Duly Noted // 5.15

Another week come 'n gone and I'm about to extend this work week right into the weekend with two events (!!). One is a workshop we're hosting with Local Haven that is sure to be awesome, and the other is a private dinner that I feel incredibly lucky to be designing for a very select and amazing group of Seattleites. More on that soon... But now it's time for our weekend links!


1 // Ricotta and basil seem to be a tasty theme these days (see our recipe for basil rhubarb and ricotta french toast!) and I love the idea of this sweet take on bruschetta that combines Lemon Ricotta and Basil with a touch of honey. Such a perfect anytime of day snack or appetizer!

2 // Now that I'm not in my 20's anymore I'm quite a bit more appreciative of two things. A) Investing in a bathing suit - because not every bikini at Target fits me these days. B) One-pieces that still feel sexy. And this Mara Hoffman number is definitely fitting both of those categories.

3 // I am such a sucker for gorgeous, simple, quality camel leather like this. This bag must be mine.

4 // I've been debating a *bit* of pink paint possibly for my closet makeover, but have been feeling a bit timid on doing a whole room. So when I saw Kelly's office makeover at Design Crush, I instantly pinned what I'm calling her 'pink sunshine' moment (check out the post to see why). I love the idea of a geometric paint accent not being so high contrast - this is soft and subtle. (PS - you also have to check out my girl Anne's kitchen paint makeover - so good!). 

5 // I could write a whole post (and maybe I should) on the pressures one feels to build more of brand empire when you've been in the blog world as long as I have. The 'c' word (comparison) is often to be blamed, so I loved Erin Loechner's quick, candid post about being an UNboss. It's not for everyone to build a product line, write a book, create a shop, give birth, be a mother, be a wife, be a boss, be it all. The very thought exhausts me. I'd rather just be good at what I do. Who I am - to myself and to others. Anyone out there relating on this?

6 // And finally - for the truly insane, aesthetically driven, and marble obsessed... I may or may not just have ordered this marble trash can. Because sometimes a girl just needs some retail therapy after a long ass week.

Happy weekend my friends, readers, stopping-by-ers and whoever else is out there today. xo

PS - wanna hear me ramble on about the blog biz? Check out the podcast interview I did with the lovely Jennifer Snyder, who asks the BEST questions.