this dessertweeeee bit more on the healthy side. I love the berry topping that gives it that pinwheel pattern.

4 // This is one of my favorites for the simple fact that I love panna cotta, and I LOVE the idea of sprinkling edible stars on pretty much everything. This version happens to be a boozy dessert, but you can easily substitute to make it for all ages.

5 // These cookies are made from vanilla cake batter - add some red and blue sprinkles and you've got some seriously festive, messy, delicious ice cream sandwiches on your hands.

6 // What's better than s'mores? A s'mores cobbler of course. Adding strawberries (or any berries really) to the mix makes this a delicious communal dessert - no fire required.

Pick a favorite, any favorite. The panna cotta and s'mores are calling my name...