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Bananas have had their moment in fashion over the past few years. From Rachel Zoe and Gwen Stefani making the phrase 'bananas' popular again, to the craze over the 2011 Prada runway motif. But this week, my friends, was a whole other, not quite as fabulous type of bananas for me.

So, in lieu of totally losing my mind, I decided to have some fun with it instead.


First off - banana wallpaper in the powder room?? Just, YES. But I'm also thinking that perhaps I should invest in some banana-themed attire to wear on the days when things are crazy. You know, like a warning sign that I could lose it at any given moment.


1. banana pillow // 2. banana crossbody bag // 3. banana earrings // 4. banana tee // 5. banana sandals // 6. banana loafers // 7. banana sweatshirt // 8. banana clock

I'm thinking the sequin banana sweatshirt would do nicely for this purpose. Or maybe this dress? I'm also now slightly obsessed with the idea of a banana clock in the office, since this is where most of the crazy originates anyway.

The good news? Today is my Friday because tomorrow I'm off on a road trip for a big reunion with some of my college girlfriends and their families. Pretty sure the kids are going to outnumber the grownups this time around, which makes this appropriate too.

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